• Karylle and Yael Yuzon finally talk baby plans


    Celebrity couple Yael Yuzon of the band Sponge Cola and singer and “Showtime” host Karylle have truly found forever in each others’ arms since tying the knot in 2014.

    It can be recalled that the couple first met at the Eraserheads’ reunion concert in 2009. Se­veral Twitter exchanges later—reinforced with the encouragement of well meaning friends—the pair of artists soon started dating the following year.

    Together for three years as boyfriend-girlfriend and another three as husband and wife, everyone has been waiting for the lovely Yuzons to take the next big step in their relationship and start a family.

    Not too long ago, Karylle’s mom Zsa Zsa Padilla expressed her wish to be a grandmother to media. Her daughter, in a separate interview giggled and said she had talked to her Divine Diva of a mom and told her she and her hubby are still enjoying their time together.

    Yael Yuzon and Karylle

    But now, the Yuzons have announced they are finally ready to be parents, not because they feel pressured to have a family but simply because the time is right.

    “We’re not pressured but we hope to be blessed with a baby soon. Right now, we’re just trying to be in the best of health kasi ‘di ba if you want to have a baby, you need to be so,” said Karylle.

    Appearing together as brand ambassadors of breakfast biscuit brand belVita, Yael seconded his wife and said, “We’ll pass everything down genetically right, so we just want our child to be an achiever—like someone who is great academically and also great at sports.”

    Happy whether their eldest becomes a boy or a girl, the couple revealed what they wish for is to practice good parenting.

    “I don’t want to be strict,” Karylle declared. “I don’t want to be the ‘hated one’ although lately I’ve been praising moms and dads whose parenting skills are great, which is what I heard growing up around my own parents. I try to observe them and learn from them, especially since I hear there’s such a thing as ‘mom-shaming’ these days.”

    Yael rejoined the interview recalling a little boy who impressed him. “I think K and I were in Hong Kong and there was a long line at Immigration. Tapos there was this four-year-old kid carrying yung sarili niyang backpack and then parang may stroller pa siya. I’m sure konti lang yung laman nung bag pero yung idea lang na, ‘Wow you can carry your own bag, you don’t need someone to help you,’ we want to raise our child to be that independent.”

    The married couple also shared that in preparation for having a family, they are also excited to move into a bigger home, along with their three dogs Lucky, Mini Me, and Vicesky. As early as now, they are also dividing chores for their home.

    “Right now we’re renovating this new home we bought. We’re kind of in a transition but it’s an exciting time for us. It’s both a challenging and happy, happy move for us,” Karylle enthused.

    “When it comes to chores, cleaning is K’s and I cook. Generally we’re both messy people so she’s had to step up in the cleaning department,” Yael laughed. “But that’s not to say we don’t shake things up every now and then. There are times where she’ll surprise me by cooking. She’ll come up with some avocado dish—that’s usually her ingredient of choice—and she’ll do variations of guacamole. I’ll come up naman with breakfast stuff because breakfast is my thing. I research recipes on YouTube.”

    Looking every bit like a match made in heaven, Karylle and Yael agree that the best part of being married is having a life partner.

    “Knowing that someone’s always there for you; someone to share your story with when you have a great days. And when things are low naman, he always gives me his ‘K time’ that I need,” smiled the happy wife.

    “Plus, she also has a 24/7 masahista and I’m pretty good. So she falls asleep agad which make me happy as well,” Yael quipped in ending.


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