King F7 One Irons Set


The Cobra King F7 One Irons Set was designed to make the swing mechanics simpler. You can establish the same set-up and the same swing for all the irons, because it is designed with the same length as a 7 iron. In effect, it becomes physically less demanding and eases the psychological side of the game. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy the game more and resulting to better scores.

The Cobra King F7 One Irons Set PHOTO BY BUDDY DE JOYA

The iron set that I have personally tested came with a 5 to 9 irons and a pitching wedge. You also have the option of getting 3 to 4 irons, a gap wedge, and a sand wedge, if you so desire. The irons are progressive and the length of all the irons are the same.

The 3 to 5 iron club heads are called full hollow and very similar to an internal cavity. The 6 to 7 club heads are half hollow, while the 8 iron to PW is cavity back. The Gap Wedge and the Sand Wedge is referred to as a specialty club head.

These irons utilize Cobra’s TECFLO construction to maximize the performance of each iron. It composes the PWRSHELL FACE, a thinner, stronger and sole structure that is designed for speed and distance with a larger Sweet Zone for more forgiveness.

The clubface is 100 percent CNC Milled Grooves that increases spin and optimizes trajectory throughout the set. It basically improves your control and workability.

The center of gravity is removed from the center of the club head and d istributed into the lower part and farther back, adding to better precision and more forgiveness.

You have five shafts to choose from for your Cobra King F7 Irons set. You can either choose stiff, regular or light with a Fujikura Pro 63i graphite shaft. On a steel shaft, you can select a stiff or a regular True Temper KING F7.

I strongly recommend these clubs to those who are starting. It simplifies the level of understanding regarding swing mechanics. Most important, it totally removes the concept of swinging each club differently. This one major factor alone will definitely improve your scores, as it diminishes a big part of the mental side in swinging the club. Intermediate and advance players will definitely appreciate the forgiving characteristics of this particular model and will lead to more precise and enjoyable games.

The center of gravity is removed from the center of the club head and distributed into the lower part and farther back resulting in better precision. PHOTO FROM COBRAGOLF.COM

I personally love these clubs and have been amazed by its performance. Feedback is really good and was hitting one club farther than my own clubs. Another difference that was noticeable was a higher launch angle with the 9 iron and pitching wedge, and lower launch angle with the 5 and 6 irons, as compared to my own clubs.

I would like to thank Arnel Paras, brand manager of Srixon Golf Shop, located at the CityGolf Driving Range, for allowing me to test these clubs. A wonderful experience indeed! Now, I want them really bad.


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