Khmer Rouge leaders’ jailing a warning to PH, others


A UNITED Nations envoy named a number of countries, including the Philippines, where leaders should take note of the verdict meted out recently to two top cadres of the 1970s Khmer Rouge.

A UN-backed court in Phnom Penh affirmed the lifetime jail sentences to Nuon Chea, 90, and Khieu Samphan, 85. They were found guilty of crimes against humanity, murder, persecution on political grounds and other inhumane acts.

The two were senior leaders of the “Killing Fields” regime that caused the death of about two million Cambodians from starvation, torture, exhaustion or disease in labor camps and mass executions by bludgeoning in 1975-1979.

“The long arm of international justice ultimately can prevail,” David Scheffer, the UN Secretary-General’s envoy to the tribunal, said.

“Holding senior leaders accountable for the perpetration of atrocity crimes under their leadership does happen, it does ultimately occur,” he added.

Apart from the Philippines, the envoy said the decision should serve as warning to leaders of South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic, Syria and North Korea.

Scheffer also named the Islamic State group, which has committed widespread atrocities across swathes of Iraq and Syria.

The Philippines seems to be getting a lot of attention worldwide for killings of drug suspects in connection with the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

Latest report from the Philippine National Police disclosed that the number of drug suspects killed in legitimate police operations alone has hit 1,941.

The report did not include thousands of tortured people left on sidewalks with cardboard placards near their bodies that claim they are involved in illegal activities.

Meanwhile, British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad said the Duterte administration should address the complexity of the drug problem rather than merely using guns.

Ahmad suggested that drug use and the drug trade can be stopped by choking the flow of money to finally eradicate syndicates behind them.


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