Korina: Don’t elect a thief


IMUS CITY, Cavite: Television and radio news anchor Korina Sanchez on Wednesday bluntly appealed to the public to be wise in selecting the next leader of the nation by not voting for a “thief” into office.


Without categorically naming names, Sanchez told reporters here, “One of the ‘presidentiables’ is a thief. He should explain about the many accusations against him. The bottom line is that the voters must not elect a thief.”

The news anchor, wife of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and the presumptive standard-bearer of the Liberal Party in the 2016 national elections, was at Imus Pilot Elementary School in Imus City where she distributed 500 pairs of slippers to school children.

She said going around the country to distribute slippers is one of her advocacies or charity works even when she was not yet married to Roxas.

But when asked where the footwear came from, Sanchez replied, “Mar Roxas.”

She, however, said she has been distributing one million pairs of slippers yearly, which she features in her weekly TV program “Rated K” to instill hope and confidence among school children as well as motivate others to share their blessings in life.

Although she denied that she is now campaigning, Sanchez insisted that among the “presidentiables,” her husband “Mar Roxas is the best bet in 2016.”

She said, “Mar has lots of experience. He was a congressman, senator, secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, now secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government, and many more. He is competent, has integrity and can be relied upon. While one of the ‘presidentiables’ is a thief, in contrast, Mar has never been involved in any anomaly.”

Although her husband has not been among the top contenders for President in most surveys, Sanchez added that she is confident that “when the election[s]get near and Roxas officially declares his candidacy, that’s the time when his survey rating will go up.”

Next to Cebu as a vote-rich province, Cavite has about 1.5  million voters who historically vote for candidates who oppose a sitting President.


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  1. Sirs:
    Korina: Don’t Elect a Thief, the people’s reaction was very positive,yes Korina your husband has not been involved in corruption,he is not a thief but pnoy and the administration has full of thieves., does it mean I will only vote for Mar Roxas and not the candidates of the Liberal Party? If I were a voter I will vote Mar Roxas and but not his vice presidential candidate Sen.Grace Poe.

  2. Frederick Apolinar on

    Wala pa akong nakitang accomplishments ni Mar Roxas para iboto ko siyang Presidente. Katunayan nga, palpak ang kanyang paghawak doon sa Rescue operations sa typhoon Yolanda. Inaasahan ko na iyon ang kanyang pagkakataon para ipakita ang abilidad niya dahil karamihan sa mundo nakatutok sa ating bansa noon.
    Kung hindi niya kayang hawakan ang crisis na ganon, paano niya sosolbahin ang iba pang problema ng ating baansa?

    • How about being the Father of BPO industry? It gave millions of Filipinos a lot of jobs

  3. Edith Guevarra on

    Sana matuto na ang sambayanang Pilipino na tayo din ang nag sa suffer na sa konting perang bayad sa boto nila eh kumakagat sila. Gising na Pilipino para umunlad naman tayo.

  4. Greg Matias on

    A very strong statement coming from a journalist like Korina Sanchez-Roxas… Highly respected and multi awarded journalist of our time. and who else should we vote? Definitely not a thief!

  5. dapat lang talagang wag iboto ang mga kawatan! kaya mag isip po tayong sa dadating na election, dapat po eh yung mga opisyales na may nagawang kabutihan sa bayan ang ating ihalal.

    kaya tama po kayo dyan Ms. Korina ” Don’t elect a thief”

  6. who wants to elect a thief???? wala namang pinag-kaiba ang kagustuhan ni ms. korina sa nakararami nating kababayan. tulad nya, gusto rin nating ng pinunong magdadala sa’tin sa kaunlaran. kung mag-nanakaw, kawatan, mandaraya at makasarili ang pinuno, anong kinabukasan ng mga nasasakupan nya?

  7. Jane Olivares on

    Miss Korina Sanchez is been doing the tsinelas campaign a long time ago.Okay? And in this issue, on her part, as a journalist, she knows that electing a thief is not a good idea. We are all for this right? The only problem is, just because Korina is married to Sec. Roxas, some reactions are over-reacting…. Korina have the right to say that, whether she is married to Sec. Roxas or not. Well common, not unless you are a supporter of crooked thief….

  8. Franky Tien on

    dapat lang na don’t elect a thief, ano nalang ang mangyayari sa minamahal nating bansa kung isang kurakot ang mamumuno… isip isip din po tayo mga kabayan, kaya ako ei sususportahan ko tong “Don’t Elect A Thief” na ito….

  9. Roxie Toni on

    bat ganun ang ibang tao, pag tumutulong ka ei iba agad ang dating, dapende po yan sa taong tumutulong kung bukal sa loob or hindi, alam naman ng lahat kung sino ang namimili ng boto ei ipag papalit ba ng tao ang PERA sa TSINELAS?

    ang tsinelas campaign ni Ms. Korina ay matagal ng proyekto yan bakit ngayon ei nadidikit sa election, dahil ba sa nababalitang tatakbo si Sec. Roxas? bakit noon hindi na issue yan? bakit ngayon?

    Timbangin po sana natin ang sitwasyon, sino ba ang umiiwas sa imbestigasyon? sino ba?

    Kaya please lang mga kabayan “don’t elect a thief”

  10. Election season na, sana madalas maglagay kayo ng ganitong istoryaabout politics.
    I think Korina shouldrun not mar roxas. Kahit suplada daw yan mabait sa msa.gets niyo?

  11. At sino ang gusto mong iboto namin si Boy padyak, si Boy pikup, si Boy kargador, si Boy trapik iisa lang ang Boy na yang walang kakayahan maging leader, incompetent sipsip,magnanakaw din sa dilang magnanakaw kaya nga magkasama sila ni Boy Sisi at ng mga dilawan dahil iisa ang gusto nilang mangyari ang malimas ang kaban ng bayan tungo sa bulsa nila! Hindi yan mga magnanakaw yan ay mga Manglilimas ang partido dilawan ng LP (Laplapin ang Mananalapi)

  12. Kaye Santos on

    This is what I really like Korina’s attitude. Straight forward and honest.

  13. As a wife to a public official, she; of all others, know who Sec. Mar Roxas is. If that is her opinion, then it should be respected. If we still believe for a better country then we should listen to her and choose someone who is not thief….at least

  14. Tama sinabi ni Korina na wag iboto ang isang magnanakaw! Ang problema ang administrasyon ay puno ng kawatan. Ang ganda ng pagkakainterview kay Korina, siguro wala siyang topak ng ma interview ng witer niyo, Kudos sa manila times.

  15. sonny dela cruz on

    Korina is correct. The Filipino people should learn not to vote for corrupt candidates comes 2016. The Filipinos has suffered enough for a long time and its time for a change for the better. I happened to google about RICHARD J. GORDON and what I found out is, he is a candidate for president on 2016. His Vice-president is BAYANI FERNANDO, both are hard workers in public service. I guess the Filipinos will support their candidacies. GORDON & FERNANDO will uplift the life of many of our Kababayan who are hungry and the children who are out in the street instead of being inside a school will have a chance to have a better future. Let us support GORDON & FERNANDO for a better PHILIPPINES.

    • Sure on your date? For sure they ran on 2010 but have been quiet ever since.

  16. Im not to bothered about her attitude, acting important as lots of filipinos do that in this country especially if they came from a poor background & married into a little money. But she is 100% spot on in saying dont elect a thief. If that thief ( im sure its binay ) is elected after everyone hearing these allegations against him & still voting for him what do you think he will read into that. Just so you know ill tell you. He will think its ok to stel more as they know i stole all this & they accepted it & yes he will steal even more. Thats why this country is in such a mess as you keep electing people who steal everything from it. When will you people ever learn, its as clear as the nose of your faces. But you got this one guy posting on here asking which is worst acting like you are someone or stealing, well it tells me how dumb you are if you have to ask that question.

  17. Hats off to your wirter, you know why? its too hard to interview Ms korina, they said she is feisty,”suplada” your writer was able to get her and pinned her down on political issues. We know Korina is moving around to campaign for her husband Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas is using Korina to promote him to his tv show. She is doing what VP Binay is doing, going around to campaign.As Korina said lets see when many presidentiables filed their candidacies.Who will prevail on 2016 (Nognog vs suplado!”).Where is Duterte and Bongbong Marcos? its campaign time>

  18. Roldan Guerrero on

    May we know why CORINA SANCHEZ ROXAS is replaced as TV Patrol Co-.anchor?

  19. Korina claims Mar is competent. What is her basis for saying this? Can she at least enumerate Mar’s significant accomplishments? In DTI, for example, Mar’s rise to fame is his Mr. Palengke monicker, nothing more. He claims credit for e-Commerce, when in truth and in fact, the father and main advocate of the e-Commerce law was former Senator Jun Magsaysay who was too much of a gentleman to take the credit which rightfully belongs to him; unlike Roxas. What about DOTC? It was a mess when left it and it is still a mess now. DILG? We all know the answer to that: nothing. The bottom line: incompetence breeds corruption; the present dispensation is a prime example of that. Let us not elect into office another incompetent politician.

  20. Jake Tavera on

    I think it is best to put it this way, please don’t elect somebody with a wife like Korina.

  21. I agree with Korina that the person who will take over Pinoy ‘s job should at least
    be clean like him. The gains that the government has achieve during the past
    six years will all be lost if the ffilipinos elect a KAWATAN president. As for me the
    only person that is suited for the job is MAR ROXAS. He is honest and clean and he will follow Pinoy’s honest good government.

    • And very good on doing nothing and accomplishing nothing but very good in press releases. Kawawa talaga ang pinas. si Binay naman doing something but reputation is very bad according to others.

  22. P.Akialamiro on

    Somebody has to verify if her distribution of slippers is not equivalent to “early campaigning” knowing that he is married to a more or less sure presidential candiate.

    True, people should not vote for a thief, but at the same time, titles have no meaning compared to performance. Roxas is just a reflection of his boss as exemplified by his deeds during this administration. Despite his title, he hasn’t shown any leadership nor pro-action during times of calamities and crisis. He is not a leader; just a follower.

  23. Samuel Santos on

    How much more fortunate can ABS-CBN be, for having a Korina Sanchez!

  24. Zebyo Cruise on

    Don’t think Pnoy was a corrupt until he became president. The pressure was too great to resist the temptation to become corrupt.

  25. Joel Ramos on

    How sad! This woman wants to be “First Lady” so bad! I don’t know which is the lesser of two evils…a thief who can get things done or an incompetent nincompoop who’s on the same level in intelligence as a doorknob. Take your pick, citizens. Hey Korina, the whole country knows the story about your demeanor towards the staff of The Marriott in Cebu when you went there to visit…you were acting like the “First Lady” … I shudder to think what your attitude would be to your underlings if ever (heaven forbid) your idiot husband becomes the leader of the country. Naku po! Nakakasama ng sikmura. If you really want to make your charity work count, stop trumpeting about it in your show…and stop campaigning already…the elections are not till next year.

  26. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Ms. Korina, alam na po ng buong sambayanang Pilipino na magnanakaw ang mga Binay. Sana nawa ay magising ang mga Pilipino na huwag ng iboto ang buong angkan ng mga Binay.