• Kaspersky Lab is a big Russian company


    Dear Editor:
    On August 26, 2017 the Manila Times published an article in its Corporate News Section about the new app being launched by the “Kaspersky Lab” Corporation which was called just a “Global firm”.

    We sincerely appreciate the attention paid at the activities of this Corporation. At the same I would like to highlight that the Kaspersky Lab is not just a “Global cybersecurity firm” like a rootless and stateless person. First and foremost it is a big Russian company inventing and promoting most advanced technologies and relevant know-how around the world, thereby demonstrating a huge intellectual potential and outstanding creative capabilities of tens of thousands of Russian scientists, engineers, workers and their foreign partners. The Kaspersky Lab is a Russian-origin world leader in cybersecurity. Its Headquarters is located in Moscow rather than Silicon Valley or any other place outside Russia.

    The definition “global firm” is usually applied to the Kaspersky Lab by biased Western mass media stubbornly and foolishly portraying Russia as a “gas station” because they are not able to get rid of outdated clichés and prejudices. I strongly believe that open-minded Philippine readers deserve a more comprehensive information.

    The Embassy of the Russian Federation welcomes and fully supports joint business projects to be implemented by the Kaspersky Lab together with interested Philippine companies and enterprises. Such a highly technological and mutually beneficial cooperation will greatly contribute to the rapprochement of our two nations and help all of us to efficiently deal with new security threats and challenges.

    I hope this letter to be published in the Manila Times. The Russian Diplomatic Mission in Manila is committed to partnership with your respectful Newspaper and always willing to assist in any matters related to objective and truthful coverage of developments in and around Russia.

    Natalia Naumova,
    Press Attaché


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