• Kim and Xian’s ‘Story of Us’ gains positive feed back

    The cast and directors of ‘The Story Of Us’

    The cast and directors of ‘The Story Of Us’

    The love story of Tin and Macoy has just begun in The Story Of Us, but the series has already generated overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers and netizens for its engaging storyline and picturesque scenes.

    The series—starring the premier love team of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim—is mostly praised for its fast-paced narrative and the breathtaking shots of El Nido, Palawan shown in its first week.

    “Feels like watching a movie sa The Story of Us. Superb cinematography, and it’s also in HD,” commented a Twitter user.

    Aside from the stunning scenery and camera-work, the thing that keeps the series together are the heartfelt performances of the cast, which includes veteran actors Aiko Melendez, Susan Africa, Gardo Versoza, and Zsa Zsa Padilla. Not to be outdone are Zaijian Jaranilla and Alyanna Angeles, who portrayed the young Macoy and Tin, whose performances reveal a depth of emotion needed to illustrate the two main characters’ friendship and love.

    Xian Lim and Kim Chiu

    Xian Lim and Kim Chiu

    Many netizens, including Twitter user @DoYourBestNY88, also commended director Richard Somes by saying, “I cannot stop crying! Not because of sadness but because of extreme joy and gratitude that I am watching this remarkable show. My faith in Pinoy serye has been completely renewed by this show.”

    But what truly made a mark on viewers are Kim at Xian, who have injected maturity into their performances—a departure from the type of roles they used to play.

    “We worked hard to come up with this material. We embraced our characters to show you a very wonderful love story. You still have a lot to see from Kim and me,” said Xian at a press conference on Tuesday.

    And even though titled The Story of Us, the series is a reflection of Filipinos’ personal love stories, according to Kim. “There is nobody who won’t be able to relate to this story. Every one of us has experienced it.”

    As the story continues, Tin and Macoy are bound to start over in Manila as they prepare to go to college and reach their dreams. But amid the misunderstandings and efforts to make their relationship work, Tin will be forced to go to the United States to be with her estranged mom.

    And to pay tribute to Filipino migrant workers who work hard to provide a better future for their families, ABS-CBN is set to launch a series of documentaries as part of its advocacy campaign. It will feature the different stories and colorful experiences of migrant Filipinos overseas and will be aired during The Story of Us this new week on prime time.


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