• Kids today can watch their favorite TV showslike ‘Care Bears & Cousins’ on the go

    Now the Care Bears can keep your kids entertained just about anywhere they care to go.

    Now the Care Bears can keep your kids entertained just about anywhere they care to go.

    TELEVISION is so ingrained in our culture that it is hard for many of us to envision even a day without it. For many, television is a primary source for news and information, and is even recognized annually on November 21st as “World Television Day” by the United Nations. The holiday was developed to recognize the impact television has had on our world. It is astonishing to see just how far television has come since its creation and how consumption of this medium has evolved.

    The first electronic television was invented in 1927 and quickly filled family rooms across the country. Today, it is estimated that nearly 97 percent of homes in the U.S. have at least one television. In past decades, network television was received via antenna, which evolved to cable starting in 1948, later exploding into hundreds of channels.

    Today, television continues to evolve with digital streaming from any screen, anytime, anywhere, and companies like Netflix are leaders in this new digital revolution of television. The subscription service is “the world’s leading Internet television network” with more than 100 million hours of programming that consumers—65 million of them worldwide—can access at their convenience. Access to content at their convenience is what today’s generation (a.k.a. Digital Natives) demands.

    While boomers and Gen Xers have grown up with “appointment television,” today’s youth are accustomed to creating their own viewing schedules. Netflix has taken notice and is expanding its kids slate with classic brands that children (not to mention parents and grandparents) know and love. November 6th marked the premiere of “Care Bears & Cousins” (www.netflix.com/CareBears), a Netflix Original Series.

    First introduced by American Greetings in 1982, the Care Bears has become one of the world’s most popular and endearing children’s animation properties. For nearly 35 years, fans of all ages around the world have been falling in love with these huggable bears who help kids have fun while sharing and caring.

    The Care Bears are also no strangers to television screens. Their value-based programming first appeared in television specials starting in 1983, and since then, they have hardly been out of the TV limelight.

    And as Digital Natives themselves, the Care Bears take sharing even further with a strong website presence, a host of apps with nearly 15 million downloads collectively, hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, allowing young fans to interact with the brand at their convenience.

    In the new Netflix series, the huggable gang of Cousins—who haven’t been seen on screen since the ‘80s—are back from the Forest of Feelings to work alongside the Care Bears, bringing fun tales of caring and sharing to a whole new generation.

    According to the findings of a PricewaterhouseCoopers study dated August 2015, traditional TV is still the primary media device for kids and teens in a typical week (up to 31 percent.) However, TV is watched now in a way like never before, with consumers in total control of what, when and where they enjoy their favorite shows.

    So gather around the television or grab your Internet-connected screen and visit www.netflix.com/CareBears to watch “Care Bears & Cousins” on Netflix.

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