Kia Motors, Total renew partnership


KIA20160628Kia Motors Corporation and Total Lubrifiants recently renewed their strategic partnership agreement that stipulates that for another five years, the oil firm will remain the car firm’s preferred after-market lubricants supplier for Kia vehicles. Total branded automotive lubricants will be exclusively recommended and made available to customers across Kia’s service network of more than 5,500 dealers in around 180 countries, including West European markets from January 1, 2017.

The extension of the initial cooperation, first started in 2011, extend benefits to all Kia vehicles owners and Kia dealers.

The Kia networks will receive access to high-performance Total Quartz engine oils, specifically developed to optimize the performance and reliability of Kia engines while also offering improved fuel economy. Kia and Total will also develop joint marketing service programs aimed at increasing Kia dealers’ profitability, and customer retention and satisfaction.

Through this partnership, Kia and Total Lubrifiants confirm their shared aim of strengthening their growing presence in the global marketplace, and combining their strengths in an “alliance of skills” to developing high-quality products and services for an unrivalled Kia customer service experience.

“We are delighted to extend our global cooperation with Kia Motors. This renewed partnership confirms Total’s strong commitment to accompany Kia Motors over the long run in its continued global expansion efforts and to deliver innovative lubricants, recognized Total marketing expertise and dedicated after-market programs to Kia dealers and customers,” said Pierre Duhot, general manager of the Automotive Division at Total Lubrifiants.

Steven Yoon, vice president for Overseas Service Division at Kia Motors, for his part said, “For the past five years, Total has demonstrated it has the worldwide coverage, strong marketing capabilities and high-quality lubricant technology to meet the needs of our service network. Total will be a key partner for us in our global after-market strategy to enhance Kia customer and dealer satisfaction.”

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the exclusive distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, welcomed the positive news and is delighted that through the continued partnership, Filipino vehicle owners will still be able to rely on Total and its innovative, high-quality products to enhance their Kia vehicles.


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