Kiko being groomed for 2016 elections?


Is President Benigno Aquino 3rd grooming former senator Francisco “Kiko” Pangilinan for 2016?

The President has not yet decided whether or not to field Pangilinan or Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 3rd for the presidential race in 2016.

At the Bulong Pulungan sa Sofitel media forum, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. admitted that Aquino is grooming the potential government leaders who will sustain his “matuwid na daan” or straight path policy.

He, however, pointed out that the President did not mention any name.

“I don’t remember that he [Aquino] mentioned anybody,” Coloma said. “The President spoke last week that it would be best for Filipinos to choose well who their next leaders would be so that there will be continuities.”

Coloma made the remarks in reply to queries if the ruling Liberal Party (LP) is already grooming Pangilinan to be its presidential candidate in 2016.

“It’s not part of my job description to engage in a political speculation,” he said.

“For the record, there are less than 800 days left in the Benigno S. Aquino 3rd administration and each of those days would be devoted fully to delivering on the promises that the President made in his social contract with the Filipino people,” Coloma said.

In a Palace media briefing, Pangilinan said he is not eyeing the country’s highest post.

“I’m not interested in the presidency. I’m not interested in, you know, elections at this time… Politics will take care of itself,” he said.

He noted that he will focus on addressing “the problems that are plaguing the agriculture and fisheries sectors.”

“Wherever that leads me, I will sleep soundly at night na I’m doing what I can to address the plight of our farmers and our fisherfolk,” he said.

The President earlier said that the party has yet to discuss whether Roxas will be its standard bearer in 2016.

“Is he [Roxas] being groomed? Our party has not decided on that. We have not discussed it,” Aquino told reporters

Roxas was Aquino’s vice presidential candidate during the 2010 national elections but he lost to Vice President Jejomar Binay.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    The PORK BARREL KING wants to ascertain that an ally should succeed him to free himself of future misfortunes. I am sure he has done more anomalies than GMA and he is afraid to face the same fate with his predecessor. His rampant practice of bribery will only be brought out once an opposition wins in 2016. He is the only president who had a PORK BARREL which is 1/3 of the National Budget summing-up to more than a trillion pesos annually. Where did this SUM go? Let us not be persuaded again to be led by a hypocrite. Let us choose the man who can deliver the functions of an honest and hard working president. NO TO AMPAWS WHO FOLLOW THE TUWAD NA DAAN!

  2. Teddy calingasan on

    Why not?
    Those who said otherwise has no love for this country
    See their comment, written in trash and all garbage with ignorance.
    What? afraid that your kind will be completely wipe out?

  3. It is going kiss of death to any one that will be named as Pnoy’s bet for president. It should be NOTED that Kiko did not even become number 1 in any of the 3 senatorial elections considering that Sharon really went out to campaign for him. I think he should go back to his farm and make the most of his time with his plants and family….or he can try again as senator…noted? Farming is the best career for nature loving people.

  4. Mr. Coloma,mahiya ka naman sa sinasabi mong straight path policy.meron ba kayo dyan?saan doon? puro kayo salita at pangloloko sa taongbayan!ang alam ko.kiss of death ang kandidato sa AMPAW na presidente!!! wala kayong nagawang mabuti para sa Baya.puro yabang!!!

  5. Siony Camacho Bana on

    How can he be a choice when Sen. Kiko Pangilinan has not done anything at all for so many years as a Senator of this democratic country to lead in gov’t reform ,yes, he had personally enrich himself like many others and now he promised he will clean up the dept. of agriculture ???? Isn’t that odd and rather delayed reform if he is serious with his job as a lawmaker. Sen Santiago, a reknown Constitutional lawyer , former Sen.Manny Villar with his business enterprenure experience , and former Sen. Gordon would be better choices as next President of the Philippines.The Janet Lim Napoles scam should make every Filipinos wake up and vote for someone if not the best but at least transparent in governance.