Kevin Durant’s mother says he is ‘very loyal to the Thunder’



Kevin Durant is the biggest name in the upcoming free agency market. Where he’ll ultimately go, however, is something that has yet to be decided, and has been cause for speculation time and time again.

His mother, Wanda Pratt, spoke out Tuesday about her son’s looming decision to NBC4 Washington, further fueling the free agency fire surrounding the NBA’s most sought after superstar.

“I don’t know what his ultimate decision will be,” she said, per CSN Mid Atlantic. “They’re 1-1 (Durant’s current team, Oklahoma City Thunder in the first-round series with the Dallas Mavericks). He really focuses on his task at hand. He’s very loyal to the Thunder, so he felt it would be unjust to focus on other things while playing in the playoffs.”

Fair enough. The Thunder suffered a heartbreaking loss in Game 2 on Monday night, and Durant had the worst postseason shooting performance of his career (7-of-33). He has a a long road to travel if he has any hopes of leading the Thunder to the Western Conference finals or beyond, and one would think the upcoming free agency period is the furthest thing on his mind.

“Where he’s going to end up playing has still not been decided by him,” Pratt continued. “He’s still playing in the playoffs as everyone knows. I don’t know (what his plans are), so don’t say Mama Durant said (he’s coming to Washington) because I didn’t say that. He’s focused on the playoffs right now, and he’s pretty loyal to the Thunder with regards to that. When the time comes, he’ll make a decision best for him.”

Not exactly the answer that the millions of eager NBA fans hoping their team can somehow land Durant this summer were looking for, but if anybody knows what the Thunder superstar has planned for this summer, it’s his mom.

And so the countdown to the beginning of free agency (12:01 am ET on July 1) continues. TNS


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