• Kingdom of Walang Hiya (2)


    IT seems the Kingdom of Walang Hiya has come up with new chapters to aggravate an already aggravated public. For those who do not yet know, it is also known as the Manila International Airport. It has a hero’s name attached to it but I will not use it now so as not to sully the hero’s name with the shameless activities that are going on there as we speak.

    For some time, the Kingdom of Walang Hiya has been perpetrating a bullet scam known colloquially as tanimbala. Using a law that has to be amended for its sweeping and unrestricted provision that anyone found carrying a bullet in his person or luggage must be stopped in his tracks, investigated, tried and jailed if found guilty, there have been all kinds of scenes where travelers, usually out-bound, are stopped when found to have a bullet (whether an amulet, or an empty bullet with no powder in its casing), causing their trip to be aborted pending investigation and even detention until allowed bail. Many of those apprehended have expressed shock and surprise that a bullet was found among their effects. Some in panic have acceded to proposals from the same uniformed personnel who accuse them of possessing bullets to pay them off and continue on their trip. In other words, a lucrative frame-up was in place victimizing thousands. Maybe millions.

    Why do I say that? Because it has obviously been going on for years. A relative who lives in Canada tells me that when she arrived at the airport in 2009 and had requested wheelchair service, the person pushing her wheelchair quickly took her to a small room with no one in it except a uniformed woman who promptly got her bag, rummaged through it including her wallet and jewelry on the excuse that she was looking for a bullet.

    The passenger sensing something irregular kept questioning why this was being done to her and why she was not brought to Immigration as expected but instead to a room by herself. When the uniformed woman turned a deaf ear, the passenger started raising her voice, loud enough to cause a return of the bag with the limp excuse that there were so many women who had bullets in their bag.

    From this personal experience, we can deduce that the bullet scam has been a tried and true scheme that has been successfully perpetrated for a good number of years. Usual victims are foreigners particularly young ones, middleaged women, and overseas workers.

    So, the unwitting statement of the DOTC Secretary that of the millions of passengers a year only about 1,800 plus are stopped for bullets actually means if true that the tanim bullet incidents happen at least thrice in one day, an unacceptable number in terms of reality.

    Another chapter came to light a few weeks ago when a member of the Office of Transport Security was apprehended trying to shepherd a shipment of endangered species including tarsiers, turtles, snakes to leave the country. Obviously using his office to aid and abet the illegal export of these forbidden items. It probably is not the first time, just the first time brought to the light of day.

    The Office to Transport Security is now definitely infamous for being connected to the bullet scam and facilitating export of forbidden items. With the assistance of wheelchair pushers, airport security guards and whoever else among the many members of the airport officialdom are lending themselves to these schemes.

    It is a mystery why the Office of Transport Security has a multitude of misbehaving members. How are they vetted for their jobs, if they are? Or, are these jobs a matter of who you know or how much you will invest to get hired?

    Naturally, all of the above have caused a huge loss of trust regarding what is going on at the airport and who are in charge there. My relative from Canada said it took her long and hard to decide to come back for a visit, apprehensive about how to get through the perils at the airport.

    Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Walang Hiya has come up with a smug announcement that they have now signed a Memorandum of Agreement among the multifarious agencies officially in place at the airport to coordinate among themselves airport operations so that people will trust them.

    “Coordination” is what the airport management has claimed they have been doing all this time as per their statements at the Senate Hearings that investigated the mess at the airport, coordinated or not. Now they still insist to follow this management style that has been a failure.

    To these “coordinators” it must be plainly said that they will not succeed in putting the public’s minds to rest until arrests are made, cases filed, convictions achieved and jail time given to those responsible for the crimes perpetrated there to this day. A few resignations of “coordinators” would be the icing on the cake.

    But then we are talking of the Kingdom of Walang Hiya and that may be unrealistic.


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    1. My nephew who spent his vacation last christmas from the United States was so upset.Upon arriving at NAIA 2 he found out that his luggage was open, and his pair of pants and new briefs were stolen. He cannot imagine, what kind of people in this airport. Sobra na ba talaga ang kanilang pangangalilangan, pati brief at pantalon hindi pinatawad ng mga pusakal sa airport…Talagang nagbingibingihan si Abnoy at si honrado.. Pinayayaman ni Abnoy ang kanyang mga kaibigan, kamaganak, at mga tulisan nilang mga businessman.. Dapat lang talaga palitan lahat ng MIA personnel at dapat lang ibalik ang tunay na pangalangan ng airport which is MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at hindi Ninoy,, Traydor naging Hero ????

    2. I am an OFW since 1974. This means i travelled a lot and mode of transport is by airplane. Through all this travels, during the Aquino presidency that corruption and stealing is so rampant that even the waiters of restaurant are stealing their customers’ bengings. Grabe!

    3. This would not happened if our President cared enough to stop that practice at the very first instance of reported malfeasance made by any airport employee. Kaya, ang daang matuwid ni Noynoy ay parang pambobola lang sa mga tao. And I am sure, ganyan din ang magiging style ng pamumuno ni Roxas.

    4. I have always trusted my analytical abilities, that this article was written exclusively on the illegal activities at NAIA. The responsible government officials, that should have taken responsibilities are the DOTC Secretary Abaya and the GM Honorado. These two particular government officials should have turned in their resignations when the scandal at NAIA first erupted.

      GM Honorado does not deserve to be occupying the position as a general manager, and his title should change to “COORDINATOR” instead. I received a “classified” information, and has not proven yet, that Mr. Honorado is the biggest and ugliest thief at NAIA. He is also the main reason why there were so many Pinoys, especially in North America, were afraid to go on vacation in the Philippines during the holiday season, because of “tanim bala”. We hope that he will no longer around at the end of PNoy’s term.

    5. Excuse me,and sorry,but i will never,ever accept your term ” a hero ” to be given to a traitor and an opportunist who happens to be Ninoy Aquino.Only the yellow horde and the Aquino family and its circle of friends have the temerity to address him as such.But to us who knows the truth and the facts of who Aquino really is and what he and his family had done to this country,he will be remembered as the guy and the senator who sold Sabah to the Malaysians and the politician who had put this country into chaos…

    6. But the headquarters of the Kingdom-of-walanghiya is the palace where the you-know-who holds office.

    7. The real culprit is money. Those who are very creative, try all tricks to make a charge
      to any unsuspecting passengers. All personnel should be reevaluated as to credit
      worthiness, criminal behaviors, and morality issues.

    8. What is really funny is Mr Honrado said that they have installed close circuit TV but it is not accessible to the media. Mr Honrado, I thinked you are the worst person in the whole wide world because you are making us look stupid.