Killing the demons in the sex videos of Michael Pangilinan and Arjo Atayde



Of late just when King of Talk Boy Abunda in his nifty nightly TV show Tonight With Boy Abunda hammered the last nail on the controversial sex video on Skype of singer/actor Michael Pangilinan—who admitted to his indiscretion through the official statement of his manager/mentor Jobert Sucaldito—meant to temper down the situation, Arjo Atayde’s own sex tape, also on Skype, came almost on the heels of what is up to now being half-whispered among gossip-mongers.

Unlike Michael’s, Arjo’s sex video refuses to die a natural death though it sort of added up to his currency as the suave villain in Coco Martin’s ongoing teleserye. Again unlike Michael’s, no one seems to be owning up to, or explaining the award-winning actor’s side (Arjo is PMPC Star Awards’ Best Actor for TV) on the issue. It is “deadma” from their end. I texted Arjo’s mom Sylvia Sanchez for comment to no avail—“nada”—or I must have dialed a number long gone. I did not push my luck too far. I thought it wise to respect the Ataydes’ right to silence and self-incrimination.

Until now though, close gay friends in Arjo’s inner circle take to comparing the enormity of the “endowments” of the two actors in issue. My caveat here is not to take my word for it. Ask some hobbyists or go to the net with an open mind if they have not been totally shut down yet from public viewing.

 Arjo Atayde

Arjo Atayde

Jobert Sucaldito’s way was to exorcise and face-off with the “demon” in public—exterminate the virus by exposing it to the sunlight so to speak—and as we say it to ourselves to comfort the “sinners” in us, face the truth to set us free! Freudian shrinks call it making the unconscious conscious; then move once more with life and learning, experience added to it perhaps.

The opposite, which is to turn a blind eye to the case in point, is what others committing the same indiscretion including their families are wont to do: Put the queasy things behind them; and ignore and impose on themselves and the judgmental a total blackout, which is perhaps more convenient to the conscience than spilling out one’s innards in public. This makes for democracy a smart way upon which to eclipse vital issues surrounding the private lives of movie actors.

In Michael’s case, he first got wind of his own sex video as tipped to him, which he admitted to doing on Skype exactly four years ago when he was experimental, careless and wild with a hottie overseas fling—a Fil-Am he met on the net. Parenthetically, he has long forgiven the culprit whoever he or she was for exposing the video.

He lost no time explaining in-between sobs and halting statements of apologies on the phone to Jobert whose prescience got the better of the two. They confessed hands down and admitted to it publicly without being defensive and make amends, promising not to ever get caught again, because these days panoptic Fouculdian inventions have become like CIAs—they follow you to the rim of your toilet bowls.

 Michael Pangilinan

Michael Pangilinan

Unlike Colin Farrell whose career in Hollywood took some little nosedive after his sex video with a Playboy model was exposed, Michael who had emerged the real standout and winner of the reality show Your Face Sounds Familiar (second only to Denise Laurel) is obviously riding high on the crest of his newly-earned popularity (not from the Skype), judging by the way he is being mobbed by fans in his Metro Manila and out-of-town roadshows.

On the lighter side, Michael who is now touted the “Harana Prince” of his generation is in fact set to conquer this year the hearts of our OFWs with his scheduled sorties overseas in time for his big concert at Araneta Coliseum when he comes back.

It’s ungainly to ask the point behind the many soiled hands (from Vivian Velez to Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho, and the rest) that got caught inside the cookie jar. What about others who don’t get caught doing the same in the privacy of their sanctum? Are they less unimpeachable, less exhibitionistic? Or do they know better the notion of temperance and to a larger extent discretion more than you and me? Word of caution: careful, careful you might just be the next victim.


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