Knocked out



Last Sunday was an eventful day. Manny Pacquiao fought his last fight ever against Timothy Bradely; as the first and only Vice Presidentiable debate entertained the nation (well, the parts that had CNN Philippines).

The whole world watching, Pacquiao went on the ring for the last time, while I was having a fight of my own against my two wisdom teeth. The funny thing was, my mom trained my younger brother and I early when it came to visiting the dentist. I recall even having a Berenstain Book describing the joy and wonder of visting the dentist so it wasn’t like I’ve always been afraid of the dentist until the moment I needed to go under the knife (of course my exaggerated way of explaining it) in order to get rid of not just one wisdom tooth but two.

The first attempt at getting rid of one of them was in November of last year but instead of it resulting in finally getting rid of the tooth that’s been bothering me, I ran out of the dentist’s office because I could no longer take all the drilling. I then continued to ignore it until one Friday night I was awoken by tooth and knew that it was time to visit the dentist again. Not wanting to go back to my previous dentist, I decided to seek the help of friends and luckily found the office of Dra. Dina Ventura just five minutes away from home in BF Homes, Parañaque. My worst nightmare was confirmed, I needed to get rid of not just one tooth, but two and I needed to do it quickly.

With eyes closed, I went on and did not just one but two procedures with Dra. Dina and her partner, Dr. Allan Dela Cruz. I have never been so helpless my entire life. It was as if I was drowning and had to calm myself down before launching yet again into another panic attack. What made this trip to the dentist different though was the hand holding of Dra.
Dina while Dr. Allan worked on my tooth rather patiently. Instead of complaining at how difficult I was being, Dra. Dina held my hand and Dr. Allan went on to work
enthusiastically despite m oh so many flinches and embarrassing tears. I have never had more compassionate dentists and I was more than thankful that they were patient enough with me. It also helped that they were casually discussing life and so on to distract me from all the fear of what was happening around me and the trick worked because by the time we were on second tooth, I was no longer flinching, crying, or even wanting to get out. I was just glad that I was finally on my way to finish.

The road to recovery was probably trickier because I didn’t want to miss work but had no other choice but stay in bed because I looked like a Chipmunk or a new Snapchat filter. I also, for the first time in my life, could not talk as much as I could. And I knew that even if
I was knocked out, God had a plan in the midst of all of it.

I was moving through life at lightning pace. I was worried, anxious, and was not at rest at
all, both on the inside and out. The three day break from life made me realize what was important and made me retool my focus to the One who gave it all for me. It reminded me of what to prioritize and what to step back on. Life is beautiful but I must remember that I can’t do it all.

It was a break I didn’t even know I needed and today, on a Sunday, I remind you that you need rest too, whether physically or emotionally. Take the time out today to simply be and see the wonders it would do to your week.

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