• Kidnappings in high seas ‘worsening’


    DEFENSE Secretary Delfin Lorenzana will be meeting with his Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts to tackle kidnappings in the high seas perpetrated in particular by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

    According to Lorenzana, such kidnappings are getting worse and authorities should immediately find ways to address them.

    He said on Wednesday that the meeting would be a continuation of earlier talks of his predecessor Voltaire Gazmin with Malaysia and Indonesia’s defense chiefs.

    Lorenzana added that he had participated in those talks but he refused to divulge details, describing them as operational in nature.

    “[I cannot tell you what we are going to do in the South to control movements of boats and we can prevent the pirates, the kidnappers, from taking crew, crew of tugboats, or passenger boats or fishing boats. So we are doing something about that and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can come out again and talk],” he said, referring to southern Mindanao.

    A day before leaving his office, Gazmin had announced that the Philippines and Indonesia forged an agreement allowing the latter’s security forces to cross into Philippine territory if they are in pursuit of criminals or terrorists.

    He said the agreement was based on a 1975 border agreement that applies the principle of hot pursuit.


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    1. Mabait na Pinoy on

      Controlling pirates in the south does not require a degree in Nuclear Science nor Rocket science because the process is simple enough that a mere high school graduate, like myself, can think a solution on how to eliminate these pirates operating in the south. I can rent three vessels such as tugboat, fishing boat, and passenger boats filled with fully armed soldiers or commandos. Send them in the middle of the sea, one boat at a time, and when they sensed that they are being followed or stopped by the pirates, they can commence fires and use all the firepower available to them until there is no more fire response from the pirates. Show NO MERCY and do NOT take any prisoners. Kill them all and let God sort them out later. A very simple process. These animals have not shown any MERCY on their captives, and you must return the favor, so they know and feel how serious the government is.