• Kian’s life now a storybook


    His name became a byword after his death, and his tragic story had been told and retold in media. Now, even young children will get to know the story of Kian delos Santos through a storybook launched by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

    “Si Kian,” a 15-page story written in Tagalog with English translation, tells the story of the teenager in a capsule.

    “Ito ang Kuwento ni Kian Lloyd delos Santos, labimpitong taong gulang, isang estudyante na pinatay ng pulis sa Kalookan noong Agosto 16, 2017 (This is the story of Kian Lloyd delos Santos, a 17-year old student killed by three policemen in Caloocan City on the night of August 16, 2017,) the book’s cover reads.

    The book, written by Weng Cahiles, narrates how Kian lived his life as a student, a son and a friend.
    An excerpt reveals Kian’s dream: to be a policeman.

    Kian was killed last month in the anti-drug operation in Caloocan City.

    The book was released on Facebook and Instagram by the PCIJ Story Project. This storytelling project was established on August 15 “to support collaborations between artists and journalists and encourage experiments in novel forms of telling stories in the news.”

    The book was illustrated by Aldy Aguirre, edited by PCIJ founding executive director Sheila Coronel and translated in English by Poet Ramon Sunico.

    “Children’s books rarely deal with current events or with topics as dark as the killings of minors in the war on drugs. This project presented an opportunity to tell (or retell) Kian’s story in a new way, to audiences that may have been overwhelmed by-or injured to-the news,” the PCIJ said.


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