Keep marriage exciting for a happy home


    After the exciting phase of courtship and engagement, marriage will evolve into a much more meaningful state. The dedication and loyalty to the partnership will prove incomparable now with a love that enriches and strengthens a couple’s bond.

    However, once children come along, they rightly become the priority of a husband and wife, and yet, this piece of advice will go a long way in raising children amid a happy home: Keep the marriage alive and well.

    Parents need to recognize the need for “together” and “alone” time. A night out on the town as a couple is important, or perhaps an adventure. Pick something one of you have never thought of doing, say learning to ballroom dance, joining a cooking class, or taking a ride on a boat. This way, you will get to do something for the both of you rather than simply spend “alone” time discussing matters at home all the same.


    The actual adventure is truly the least important aspect. What really matters is planning and preparing something together, and soon creating a memory and an additional connection.

    Heed the following suggestions:
    Figure out something exciting to do. Plan it together. Do it together. And, remember it together! Keep the relationship fresh.

    The adventure does not need to cost a lot of money nor does it need to require a lot of time. The actual adventure can be running through the park, without stopping. That might mean jogging together around the block for several weeks in preparation.

    The whole idea is to put some excitement back into the partnership. Remember what it is like to actually have fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Laugh together.

    Families are all about love and commitment. Isn’t that a great lesson to teach children? Making time as a couple is truly a gift to children. When they see their parents happy, the whole household is happy.

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