• Knife fighting using the reverse grip


    Holding the knife in a reverse grip is one of the best ways to conceal it. Because it is a more secured hold, it is extremely difficult to get disarmed using a reverse grip.

    The following techniques are meant to create awareness on the reality of knife attacks and knife fights. And that the best way to truly learn how to defend one’s self when confronted with these situations is to understand what’s going on in the mind of knife fighters. The more you understand how they operate, the better your chances of surviving such an attack.  I strongly advise the public to seek instruction on these matters from qualified instructors only.

    Photo 1 shows two knife fighters about to engage in a fight. Photo 2 shows the fighter on the left parrying a thrust to his mid-section while applying a slash on his opponent’s wrist (radial artery). Photo 3 shows the fighter on the left in a transition move for his next attack. Photo 4 shows a stab to the kidney being delivered by the fighter on the left. Photo 5 shows the fighter on the left flowing from striking to locking in order to apply a secure hold preventing his opponent’s further attacks. Photo 6 shows a secure hold established.
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