Kasambahay law


Thank you for writing about the Kasambahay Law and the many questions it raises. I hope the DOLE reads it and provides answers, or takes action on your suggestions. In order to comply with this Law, I registered my two kasambahay with PAG-IBIG and paid the required amount, at the Urdaneta Barangay Office a couple of weeks ago.

This was easy enough to do, as PAG-IBIG had its representatives there, and registration went smoothly and swiftly. Today, however, was another matter altogether: At 9 am I went to the SSS Office on Buendia with my two kasambahay to register them. Because there were so many people and the lines so long, it took us 3 hours just to finish getting the forms and filling them up, and this with the assistance of several SSS counter clerks who were kind enough to help me. I asked the security guard if there was a special line or counter for Senior Citizens, and was told there was none!! There was a sign that said FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND DISABLED PERSONS, but there was no one at that counter. By 12h15, I decided to go home so we could have lunch because the line for the Tellers where I had to pay the required amount was so long and moving so slowly, as there was only one teller instead of two!!

We would have fainted from hunger as it would have taken us another two hours to pay. After a quick lunch, we went back to pay, and in 1-1/2 hours, finally succeeded!

My questions for SSS: 1) Why is there no special line or counter for Senior Citizens? 2) Why is there only one teller to receive payments when there should be two?

Will my nightmare continue when I go to the PHILHEALTH Office to register my kasambahay?

Why doesn’t the government set up a one-stop center for employers to register their kasambahay with all the required agencies: SSS, PAG-IBIG, PHILHEALTH?

Deanna O. Recto


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