• Kill! Burn! And mura! – Pa more?

    Rene Saguisag


    Prez Rody “Digong” Duterte replied to a question from Reuters on salvaging: “You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions and statements. Putang Ina, mumurahin kita [who else?]diyan sa forum na ‘yan. Huwag mo akong ganunin. Tell that to everybody. Itong mga kolumnista [I am one], para ba akong tinatakot, anak ka ng – umalis kayo diyan sa Pilipinas, pumunta kayo doon sa Amerika. [Why should I?] You write kung ano nasa isip – the lap dogs of this American [including me?]. Who is he to confront me? As a matter of fact, he has too many. . . . America has one too many to answer for the misdeeds in this country. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa tayo nakatikim ng apology niyan. That is the reason why Mindanao continues to boil.”

    This remarkable infelicitous passage has gone viral. If America, to Digong, is Hell, why should he tell anyone to go there?

    And why should Digong tell anyone what he thinks of the latter and his mother? He and I, along with countless others, have sainted mothers.

    To begin with, Obama belongs to a vilified and oppressed minority and must have experienced being disrespected. (But, it is good the Georgetown Jesuits are making amends today for the sale of 272 slaves in 1838, from which the Marcoses may draw lessons, to help ageing, ailing human rights victims – for their care and funeral – or their apo, via scholarships, without necessarily admitting liability).

    Second, we try to teach our young to avoid bad words, but, if the Prez, perceived to be a role model, would not develop a wider vocabulary, big problem. Churchill said a “lie” is a “terminological inexactitude.” No need to be Churchillian but going to Church may help. The Palace is so near Saint Jude; San Beda has its own church. Walking distance.

    A Prez must not tell another what he thinks of him or his ancestors. He may be seen as a rock star – or as a star in a freak show.

    Digong’s various mouthpieces fall all over themselves crying “this was what he really meant,” “wrung out of context,” etc.. A Bedan lawyer who cannot express himself should be a contradiction in terms.

    We should avoid becoming the Wild Wild East of Pulis Patola whose Top Gun challenges to duels and encourages arson (innocent lola and apo may be barbecued), both criminalized by the Revised Penal Code. Law enforcer lawbreaker. Josme!

    A State of Lawlessness we have learned to live with, in traffic (overspeeding, non-use of pedestrian lanes, parking anywhere, trikes in counterflow, etc.), not queueing, marital infidelity (which seems to be a requirement for high office, and low – indeed, we hear Pulis Matulis Dalawa Batuta), even in tax payments (Kim Henares alleges Manny Pacquiao owes government several billions but he may be too busy training for his next fight). We are a nation of scofflaws.

    But, we should not scare with mindless confusing contradictory pronouncements – our kin abroad, so needlessly, along with prospective tourists and investors. Digong should not anarchize us. A “State of Lawlessness” is not in the Constitution. “Lawless violence” is, but can occur even in households.

    Genocide is not a policy of civilized countries. Failings in other countries are no excuse for us to trample upon human rights here.

    We in the tiny insignificant human rights community welcomed Prez Jimmy Carter’s interference here during the Dark Years. And Amnesty International’s.

    If Obama were a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), Digs’ dig may be more acceptable or understandable. But, he’s black. Blacks could not marry whites until Loving v. Virginia in 1967, which allowed inter-racial marriages. In 1948, Victoria Manalo Draves was proclaimed a winner of two diving golds in the London Olympics, as a Caucasian, although she was born to Teofilo Manalo a musikero from Orani, Bataan.

    Dred Scott (1867) was a case of blacks being ruled as chattels, by a Supreme Court led by Catholic Roger Taney.

    In 1896, separate but equal, in Plessy v. Ferguson. In Davis v. Board of Education (1954), full equality, which is still not fully implemented.

    In short, progress could be slow.

    But, in Davao, there is Tim Tebow’s medical facility, where he, an American son of US missionaries, born in Makati, helps the natives. No point in condemning America, wholesale. In my stay in Harvard Law, I was struck by the libertarian egalitarian spirit of my white fellow students. The law firms I trained in were founded by Jews. One is Arnold & Porter and its concern for minorities has stayed with me. Jews and Catholics care for fellow minorities.

    The blacks in the US are getting more and more benefits, our fellow travelers in a sense. Look at Michael Jordan, Oprah and Lebron, who has just cancelled his Manila visit. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, after the fact therefore because of the fact, is a fallacy of course, but Nike is culturally-sensitive as alleged Top Tax Evader Manny Pacquiao. Top House Absentee, found out.

    Digong’s Kill!Kill!Kill! Pa More and Bato’s Burn, Baby, Burn may be remedies far, far worse than the Disease. The Right Thing must be done in the Right Way.

    Digong said: “Yung mga column nag-bash, susmaryosep! Pagka-lap dog ng mga – pretending to be the conscience of this? Sino ka? Hindi ako bilib diyan sa America. Gusto mo sipain ko pa ‘yan sa harap mo eh. Pumunta kayo doon.”


    If Digong had attended San Beda Law School a decade earlier than he did, he would not only have anecdotes about loveable Super-Bully Judge/Justice Solidum, one of the original classroom terrorists (“Saguisag, in this class you have to use you brains – if you have any!” – after my first recitation) but also about Justice Eduardo Caguioa, who stressed – lo cortes no quita lo valiente – courtesy does not detract from valor. (I attended San Beda at a yo-soy-bososoy time.)

    Now, we have a Prez bowing to Putin who supports China in our sea dispute. Doveryai non proveryai. Trust, but verify. Has Russia done anything lately to help us in our new Police State replacing the Macoy’s Martial Misrule?

    On Macoy, may I commend the Supreme Court for preventing the transfer of Macoy’s remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani this month while we look for a win-win solution, such as renaming LMB. Digs should certify as urgent Rep. Harry Roque’s bill.



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    1. I have been in the USA too long. Will come home and see first hand what is happening. Witnessed a lot of world series and now the San Bedan exchange is worth the trip. Staying in the oldest hotel in Manila, I will get the latest news from the bellman to the GM. I was once a “t” ball little league referee. I would be very happy to have breakfast with Mr. Rene S. Coming home early next year for my annual visit. My email: gfmint@yahoo.com

    2. Vagoneto Rieles on

      Mr. Saguisag might recall an old Spanish proverb…”No por mucho madrugar amanece mas temprano”. (No matter how early you rise, the dawn does not come earlier.) Put another way, and as applies to President Duterte…”You couldn’t squeeze blood out of a turnip”.

    3. Rene I salute you. I am very dissapointed with the Philippine media that all of them are afraid of Digong and his goons. Continue your good work and more power to you.

    4. The yellow dog is in it again. Our ties with the US will remain strong. What transpired is just a minor hearing issue
      that the great leader of the free world President Obama understand, that dismissed President Duterte tantrum as a habit.
      Again, our troubles are not of our foreign policy but by the criminality, drug and corruption left behind to us by the
      past administrations where the former Senator Saguisag have been a part.
      The test of Leadership is measured on the true positive results and I believe that President Duterte is heading in that direction.
      And I believe also that Senator Pacman has nothing to do with the above issue.

      • I still believe that what you sow, you reap. The consequences might take a longer time but it will come. Just do not worry. I also believe that he who live by the sword, die by the sword. Just do not worry, it will surely come.

    5. Rene you are again on the wrong side of the fence. I do not know is it money that promotes you do these things or is it just that you cannot help it that you are a poor judge of character or that your judgement is clouded by personal interest.

      History is presently judging Marcos and it seems that inspite of his shortcomings he has the real desire to make the Philippines great. I just wish you be able to clear your mind and finally say thay you have misjudged the guy and bringing him down had made the country more chaotic and backward. Honestly this is again what youre doing to Duterte. He is old and you are old in his heart he is trying to make the country great again, disciplined again and hopefully prosper with a sense of nationalism. You are on the otherhand are also old but still brandishing your o holy that thou attitude to sow disunity if there is such a word to your countryman.

      • I will surmised that you are a Marcos follower. Surely, you the one that is out in the cold. Read your history books. Marcos is not the person you can trust. He is responsible for a few thousand dead people and the biggest robber in all of history.

    6. Will depart from this earth plane a yellow turd. That’s how you will be remembered.

      “I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn; the more you kill and burn, the better it will please me… The interior of Samar must be made a howling wilderness…”
      — Gen. Jacob H. Smith

      on the Balangiga incident.

    7. Politicians are now scared because DU30 might find cases against them. Where are the Belmontes, Drillons, Roxas, Sottos ? Happy days are gone for them – no more Aquinos! Thank God they’re all gone and had shut up!
      Drillon is the Iloilo kingpin of the drugs! belmonte is amassing lands right and left in Nueva Ecija his silent bailiwick! Go Digong Go!

    8. Greta Alindogan on

      All of a sudden lawyers promoting themselves as human rights experts before Digong’s ascension to Malacanang became too quiet. One however became an evangelist at Iglesia Ni Duterte, Pastor Alan Cayetano.. Ex VP Binay is excusable due to his strings of court cases.

    9. You would make an excellent spokesman for America, if only you were citizen, but you are not, so that makes you a lapdog. Question: who made it a sport to shoot Filipinos in Clark on the excuse that they looked liked wild boars? Who promised to pay our veterans after the war but made them wait for an eternity? Who assured Aguinaldo that they had no designs on the Philippines then proceeded to kill 600,000 of us ( much more than the alleged 75,000 victims of martial law)? Best question of all for a professional Marcos hater: who was the senator who bombed Plaza Miranda but blamed it on Marcos? Are you going to censor this comment?

      • Censor your comment??? YOu really think you are making sense? These are stupid questions that were fact checked already. And the answers will explode in your face…or ass.

        1. Senator Saguisag was one who voted to ged rid of the bases.
        2. Heard of gerilyang kanin? You stupid fuck
        3. The Americans as the colonizer. May mabait bang colonizer? And Aguinaldo will always be a traitor to the Filipino people.
        4.Really??? You believed this dictator marcos propaganda?

    10. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers,New York
      08 September 2016

      Now, finally, a well-known HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER, Rehe Saguisag, has found the courage to come out of hiding and take Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Roa Duterte to task–in his own inimitable way–for converting the Philippines, once upon a time, a democratic state with its Constitution with its Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, the Rules of Court, into a ‘POLICE STATE.”

      I have been waiting for other well-known human rights luminaries, including the PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION ASSOCIATION [PHILCONSA], to say something about Der Fuhrer Duterte’s megalomanic EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLING of those engaged in the illegal trade but, so far, their silence has been DEAFEANING.

      I can only conclude that they are all scared to death because in Der Fuhrer Duterte’s “Police State” they all can be rubbed out” without benefit of a WARRANT OF ARREST.

      Such a Warrant of Arrest must be inconvenient for a tyrant like Duterte and his “berdugo” PNP chief General “Bato” Ronald dela Rosa. That means that the Constitution with its Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, the Rules of Court, and even the UN Declaration of Human Rights–which are long-established SAFEGUARDS against tyranny, starting with the Magna Carta which the English barons exacted from King Alfred in the 13 Century–may be INCONVENIENT for both of them, and may in fact be incompatible with a Police State.