KC Concepcion: ‘I’m not leaving showbiz’


KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion, known as one of the prettiest faces in the country, has not been visible on television for over a year, except for movie reruns on cable television. Every now and then, she may be seen hosting a few events.

With fewer commitments for the Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s eldest, showbiz observers have wondered if the Paris-educated and well-to-do “mega daughter” may be thinking of quitting the industry where she was born.

But during a Women’s Month event organized by fabric conditioner Downy Parfum, Concepcion revealed why she has not taken on a much-coveted teleserye project or a movie.

“Actually I have many offers,” she began. “And I’m very thankful to ABS-CBN because they are still my family when it comes to the entertainment world. These days, I’ve just been really busy with my business, but more than that, I’m waiting for the right project so that people won’t say I just take on anything that comes my way,” the 31-year-old actress said.

She further clarified, “It’s not true that there are no projects [for me]. Like I said, the offers continue to come, and I am glad that producers don’t get tired to look for me, so I’m really thinking of the best that I can offer them—the fans—when the time comes.”

The showbiz princess is now prioritizing her humanitarian work as the country’s National Ambassador against Hunger for the United Nations’ (UN) World Food Programme (WFP)

‘KC’s Closet’
While in the process of deciding which showbiz projects to pursue, Concepcion opened an online shop in 2016 to support her advocacy as the country’s National Ambassador against Hunger for the United Nations’ (UN) World Food Programme (WFP). She sells her pre-loved luxury clothing, shoes, shoes, bags and accessories via kcscloset.com, the proceeds of which goes to feeding programs for children all over the Philippines.

Just last Monday, March 13, the celebrity visited the organization’s projects in the town of Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao where they launched a supplemental feeding program for over 300 elementary students and helped address the region’s malnutrition problem.

“I’m not leaving showbiz,” she pronounced, “but now I’m just prioritizing my work with the UN because they only choose one person per country to be an ambassador. Right now, I’m happy that we were able to raise P1 million for school feeding in Mindanao. It just means that our hard work pay off.”

Still a showbiz princess
Concepcion has always been considered a showbiz royalty, and had long been recognizing as a “princess” in the industry given the fact that her parents—dramatic actor Gabby Concepcion and Cuneta—were one of the most famous, if not the most famous, couples back in the ‘80s.

Incidentally, the former husband and wife are said to be planning a reunion movie, and while Cuneta and Concepcion’s long-time fans are ecstatic over the news, it is their princess’ reaction that begs to be asked.

“Of course it would be a treat to watch them together in a movie but I think I will feel kind of awkward to get to watch my parents again,” she chuckled a little. “But whatever happens—if they have a movie or not—what is important to me is that they’re friends. I am sure they don’t have any bad blood with each other, and because I’m here, I hope their relationship will always be that of good friends.”

Still, Concepcion is happy for her mother Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s own comeback in television

What made her happier, according to Concepcion, is her mother’s amazing weightloss and TV comeback.

“She puts in a lot of hard work in losing weight. She was really excited to return to television—with The Voice, and Your Face Sounds Familiar,” the doting daughter proudly said. “If she’s happy, we’re all happy because whenever she doesn’t have the mic, she doesn’t have the stage, she feels really sad. But when she’s performing, you’ll see she’s really in her element. We’re happy that she’s very excited every day to go to work. She’s very beautiful and I’m excited to share that I’ve also introduced her to several fashion designers who are my friends as well.”

Love life
Meanwhile, the showbiz princess also happily talked about her relationship with boyfriend Aly Borromeo, former Philippine Azkals captain.

Concepcion was previously linked with actor Paulo Avelino, with her last boyfriend and serious relationship with ABS-CBN star Piolo Pascual. She was also rumored to have stopped dating Borromeo, but later quelled speculations by sharing photos of her and Borromeo bonding with her mother on social media.

“He’s busy with football. Me, I’m busy with endorsements so it’s a very positive relationship because, of course, you want to be with someone who is really happy with your success,” she ended.


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