Keeping Aquino out of jail—a wrongheaded priority


WITH only 44 days to go before President Benigno BS Aquino III rides to the sunset on June 30, Malacañang is deploying its entire propaganda machinery and using the yellow media for the single-minded objective of keeping Aquino out of jail, and discouraging the incoming Rodrigo Duterte administration from going after Aquino.

Freeing him from incarceration and prosecution is the top priority, rather than fortifying and spelling out Aquino’s legacy.

A sensible communications team should have by now completed a coherent report on what President Aquino has truly done during his six years in office.

Yet instead of highlighting what is positive in the record, communications secretary Herminio Coloma is butting heads with those who are convinced that this President should be prosecuted for all his crimes of commission and omission while in office.

Because of his immunity from suit and his grip on Congress, Aquino has for the most part gotten away with major shortcomings and abuses while in office.

Now that his presidential immunity is about to come off, aggrieved citizens and concerned groups naturally want the incoming administration to prosecute all criminals, including President Aquino and his top officials for crimes committed against the people.

Many want Aquino to suffer the same barbarous treatment that he administered to former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, former chief justice Renato Corona, and so many other high public officials who were subjected to persecution and prosecution.

Many want the selective justice that he applied to his political enemies and rivals to be turned on its head, and applied to Aquino and his cohorts in the administration.

There is, for example, the abominable Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which the Supreme Court ruled as illegal and unconstitutional, and for which its authors and administrators must answer before the law.

Aquino and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Jr. are the principal authors of this dastardly scheme, which cost taxpayers P150 billion.

The idea that Abad, who facilitated the plunder of the budget by Aquino and politicians, will get away scot-free is so repulsive, we might as well stop talking about good governance and combating graft altogether.

There is, for another example, the outright bribery by Aquino of representatives and senators to secure the impeachment of CJ Corona and his conviction.

Indeed, the names of 20 senators are listed on the SC’s DAP decision, which details courtesy of Abad the sums of either P50 million or P100 million for their conviction vote in the Corona trial. Abad even specified the dates when the money was released to each of them.

The unjust persecution and prosecution of CJ Corona is a low point of the Aquino presidency, and PNoy should answer for it at some point.

Coloma says there is no basis for the incoming Duterte administration to go after President Aquino once he steps down from office. He says the President followed the Constitution and enforced the laws fairly during his term.

This is arrant falsehood, and no citizen will believe it.

President Aquino’s term saw the Philippines grow as expected after the growth pattern set in former President Macapagal Arroyo’s presidency. But Aquino was manifestly unsuccessful in lifting many of our millions out of poverty.

This administration spent too much time and resources in propagandizing imaginary achievements and the daang matuwid slogan, A proactive approach to promote the people’s welfare and strengthen the nation would have made the threat of jail unlikely.


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  1. All our lives we have been voting for the next President who has the highest credentials of mudslinging against the sitting President. Democratically we (the Filipino citizens) have made such choices over the years and always put blame on them for not doing at least 40% of what we expect from them. Then we have all these endless and senseless propagandas against each other trying to say, and not so much prove, that they are right. Putting another President in jail will put the Philippines in the World limelight as a country full of idiotic people for always boting for leaders in which we do not even follow or help in improving te country. We have a new President under Rodrigo Duterte, don’t you all think we should stop dwelling on the past and negative aspects of history and move on and create a better future with respect to our children who in time will replace us. I say enough with crying over spilled milks and all must contribute to the change that we need. One man alone can never change a whole country. Every citizen must change for the better to change the country for the better.

  2. Eleuterio Galamay on

    Up until now I regretted I voted for B.S. Aquino as president of the Philippines. Despite his poor performance as Senator, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt and voted for him. I believe he should be prosecuted for bribing members of Congress in impeaching Corona and his role in the PDAP scandal, his gutless stance in the South China sea conflict and his role in the Mamasapano conlict where 44 brave policemen died. His inclusive growth is all fiction. His legacy is that the rich families grow richer, middle class families disappears and poor families grow poorer and beg for their food and get shot!

  3. Duterte must form a special court to only handle government corruption. This will declogg our justice system on the in coming corruption cases. Look at the Zamboana massacre, it has been many years and no decision has been made. Also after the case has been decided, it will go to Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. How long will these cases last. The principal accused has died.

  4. Ernie P. Ferrer on

    As the saying goes “Be nice to people on your way up because these will be the same people you will meet once you go down”.

  5. this author clearly doesn’t understand although SC declared that DAP and PDAF , Aquino stop using this after the SC ruling so when they use the DAP there is no ruling yet if it is unconstitutional that means it is a grey area what case can you file if it they use it before the SC ruling I can understand if they still using the DAP after the ruling

  6. Dapat lang na kasuhan yan si Abnoy para malaman at maramdaman mga pinagagawa na mali.Pati yon 9 SC Justices dapat maimpeach na mga iyan para yon ating judiciary system d mababoy.

  7. abel labarda on

    BS Aquino, and his cabals Abad and the rest should be made to account for the P150 billions of peoples money they squandered for political persecution and Daang Baluktot self righteousness.
    They have used their loyal Ombudsman to charge past and present politicians and functionaries with less than P1million offenses, but P150 billion?, come on! Isama sa mga hardened criminals itong mga Santo na to when found guilty. they will surely loose their hard-on. haha!

  8. Robert Iturralde on

    If it truly proven that Pnoy committed these things during his tenure, it’s only proper that he face the consequences of his acts and answer to his bosses why he should not be jailed!

  9. Justice must be serve. So i think review of previous administration major performance must be one of the priority responsibility of ALL future administration to come to discourage corruption and abuse. For one, im interested to know why govt loans ballooned to 6trillions $? Double the GMA administration? If that is true,,is there anything to be proud of when developments were just sourced from loans?

  10. For Aquino and his fellow crooks, jail is not the only option. There must be other forms of retribution for their crimes.

  11. one basic law that aquino violated.the law of karma.what goes around comes around and mr aquino is guilty of this so he must be imprison after his term.

  12. Funny to think that officials alligned with President Aquino are already on the defensive stance. That can only mean that “wrongdoings” we’re done during the Aquino incumbency and that legal charges will surely emerge as soon as Pnoy steps down from office. A saying goes, “history repeats itself”! So best to expect what has been long expected.

    Detention at the Veterans Hospital may not be possible. Practical Shooting members are largely healthy. Jail time? Very probable. With The Supreme Court having long decided that the DAP fund releases were unconstitutional then what is there to prove further. And the Mamasapano incident, the succeeding National Administration and legislators owe the Filipino people as well as the AFP and the PNP a Clear Closure.

  13. This is really very simple. They know they are guilty and thus have to prioritize this. It is sad that this keeps on happening, though. Estrada. Arroyo. Now Aquino. Aquino is the worst.

    • Aquino is the worst ? Arroyo
      “Hello Garci” ? Estrada protector of jueteng lords. Aquino 6% economic growth may mga napakulong na Malalaking tao Corona arroyo etch.

  14. Omar Scouter on

    Bagamat Hindi naging matagumpay ang administrasyon Ni Aquino upang solusyonan ang unemployment at di-parehas na pasweldo Sa mamamayan; sa katunayang nagtagumpay na naisulong ang ekonomiya, mai-papamana Ng Aquino government Kay President Duterte ang yamang tinamo.

    This will be the most compelling challenge for Duterte, economic sustainability – provide employment and better income for Filipinos to attain a decent livelihood.

    • Omar:

      Its time that you know that PH’s economic progress is due to the efforts of PGMA in fixing our economic basics. If you don’t believe me, go ahead google it, and read about it.


  15. maximo p fabella on

    My take. Let us follow the rue of law.The Aquins have taken advantage of Haienda Lucita
    tenants. Knowledgeable people know, the Lusita, was vote, with PNB monies, They
    promised the tenants they will get back the land.

    The Aquino’s have abused their power.Employment of Ateneo classmate, is wrong.

    read, Nick Joaquins THE AQUINOS OF TARLAC. they must have made Nck Joaqun

    BenignoAquino Sr, was accused to collaborating with the Jpanee.

  16. We should not govern with vengeance. We need to unite against more important issues other than this.

    • The exact campaign slogan of BBM, unity for all Filipino…No progress can be achieve if what we focus on is vindictiveness and blame game…

  17. Naginginig Na Ang tuhod ni Pnoy at mga ka kosa Nya. Yari kayo at ipapasa ni President Duterte and Death Penalty.

  18. arsie o. besabe on

    he who has done wrong to one person or millions of people must not escape punishment

    • Coloma ay HARI NG DENIALS. Perfect ang administration ninyo hindi ba??? hahaha ….lagot kayong lahat