• Kaspersky: Online fraud on the rise


    About 41 percent of online fraud victims don’t get their money back, according to Kaspersky Consumer Security Risk Survey, a global study conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky in the summer of this year.

    In theory, even if scammers have managed to steal money from an e-banking or e-payment account, that cash may be returned by the bank or as a result of legal proceedings.

    However, the B2B International survey shows that success is far from guaranteed. Only 45 percent of users who suffered online fraud were fully compensated. A further 14 percent recovered part of the stolen sum, but the remaining 41 percent of victims were left with nothing.

    According to the reports, of 33 percent of victims, the money was most often irretrievable if it had been stolen during an e-payment operation. In 17 percent of cases, the money disappeared during e-banking sessions, while 13 percent of the victims were customers of online stores.

    Banks and online stores return money to their customers more often. For example, in e-pay systems, in general only 12 percent of online customers received full compensation for losses incurred from malicious attacks, but for banking customers the figure climbs to 15 percent.

    The results of the B2B International survey showed that 45 percent of respondents believe the bank is responsible for paying back any money lost during online operations, and 42 percent of those surveyed think that the bank should provide free security tools to safeguard money transfers.

    Kaspersky said that these businesses, however, are not always able or willing to provide the required level of protection for technical or other reasons.

    An advanced protection solution is the perfect way to enhance the safety of online transactions.

    However, when a cyber-attack directly targets money, the universal protection provided by the majority of Internet security class products may not be enough.

    In line with this, Kaspersky Lab has developed its unique safe money technology to protect computers from financial attacks.

    Safe money is a set of high-class protection mechanisms activated automatically whenever users are banking or paying online.

    The integrated multi-level system of verification is able to check the authenticity of the site users are trying to enter, thus protecting against phishing attacks.

    A special safe browser mode safeguards users’ online activities from malicious attacks. Another mechanism checks applications on the computer for vulnerabilities, effectively protecting against exploits (malicious programs which exploit vulnerabilities in legitimate software).


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