• Kin of slain SAF troops snub Aquino


    SEVERAL family members of the 44 elite troops from the Special Action Force (SAF) did not show up for the awarding ceremony for the slain police commandos in Camp Crame in Quezon City on Monday, the first anniversary of the Mamasapano massacre.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd led the awarding of honors and medals for the police commandos who were killed in Mamasapano, Maguindana, on January 25, 2015 while on an operation to capture Malaysian terror suspect Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan and two others.

    When the President was to award the Medalya ng Kabayanihan for Police Officer 2 Ricky
    Nacino, Senior Police Officer Lover Inocencio and Insp. Rennie Tyrus, no one stood up to receive the medals.

    It was also noticeable that the classmates of Senior Insp. Jim Tria and Police Officer 2 Franklin Danao were the ones who received their medals from the President, who is blamed by many for the death of the SAF troops.

    The wife of Senior Insp. Ryan Pabalinas, Ericka, was also a no-show. Instead, Pabalinas’ father and brother accepted the medals from Aquino.

    The immediate family of Insp. John Garry Erania also did not attend the ceremony.
    Erania’s uncle went up the stage to receive the Medalya ng Kabayanihan.

    In all, 47 SAF members were given the Medalya ng Kabayanihan (Distinguished Conduct Medal), the second highest honor given by the police and military.

    Two of the fallen commandos were posthumously awarded the Medal of Valor, the highest honor in the police and military service — Senior Insp. Gednat Tabdi and Police Officer 2 Romeo Cempron.

    Tabdi’s wife Leah and brother received the medal while Cempron’s medal was handed to his wife Christine.

    Aquino admitted that he himself is dismayed with the delay of the case.

    “Ako man po ay naiinip sa bagal ng pag-usad ng sistemang pangkatarungan sa ating bansa. Ika nga, justice delayed is justice denied [I am also becoming impatient with the proceedings of our justice system. As they say, justice delayed is justice denied],” he said in his speech.

    “The question is why, until now, those who are guilty have not been made accountable,” Aquino added.

    Lawmakers earlier urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to speed up preliminary investigation and file cases against those responsible for the massacre of the SAF 44.

    Last year, the DOJ filed complaints of direct assault with murder against 90 people supposedly involved in the encounter.

    It, however, is yet to rule on whether there is probable cause to file criminal charges against them in court.

    In his speech, Aquino lauded the heroic acts of the SAF troops, especially Tabdi and Cempron.

    He said Tabdi served as a “source of strength and inspiration” while Cempron showed courage in his attempt to save the lives of his fellow commandos.

    “Hanggang sa dulo hindi sya sumuko. Iniharang nya ang katawan sa mga bala upang makaligtas ang mga kasamahan [Until the very end he did not give up. He used his own body to block the enemies’ bullets in order to save his comrades],” Aquino added.

    He met privately with the families of slain SAF troops after the awarding. But not all of the SAF 44 were represented.

    The President reiterated that their families will be taken care of and will benefit from livelihood and employment assistance.


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    1. Medal of Valor is given for act of HEROISM BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. Operation Exodus is a normal police operation to get Marwan. We do not question the life shed by the SAFs and the need to be accorded a medals but we believed the medals were given to buy peace to the kins of the SAF 44. we have so many army, marines, air force and navy personnels who died in line of duty fighting the nap’s and muslim rebels but were never accorded or given the Medal of Valor but medals in accordance to their actions as Medal of Valor, the highest military medal, will be given if the action was Heroism Beyond The Call of Duty, putting his or her life to save others and acts of heroism not normal or common among uniformed personnels – action above the rests.

    2. Traitor P-NOY guilty in abandoning and betraying the SAF commandos in favor of his friends the terrorist MILF.

    3. PNoy, king of liars and hypocrites is at it again. Now he is saying he is frustrated the cases have not been filed against the authors of the Operation Exodus. How can the cases move forward when the same person who demands closure if the author and guilty of the crimes? PNoy still believes that his lies will be accepted by the public. What a shameless man this lunatic is.

    4. Another lip service tatak pnoy na bulok kung dismayado sya sa delayed justice anong ganawa nya as president ginawang candidato pagka senador and doj sec!

    5. The question is why, until now, those who are guilty have not been made accountable,” Aquino added. Punishment will be met after you step down as president or get impeached.

    6. Burgis Batoktoy on

      “Justice delayed, justice denied ” galing sa bunganga ni ngawa pa more Pnut. Bakit si GMA hanggang ngayon pinakulong mo Hindi pa rin umusad ang kaso nag tanong kaya si ngawa pa more Pnut ng ” Justice delayed, justice denied?” O palamuti/ pakitang tao lang tong awarding na ‘to. talagang wala tong alam basta lang magngawa.Pnut, remember that an intelligent person thinks before he talks, a crazy one like you Pnut talks before he thinks. What a laughingstock, President.

    7. Aquino is trying to ape King David …king David sent Uriah the Hittite to die in battle so he can have Batsheba( Uriah’s beautiful wife)! In Aquino’s case he was trying to save BBL so he can have a Nobel peace prize!

    8. Bakit ipinagkakait ng gobyernong ito ang pinansyal na tulong sa mga kamag anak ng mga nasawing bayaning mga pulis gayung ang dami daming pera naka ipon ang gobyerno? Nakapag suhol nga sila sa mga senador ng daan daang milyon noong inimbistigahan si ex cj corona, at di umano ay may nakatagong presidential fund ang pangulo sa halagang 170 bilyon piso, at bukod dito, marami pa naman silang mapagkukunan ng perang pantulong sa mga kamag anak ng mga nasawing pulis, bakit nila iniipit? Nasaan ang hustisya sa mga bayaning ito?

    9. Snubbing the President shows some relatives to have allowed themselves to be used by politicians. During the encounter all SAF 44 soldiers who have died followed their superior. As a soldier your loyalty should be to the country and to the President, General of the Armed Forces, General of your division and cascade to the military unit let by Col. Napenas. Napenas should have encourage the relatives to at least respect the President and to the General he is reporting to. Eto ba ang ihahalal nating Senador???

      • how can they respect the BS 3rd when he himself has no respect to the fallen SAF 44. You are now asking the families to respect him when he went to open a mitsubishi plant in laguna instead of being with the family during the arrival of the 44 heroes who died on mamasapanot?

      • Respect is earned and certainly not for a known liar like Aquino.

        Aquino lied on Jan 28th 2015 on television to the nation when he said Purisima was only involved until his suspension and not after and only to help him with the jargon.

        What a huge liar Aquino is. Deserving of respect ? For what ?

    10. The President reiterated that their families will be taken care of

      Aquino took care of those families when he abandoned them, 44 broken families without husbands and fathers, all his fault.