• Kill BBL, abandon ceasefire if necessary


    “We’re still at war.”

    That is precisely the reply of Mohagher Iqbal, chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panel, to the Senate’s invitation for him to attend its committee hearing on the recent Mamasapano encounter.

    “The MILF remains a revolutionary organization,” Iqbal said in his letter to Sen. Grace Poe, explaining why he or the MILF could not be a part of the Senate inquiry.

    The rebel group is conducting an “independent” probe.

    How true? Moro-moro may be.

    It just goes to show that the MILF does not recognize the authority of the government at all, not then and not now.

    If the MILF would not even cooperate to shed light on the massacre of 44 policemen in Mamasapano, how can Noynoy’s administration expect this armed group to respect the laws of the land when it gets control of the Autonomous Region in the Muslim Mindanao under a new Bangsamoro autonomous region which is really a substate?

    The barbaric murder of SAF troopers, which they claim as a “mis-encounter,” shows they cannot even honor and observe the ceasefire agreement with the government.

    Inevitably, the manhunt for Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan which Noynoy and Alan Purisima maliciously, illegally and plotted led the SAF troops to a virtual death trap. Note that Purisima is suspended from police service!

    Now, Iqbal stressed that until the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is enacted and a new ARMM, the MILF remains a revolutionary organization.

    So, it is clear now that the MILF has taken Noynoy for a ride on a sham peace deal, while it strengthened its lawless army during a supposed ceasefire.

    Iqbal’s statement has fueled even more outrage by the spread of a video recording of the merciless execution of a wounded SAF officer who survived hours of gun battle.

    MILF leaders have done nothing but to justify the atrocities committed by MILF and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

    They have continued to recruit and train their guerillas and have threatened to avenge the death of their folk hero, Marwan.

    We are still at war against each other, MILF declares.

    So be it!

    In defense of the Constitution, the government forces must now stand up to the challenge and bring on the war to those who ask for it.

    Kill the BBL nonsense, abandon ceasefire and retake control of Mindanao.

    Public service
    It has come to our attention that since November last year, various medical equipment ordered and purchased by the Department of Health (DOH) has remained unpaid.

    Small contractors have been asking for the payment of medical equipment deliveries, which are now being used at different public hospitals.

    DOH-operated national hospitals include Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital and Fabella Hospital, and many others.

    For some reason since Dr. Janette Garin took over as acting Health Secretary, the DOH has run amiss on its obligations on transactions, which the department entered into in accordance to government procurement regulations.

    If the DOH could settle a P100 million obligation with contractor Medical Center Trading for medical supplies, then it should be able pay what it owes small contractors of medical equipment.

    The DOH budget could not have run out just because Garin has employed three lawyer consultants and one in-house accountant.

    We are hoping that the irregularities that went on at DOH during the previous administration would not recur under Garin’s stewardship.

    Or would it because Garin’s leadership is doomed to fail?



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    1. Mon [You mean Erwin] just talks without thinking.. It’s just easy to say that MILF cannot comply with the cease fire mechanism and go with the general public’s mediocre thinking. Please for God’s sake, It is still to be investigated who shot who first and the other circumstances which triggered the skirmish. If Napenas claims that their troop killed 250 MILF wouldnt it turn the table? Try to think of this possibilty, while it is already a fact that the operation was not coordinated with the MILF the other party in our peace process, what if it was the SAF who shot first the MILF that ignited the tension? what? they just go there kill marwan and kill 250 milf? these may be rebels but these are filipinos inhabitant of the very territory the saf penetrated. [MILF claims he area is not held by it.] Lets be objective and not play color coding.

    2. Maguindanao Self-Government a FARCE and a SHAM!

      The Mindanao Muslims struggles for self-government is but a guise for an independent Islamic Sgtate, sovereign and separate from the Philippine central government. They were given autonomy under the AARM but did not work as the Muslims final objective is to secede from the Philippine government and establish their own government free from the control and supervision of the central government authority. The Constitution allows only ONE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT composed of the: (1) Executive (headed by the President) to whom executive powers belong; (2) the Legislative ( composed of the Senate and House of Representative) with the power to make laws (local and national laws) and power of the purse; (3) Judiciary (made up Justices) with power to interpret the Constitution and all laws.
      The Constitution does not allow another separate government with the foregoing 3 powers. Further, the Nation has also ONE territorial and geophysical jurisdiction recognized under International Law over which The Republic of the Philippines exercise its sovereignty Local governments allowed are those political units and subdivisions that are govern by the Local Administrative Code and the Barnggay Code, but which operate under the Constitution and the Central government, The are also subject to ONE national military and police forces, taxation, international foreign and trade policies and national Security to protect its sovereignty against internal or external aggressions. Any special law creating a special local self-government must be subject and yield to above powers of the National Central government, even if given autonomy for its local economic and social upliftment and development or in exercise of its political rights to be elected and vote. Such special local government can enact its owns local laws called Oridinance but must conform to the Constitution, and NOT to the Muslim Shariah Islamic Laws.
      The so-called long years of struggle by the MILF or MNLF (way back to Kamlon years -1950) up to NOW was ARMED secessation/struggle for a separate country of Mindanao. All through those years, they could have participated in the economic, social development of the region thru the exercise of their political rights of peaceful and non-violent protests and peaceful assembly and airing of grievances instead of armed and violent resistance, to have their grievances heard by the national government. It is true that this region of Mindanao was neglected before by many national leaders but that time was when the government was bankrupt and leadership more focused on Luzon and Visayan regions. Now Mindanao is an important component of the country for its sustainable development that national government is pouring its resources to develop the region. Hence, armed struggle for resistance to air old grievances is passé and not the vehicle for its progress. Rather, MUSLIM leadership must work in tandem with National leadership on its political rights to participate in the governance and development of the region. Armed and Violent protest is not conducive to attaining a lasting peace and progressi but instead will stunt and hinder the growth of lasting peace and promotion of the Muslim welfare in the region. After all WE ARE ALL PILIPINOS!

      • Hey ung mga Muslim na nasunod sa batas at sa kanilang magandang paniniwala sa kanilang sinasamban eh puwede natin tawagin na mga Filipino, pero ung mga murderers, cannibals at terroristang MILF/BIFF eh hindi mga Filipino kasi di naman sila nasunod sa batas at walang respeto sa kapwa nila. Kawawa naman ung mabubuting Muslims at nadadamay sila sa mga kawalanghiyaan ng kapwa nila Muslim na halang ang mga bituka. Sa totoo lang, eh wala silang DIYOS dahil hindi sinabi sa kanila ni Allah na pumatay sila, magmutilate ng ibang tao, etc. Kani-kanilang desisyon lang un para magkaroon ng power, at kapangyarihan. Sana nakikinig si Allah para sagitsitan silang lahat ng kidlat.

    3. if you will analyze history the world peace that we are enjoying now were achieve because of initiation of war. what do you think the world we are living now if NAZI Germany was not destroyed by war or the Militaristic Japan if atomic bomb was not dropped. they would still have been in power up to now and demonizing the peace. when the american pacified the Philippines they applied 3 principles. total war, atrocities and extermination. The result!!!…they were able to pacify the Philippines in just 3 years time. to achieve lasting peace in Mindanao the govt must emulate what the american did to the Filipinos during Phil-American war.

    4. iamwell bungari on

      If the MILF-BIFF problem were here in MManila, I am sure no one amongst us who are residents here will advocate for an all-out war. Kawawa naman ang mga taga-Mindanao kapagka may all-out war sa kanila. So my humble suggestion: pursue peace talks but have a very strong police presence there to keep the peace, while the talks continue. Ganun din ang ginagawa natin sa NPA, di ba. Peace talks but police is on alert always in the problem areas.

    5. Agree…all-out war with these terrorist groups(MNLF, MILF, BIFF, ABU SAYYAF). In order to do that, do what the Sri Lankan government did in defeating the Tamil Tigers group. Strategy, double the size of the armed forces, war machine and equipment. You know what, it took only three years to defeat the Tamil Tigers.

      • Agree!!! The best and only solution to the problem. Tamil tigers gone! The MILF/BIFF murderers, barbarians, cannibals are still here. No peace talk, No Ceasefire.

    6. Even before the SAF tragedy, the BBL needs major revisions because of inconsistency with Philippine Constitution. After the SAF muders, might as well ‘bury’ the BBL and the Philippine government might as well “face the music”…..for now, as far as the BIFF, MILF, etc. are concerned.

    7. Moro-moron lang ang USAPang BBL, Ibasura, itigil na at papanagutin ang MILF bilang terorista…govierno ni pnoy NAHIHIYANG AMININ na kapalpakan ang ginawa na mAGkaruon ng usapang pangkapayapaan sa mga teroristang grupo

    8. ParWin, Iqbal is a puppet let’s find the master who is probably in Afghanistan. It’s all a sham purado to them. Meroon ba tayong balita sa mga namatay sa kanila? Bakit tayo ang nagwawala at sila tahimik na parang tayo pa ang napikon sa kanilang pandaraya. Mga andaraya and laro lang sa kanila guera. The AFP should take them on and clean them up bago pa lumaganap ang sakit na iyan! Iqbal and the rest tauhan ng masasamang radical na walang lugar na paglalagyan sa Pilipinas. Masahol pa sila na ilagay sa viral. Alam mo mga maranaw ang nagsasalit sa background. Nakita ang mga mukha dahil puro tanga at dapat managot duon. Pulos ka sinungalingan at lason lang ang idudulot ng corned BIFF at BLLmoro.

      • Take note of the BIFF Commander Mama remarks, daring Cayetano and other politicians to arm themselves and go to Mindanao. What an irresponsible statement from a group declaring themselves as freedom fighters.Any sense of freedom in his remarks? Now, do we still need to talk to these people and their arrogance and kayabangan? If Abnoy wishes, he and his siblings mostly Kristeta can apply for Muslim citizenships at dun na sila tumira dahil mahal na mahal nman niya siya Iqbal, Jaafar at Usman…. Pag andun na sila wala na problema si Abnoy sa peace talks. Sila-sila ang magpeace-peace dun.

    9. Now we have more reason to believe that the decision of the SAF chief not to coordinate with MILF is correct. First they cuddled the terrorist , second they don’t respect nor agreed anything what they sign before, insisting they still are in a state of revolutionary government. Now the more we should not believed that they are not in a recruitment and strengthening mode of their arm forces. Because history tell us their usual strategy. So for short, we are dealing with those traitors. We can’t expect equal or even mutual respect in every agreement that we make with them. The truth is they won’t and don’t really honored any contract be it temporary or permanent. They have an agenda to pursue. Now the big question is, will we be very much willing to let go of Mindanao as part of Philippines archipelago ? I don’t trust the MILF. Our present leader might end up regret them decision to handled the BBL