• Keep Kerwin alive


    The devil is in the details in the case of the killing of self-confessed drug lord Mayor Rolando Espinosa.
    Police made an aria of the serving of a search warrant to the detained Espinosa last Saturday, earning a standing ovation from supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs but getting extremely bad reviews from human-rights advocates.

    Espinosa, after all, was gunned down right inside a provincial jail in his Albuera (Leyte) hometown at dawn allegedly because he opened fire at the warrant servers, among other incredible claims that blur the line between fact and fiction.

    Since then, the nation has been suffering from an information overload on the circumstances leading to the death—an “extrajudicial killing” to a senator– of Espinosa as probers seem to intentionally miss the forest for the trees in their apparent attempt to cover the tracks of the brains behind the cold-blooded murder of the mayor. This is a narco politician, according to the President himself.

    Somebody must have sent somebody to silence Espinosa.

    An assassination straight from a James Bond movie surely must have a mastermind to carry out the kill and the assassin has to be found but, if authorities preferred looking the other way, for the life of Sen. Panfilo Lacson, they would not find him even if he is on the tip of their noses.

    The contract on Espinosa could have been signed by any of the narco generals and other narco politicians who are also on the Duterte list of destroyers of generations (the President’s words) who want the mayor dead.

    Naisahan was what happened to the 13 policemen (later the number was raised to 15) who reportedly had to use a bolt cutter (!) to flush out Espinosa from his cell, which may have been likened by the raiders to a dungeon in Alcatraz.

    This word in Filipino is close, in English, to being had, having been grabbed by the balls, having the rug pulled from under one’s feet or having lost one’s manhood (to a cop, this is the ultimate insult).

    The brains could have tipped off the guy or the men who pulled the trigger under cover of darkness and Baybay town where Espinosa was held would just have slept through it.

    Almost a week after the killing, no ballistic tests have been conducted on the gun or guns that snuffed the life of Espinosa.

    Instead, we are drowning in investigations when there is really no need for Sherlock Holmes to solve the crime.
    That’s how elementary it is, dear Watson, unless the probers are naïve enough to conclude that Espinosa grabbed a policeman’s gun and shot himself dead.

    In these parts, however, we seem to have a passion for the overkill when old-fashioned crime sleuthing is enough to solve a murder.

    The people demand a fair and transparent inquiry into the death of Espinosa be conducted for it would make or break the war on drugs if it ended up in a whitewash.

    Are the government people ready for the arrival of the supposedly bigger fish – Kerwin Espinosa, the late mayor’s son? He is coming home any time now from Abu Dhabi.

    If the killer or killers of Kerwin’s father are waiting for another job, then they must already be salivating at the prospect of another project.

    The President MUST keep Kerwin alive.

    That is not too much to ask of the person who is supposed to be on top of it all.

    After the killing of the mayor, however, we wonder if President Duterte really commands a bird’s eye view of the land.


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    1. We cannot just think that the murder of Mayor Espinosa was meant to protect the name of powerful government officials involve in the drug trade as exposed by Mayor Espinosa; but rather a new set of powerful leader are taking over . This will unfold as days will pass, as the war on drug becomes more cloudy instead of becoming clear.
      The names of powerful people involve in Mayor Espinosa’s case will silently fade as they have earned their loot and new leaders have been selected to take care of same loot. “Once you are in you can never go out”….

    2. With our experience and his on-your- face arrogance, what will the country do if Kerwin gets killed also. Nothing. In the Philippines, death is critical and final, but everything else,e.g., prosecution or justice is slow, sluggish and uncertain. No wonder, in the Philippines life is cheap for getting conviction is difficult.

    3. The psychopath Duterte already made up his mind even before the investigations are completed: He said he believes the raiding cops story. There goes it, the Digong theory of universal drug lords elimination from the face of the earth. No one can dispute the Supreme Leader, Kim Jun Digong.

    4. duterte is a joke. he just stated that he believes the policemen since they were acting under his orders. ergo, duterte was the one who gave the orders to murder mendoza. is duterte naive “enough to conclude that Espinosa grabbed a policeman’s gun and shot himself dead?”