• How to keep frizz-free hair this rainy season


    As the country continues to experience the rainy season, Filipinos can expect humidity levels to consequently rise. Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. When hair is exposed to sudden changes in humidity, it affects the hair’s moisture levels and causes a reaction.

    The diminishing hair moisture commonly causes frizz. Typically, by midday, the cuticle—or the outermost later of the hair—opens and lets air in, resulting in frizz. Add to that the pollution and strong winds common for denizens of Manila.

    Today, The Manila Times and Philips share tip to achieve frizz-free hair during this challenging season.

    1. Apply a hair-smoothing product to restore moisture into the hair follicles
    After cleansing, towel dry and apply a smoothing product liberally on the ends of the hair. Cleansing often strips away essential moisture from the strands. Thus, applying a smoothing serum or cream restores, hydrates, and seals in moisture at the driest parts of the hair.

    2. Use a blow dryer that protects the hair
    Look for an advance hair dryer whose temperature setting provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair.

    3. Try on easy curls
    Philips Easy Natural Curler has a unique Tulip shape for creating stylish, natural curls like no effort went into it. A professional temperature of 200 degree Celsius guarantees results even on thick hair, while minimizing hair damage.


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