Kids rock the freshest looks in ‘Summer Island Adventure’


Brining on the summer vibe from the Drift Resort collection

Wearing comfortable fashion in the brightest hues and cutest prints, a gang of adorable boys and girls rocked the freshest looks of summer as they strutted their stuff on the runway at Rustan’s “Summer Island Adventure” fashion show.

Supportive parents and other family members cheered on their little ones as each took their moment in the spotlight.

Among the pieces bursting with creative energy and color were Neck and Neck’s Spring/Summer 2017 Color of Dreams collection, comprised of fun dresses and vibrant coordinates of beautiful textures.

Printed blooms and light romantic lace dresses by Rustanette likewise took to the runway, while for the boys —whether for the poolside or by the beach —the playful patterns of the Drift Resort collection by Rustan Jr. exuded the summer vibe in hues of green and orange.

Everyone enjoyed yummy treats and fun kiddie activities to complete an exciting day for the family after the show.


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