‘Kompre’ convenor David, a highly paid Aquino official


If there were “fake reformists” President Aquino harangued and warned against, they’re probably at the phony “Koalisyon ng Mamamayan Para sa Reporma” (Kompre).

Kompre was “launched” on the day of the August 25 anti-pork barrel demonstration, which became an anti-Aquino rally attended by the entire spectrum of political activism, from Church leaders to Leftist organizations. Kompre was obviously meant to steal the thunder from that event, and portray that Aquino still has support from that middle-class, articulate sector we call “civil society” here.

How can it be a civil society assembly when its convenor and spokesperson, Karina Constantino-David, is one of Aquino’s highest paid officials?

Right after President Aquino assumed power, David was appointed to the board of trustees of the Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS). From 2011 to 2013, David’s average compensation was P2.4 million annually, even without having any managerial duties in the pension fund for government employees. That’s even higher than the P1.7 to P1.8 million given to full-time Cabinet secretaries, such as the forlorn-looking spokesman Edwin Lacierda. Government employees — whose leaders were at the anti-Aquino rally — are in effect paying for David to deodorize Aquino and to call his critics “enemies of reform.”

Kompre-mised? Kompre convenor David in a GSIS annual report photo with the board of trustees, and the pension fund’s chairman Daniel Lacson. Insets, David presiding over the Kompre event, and GSIS income.

Kompre-mised? Kompre convenor David in a GSIS annual report photo with the board of trustees, and the pension fund’s chairman Daniel Lacson. Insets, David presiding over the Kompre event, and GSIS income.

Anyone getting that kind of pay would be swooning over Aquino’s “reforms.” I guess as Kompre’s enthusiastic convenor, she’s just earning her keep. But as her crowd’s favorite admonition goes, let’s be transparent. And she has the gall to label those criticizing her boss as “enemies of reform?”

David concealed her lucrative government post as not one of her TV interviews or news reports about her has pointed out she was a highly paid GSIS trustee, only as a “former Civil Service Commissioner.” She was CSC chairman under President Arroyo from 2001 to 2005, for which she is still getting, according to the commission’s rules, a lifetime pension of P100, 000 monthly. (She was also social welfare undersecretary under Cory, as well as Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chair and chief housing adviser under President Estrada.)

Before championing reform for the country, David should start where she holds office — at the GSIS. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to run GSIS, a huge pension fund with a veteran bureaucracy and a-dime-a-dozen fund managers. You need, however, to be Aquino’s Ateneo college buddy as its president Robert Vergara is. Vergara is the highest paid government official in Aquino’s administration, having received P36 million over the past three years, of which bonuses comprised a large part.

And who heads its board committee in charge of compensation? David.

Does she truly believe, in her former civil society heart, that it is tuwid-na-daan practice for a moneyed tycoon to be a board member of a pension fund for underpaid government employees?

I’m talking about Gregorio Yu, who got P8 million in compensation from the state employees’ pension and insurance fund from 2011 to 2013. And who is Yu? He owns luxury-car distributor CATS Motors and is Aquino’s fellow sports-car aficionado, who the rumor mill alleged “sold” Aquino his P15-million Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera. Is this the tuwid na daan David says she is asking Filipinos to support? (For more details on GSIS, read my January 20 column, “Some are smarter than others.”)

David actually had been careful to have a low-media profile, as her being a highly paid official in the Aquino administration would naturally affect the credibility of her husband, Randy David, an opinion columnist at a major broadsheet who has written not a single sentence against her boss. Was she threatened to be booted out of GSIS if she didn’t help out at these crucial times for Aquino?

David’s deployment as convenor of Kompre is a desperate move by Aquino. It indicates the all but total withdrawal of support by civil society groups from the Aquino regime. This is due in large part to the pork barrel and DAP controversies and Aquino’s attacks on the Supreme Court. His declared openness to term extension was the last straw for many members of civil society. Kompre’s slogan itself points to this defection: “Walang iwanan sa Tuwid na Daan.”

While David claimed Kompre is a “coalition” of 200 civil-society organizations, not a single one of them has been listed on the group’s website or Facebook page as a member.

TV news footage of its launching showed a group of bored students, joined later by employees of Cabinet members David begged to come to the event after it had become embarrassing for its dearth of participants and activities.

No other civil society leaders known to be sympathetic to Aquino dared to show their faces at the Kompre gathering, not even those from the president’s formerly reliable rent-a-demonstrator group Akbayan, except for Presidential Political Adviser Ronald Llamas who went to the event with a group of Cabinet members. But not even Llamas’ Akbayan comrades in government, Aquino’s Anti-Poverty Commission officials Joel Rocamora and Ed de la Torre bothered to show up (and if they did, they probably just lurked in the background, covering their faces).

Aquino’s camp has been stumped to get any civil society leader to express support for the President. Missing at Kompre’s launching were civil society types who had supported Aquino earlier such as Yoly Ong, Jim Paredes, not even Rapa Lopa, Aquino’s de facto liaison to civil society groups. The Former Senior Government Officials, which the Hyatt 10 had organized, and the yellow-card waving Makati Business Club weren’t there. Check out the Black and White movement’s Facebook account, and it’s just a depository of Navarro’s “selfies.”

Aquino, in fact, has had to rely on the 1970s singer Navarro to prop up his weakened civil society support. Her rich-matron arrogance, however, has turned off even Aquino’s supporters. Worse, Navarro’s vocal capacity isn’t matched by her mental capacity, and I doubt if she can even name what the acronyms PDAF and DAP stand for. Navarro is a board member of the official movie censor agency, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, which is directly under the Office of the President.

Aquino really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel in getting as another Kompre convenor former Tourism Secretary Albert Lim. Remember him? He was ridiculed out of office just over a year in his job when the logo for his tourism slogan “Kay ganda ng Pilipinas” – which some even warned could be twisted to sound like “Uganda” in the global market – turned out to be plagiarized from that of Poland’s tourism trademark.

In contrast, respected civil-society personalities have realized that Aquino isn’t really a reformer, and have become vocal in their opposition to him and his programs, such as comedian-activist Mae Paner (aka Juana Change), Peachy Bretana, (one of the organizers of the phenomenal, Internet-based “Million-people anti-pork barrel demonstration” last year), and Monet Silvestre, spokesman for the “Stand up, Sign Up Against All Pork” rally the other day.

It is another writing on the wall for Aquino. Other than the Liberal Party and his sisters, civil society groups had been one of Aquino’s first supporters, in their naive, even superstitious belief that Cory Aquino’s death means his son should be the country’s messiah.

But many now see Aquino for who he really is: a bratty, unstable underachiever, who is hell-bent on destroying the country’s democratic institutions. His support from the civil society groups has fizzled out as the Kompre “launch” showed, and no amount of name-calling directed at his critics can change the fact that it is he who most aptly fits the label “fake reformist.”

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  1. Leodegardo Pruna on

    What else is new? Big bucks can change ones attitude and leanings. God bless the Philippines.

  2. P-Noy is both Desperate & Pathetic! Karina David obviously needed a job in the past 28 years that she can only get with a government appointment by ingratiating herself with all the past presidents from Cory to ERAP, GMA and now P-Noy. Good thing that FVR did NOT appoint her. Well, she now earns more than her husband Randy David.

  3. Mga dakila ang inyong mga sinasabi…makatotohanan…pero para kayong mga unggoy na puro gaya lang. Mag handog naman kayo ng adhikaing makapag-iisa sa ating mga Pilipino at sa gayon ay makapag-umpisa tayo ng maga-gandang gawa tungo sa ika-uunlad ng bayan…ay bisekleta ang kailangan. Alala ko lang si Ariel Ureta a tapang a lalaki…ngayon frozen na yong taong humuli sa kanya.

    Ganyan sana tayong lahat…mala Ariel. Masalita at may-kahulugan ang mga panukala…..kayo dakdak lang.

  4. welcome po kau magkandito sa 2016 ipaliwanag po lamang ninyo maigi ang inyong mga programa at kung paano po makakabangon ang ph mula sa mga kasalukuyang namumuno pag butihin po ninyo. salamat po

  5. A long time ago Mr. Randy David weekly tv show was nationalistic in nature and I loved it. Kaya pala nang napanood ko sa Utube ay parang tuwangtuwa sa Tuwid na Daan ni Noy. So what happened to proffesor Randy David? Ang panahon nga naman.
    Mr. Tiglao thanks for this prose. Informative! Sana madami makabasa ng columns mo.

  6. risalinomercader on

    randy david kay gandang pangalan at kay tapang mo nuon ngayon pala may busal ka ng malaking buto sayang sana mabulunan ka gaya ng asawamo mga tuta kayu talaga ay ph gumising k

  7. jose hernani m. parco on

    there’s this hypocrite who writes books praising atheism and then pray that it would sell!

  8. Nakakapagtaka at nakakagulat na si Mrs. K. David na sa mga nakalipas
    na taon ay nakilala bilang may bahay ng Columnista si Randy David,
    at ina ni Kara ng GMA, ay magpapahayag ng pawang kasinungalingan
    at pilit pinapaniwala ang bayan sa mga mabuting nagawa ni Penoy na
    dapat daw suportahan para maipagpatuloy. Mrs David, Leah Navarro, meron
    ba? dapat inisa isa ninyo? Wala kasi kaming makitang kabutihan nagawa
    na niya sa Loob ng mahigit 4 na taon niya. Kung Meron man, parang
    kayo lang nakaka-alam. Siguro sayo kay buti ng nagawa niya gawa ng
    malaki ang kinikita mo bilang board of trustee ng GSIS, samantala
    ang mga karaniwang empleyado ay pinagbabawasan ninyo ng sahod
    at overtime. Idagdag pa dito ang panukala ng gobyerno na dagdag buwis
    sa kanilang bonus kung mayroon.
    Si Penoy naman ay nagmistulang Kenkoy ng sa bibig narin nya nangaling
    ang pagsasabi na Mag ingat sa mga Huwad na Reformista, napakadali niya
    bigkasin dahil ang sarili niya mismo ang tinutukoy niya, Mukhang kayo lang
    Mrs David, Randy David, Leah navarro at penoy ang nakakaalam sa “Top
    Secret” na mabubuting bagay at reporma na nagawa na ni penoy para sa
    bayan, MERON NA BA TALAGA?

    • sa amin may nagawa baka naman saiyo lang wala, nabawasan ang tingin ng ibang lahi sa Pilipino na iniisip nilang puro kawatan o magnanakaw.

      nakita nila may presidente pala at may gobyerno ngayon ang Pilipinas na handang magpa kulong ng mga matataas na taong magnanakaw.

      meron ba nung nakaraang administrasyon??

    • ikaw rin kaya ang ma pwesto at bigyan ng kapangyarihan at napaka laking umento di kaya maging mas masahol kapa??

    • mr john, mukhang spokesperson ka ng mga na hepatitis. tama ka
      may nakulong na 3 senador, pero fyi, sila’y nademanda dahil
      si BenHur Luy ang may initiatibo, sa pagtestigo niya at pagbigay
      ng mga dokumento. Kailan man wala ginawa ang amo nyo bagkus
      pilit pa nga pinagtatakpan si Napoles at binigyan pa ng VIP pasage
      sa palasyo at inihatid pa ng Limo papunta sa Crame.
      At kung ginamit mo sana ang isipan at hindi ka lang basta
      nagkumento, Hindi ka ba nagtataka, na sa halos lahat ng
      kapanalig ng Amo mo sa Tongreso, at sa mga Senatong ganun
      palat nagpapakulong ng Kurap si Penoy, at sa dinami dami
      ng mga kapanalig ni Penoy nanasabit sa mga revelation ni
      BenHur Luy, gaya ni a BAD, Ducut, Banal, Quimpo, Umali,
      sina Alcala, sabit sa ismagling at DAP, pero hangga ngayon
      sitting pretty. At sa sinabi mo kung ako maupo baka maging
      mas masahol pa ako, lumalabas ang katotohanan na kayong
      dilawan pag kampon ninyo ay okay lang na kunsintihin.
      Lumalabas tuloy na kayong mga may Hepa titis ay talagang
      di na makapag isip ng tama, basta kampi kampi nalang, at manhind
      na sa katotohanan ng TUWAD NA DAAN NI PENOY.

  9. victor m. hernandez on

    Praning na ako! Haist. Who will deliver us from this madness? I guess, “ang tuwid na daan” is a long and winding road to freedom from hunger and justice.

  10. The person beside David is Danny Gozo – the publicist of Ayala! He was on the Cesar Purisima white paper, now servicing Purisima! Aside from yellow brigage, the GSIS board is composed mostly of Cesar best friends Greg Yu and Roman Reyes

  11. Mainam na kumbinasyon ngayong araw, siguradong marami na namang magpapahayag ng kanilang mga kuro-kuro at saluobin (di tulad kahapon na halos walang mga kumento sa mga artikulo dito sa Manila Times).

    Isang pagsisiwalat ng Kompre kuno na maka-Pnoy at isang pagtalakay ukol pagtitipon-tipon ng mga tunay na makabayan sa Batangas.

    Go Mr. Tiglao, Go Mr. Tatad, Go MT…

  12. egis totheend on

    I’ll just summarize my little piece thus: Tiglao + GMA = ?
    David + P-Noy=?
    GMA governance, what happened in 9 yrs.?
    P-Noy governance, what is happening in only 4 yrs.?
    David was arrested when he was only exercising his right to freedom of expression under
    GMA’s term.
    Is Tiglao ever got arrested under this present dispensation for same reason?

    • Mr. Tiglao needs no lessons or experiences about getting arrested. During the long dark night of Martial Law he was incarcerated without charges together with his wife and little daughter. I think it is foul to judge Mr. Tiglao using such parameters. If I may ask, have you been of service to your country? Have you lost any liberties, freedom and saw your wife and daughter in prison when it was a time that there was no free media to report on one’s arrest and loss of freedom? Mr. Tiglao were those very few who fought a dictatorship when it was very dangerous to do so. He did it not for money. He did it out of conscience and for the beliefs he adhered to. He did it for his ideas. Mr. Tiglao did it so that you can enjoy your freedom now. Better be more informed. As what the Haganah soldier during the 1948 War of Independence said to a doubter, “I was only 15 years old in the Palmach when there was still no Partition vote and I fought for Israel during the time of the British Occupation. So do not throw any oranges at me!”

    • KOREK!!!….that’s the big difference…they can shout whatever they like against Pnoy till their voice becomes shrill but they will not be touched….and once this Tiglao (mind you, I once admired your articles with Far Eastern Economic Review) mingled with that little spoiled brat GMA, he was pampered so much that until now, even though his boss is out of power, he is still relishing the tought of coming back to the glory days of rampant and wanton corruption and destruction of the public treasury….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  13. Ferdinand Gaite on

    It infuriates government employees that while Karina David props up this double-faced BS Aquino administration, David receives from the the sweat and hardship of public sector workers P12M a year as a member of the Board of GSIS. And they even have the gall to state that those opposing her Boss are opposed to reform. BS!

    When we were opposing the policies of the previous GSIS board, we were already aghast at the humongous pay of around P8M for each of the Board of Trustee. The GSIS Law of 1997 states that “the members of the Board shall be entitled to a per diem of Two thousand five hundred pesos (P2,500) for each board meeting actually attended by them, but not to exceed Ten thousand pesos (P10,000) a month and reasonable transportation and representation allowances as may be fixed by the Board”.) Not to mention the almost 40 plus Vice- Presidents they had who also had annual incomes of million of pesos.

    So what reforms have they taken in GSIS?

    You will still here the same litany from government workers and pensioners of unreconciled records of premium and loan payments, delayed or inaccurate payment of benefits, the retention of the much maligned “premium-based policy” and “cross-default policy”, and much more. GSIS investments are again being channeled to gambling (P800M to the new casino of the Leisure and Resorts World Corp.) and other questionable transactions. Despite, the GSIS’ President promise for reforms when we had are protests and dilaogue, reforms have been negligible.

    Now, GSIS has been filled with Aquino appointees. BTW, another Akbayan representative in the person of Mario Aguha, now sits in the BOT annd wallows in the same income as David. We now ask you, what reforms have your really undertaken? Increasing your annual pay from P8M to P12M?

    Saan kayo nakakuha ng kapal ng mukha!!!

    • Ferdinand Gaite on

      Mea culpa. Please correct the info on David’s income. I was referring to the salary of the President and General Manager of GSIS, Mr. Robert Vergara.

  14. i long wonder what the relationship between randy and katrina is. yun pala ay married sila. kaya lang nung panahon ni arroyo ay panay ang banat ni randy kay arroyo while katrina was arroyo’s csc chair. mukhang ng lumaki ang naging kita ng maging board ng gsis under aquino ay nanahimik na si randy. sana ay hindi naman ganun

  15. Randy David?

    Kaya pala – aswa niya.

    Very silent siya ngayon at ang mga tapics niya ay walang kuwentang basahin.

    “Ang aso ay hindi tumatahol”, – kung may buto sa bunganga niya.

  16. It’s amazing how the truth has a funny way of coming out!

    Kompre, in Spanish, compre: bought, bribed, etc. So the Kompre convenors can easily be called comprados: those that have been bought.

    • I like the play of words, and to top it all, very true where this administration is concerned. Again my wish is for all of these thieves to become comatose.

  17. The name “Kompre” is a shortened term for Komporme. That is, Komporme sila sa pork barrel at DAP illegal fiunds – the two main systems of PNoy’s governance that they wanted to continue.

    I suggested in one of my comments in another media forum that they should change the name of their organization from “Kompre” to Kapre so that it will honestly reflect the “ghost civil societies” that they claim to be their members.

  18. It is or no wonder, really, that Randy David is very soft on this administration as if he is avoiding to talk about anything nowhere man PNoy is. What Randy David does if write so many positives about the Aquino administration and when it comes to scandals and scams, Randy is silent as a lamb. Apparently he finds it that the income of his wife Karina will be wasted if he will behave like a genuine balanced, fair and neutral journalist. Randy David sounds like he is a partisan for PNoy, however, it can be understood considering the income he and his wife enjoys while PNoy is around. Randy David used to be a good balanced, neutral and fair columnist whom I admired years back. But when he started to be partisan against anything Arroyo does well, I started having doubts about is objectivity in his columns. The PNoy administration just showcase and confirmed that Randy David now belongs to the yellow partisan columnists for economic reasons. Too bad Mr. David, you have disrespected yourself by trumpeting anything about PNoy. So sad, as well.

  19. I think The Thief Executive has a fake heart and also faking his personality, honesty and intelligence. I see it in his words and actions.

  20. Ala-eh! Kaya pala si Randy David matagal ko nang pansin isa siyang pekeng maka-masa. Tignan mo nga naman at malaki pala pakinabang ng mag-asawang ire kay Noynoy talaga nga naman ang buhay na ire, ka daming plastik sa ating paligid. Ano pa inaantay nyo mga ka kosa talasan na mga balisong at ating simulan na at nang magkaintindihan na, ala-eh!!

  21. gabriela silang on

    david turned goliath. she is a mini fixture pretending to be humongous in drumming up support for decaying aquino. too bad she’s got to do it…and she ought to to keep her post. i enjoyed her music in inang laya but hate her sound as ‘lang ya. daya!

  22. Roldan Guerrero on

    From what source is BSA getting to fund these voracious salaries paid on these people? Is it also from DAP?

    • No problem about the source of money for aquino to bribed anybody. He has hundreds of billions of taxpayers money under his disposal without any accounting at all. Take his presidential pork, his presidential social fund, his intl fund, his unprogrammed funds which he himself alone can dispose. He has congress in his hands if he wanted extra funds. And in this case of “compre people” he just assembled, these are the people who are just bought or bribed by our own blood and sweat taxes.

  23. hahaha nice one! go go go atty. tiglao. keep exposing the true character of the fake messiah ooops reformist!