Korina to bashers: Bring it on


TV and radio anchor Korina Sanchez on Friday said she and her husband, Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, are ready to face criticisms hurled against them now that he has been declared as the “anointed one.”

“Matagal na akong binabatikos. Bring it on! Handang handa na ako. Ang turo sa akin ni Mar, kung kung hindi totoo, hindi didikit ‘yan ang tawag doon Teflon effect. Kung papansinin mo lahat ‘yan hindi ka makakakilos [I’ve been criticized for a long time. Bring it on! I’m ready for it. Mar taught me that if it’s not true, the criticisms will not stick and that is called the Teflon effect. If you’ll give attention to all that, you’ll just be immobilized],” she told reporters at the Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila) where the declaration of Roxas as the administration party’s bet in next year’s elections was made.

Sanchez, who used to anchor TV Patrol, the primetime TV news program of ABS-CBN network, said she had to sacrifice her career in support of her husband’s political ambition.

“I think it’s a big sacrifice that you have to leave your career behind. Being a journalist is a very important calling, but the call of public service is also big. It’s really not about me, it’s about the bigger calling of my husband. I will always be secondary to that,” Sanchez said in mixed Filipino and English.

“I am ready to make sacrifices for a bigger calling because I am only small compared to the things that need to be done for the country. If Mar can do that, I will leave everything behind.”


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  1. Well said Korina…even us ordinary people are not immune to criticism. A lot of people don’t even know how to criticize.
    Being a First Lady is even a more difficult tasks…
    Ignore the criticisms of many as long as what you’re doing is right for the people…remember even Christ was criticized for His teaching by his own people..

  2. mikhail hieronymus on

    Korina Sanchez must have a mean streak in her personality for why are people constantly criticizing her. She is not even closed to being the First Lady and people are already dragging her down to the gutter. There must be something about her that rubbed people the wrong way. In my humble opinion, as a future first lady, she should show some class and decorum instead of challenging her detractors.

    I feel sorry for her because she is in a Lost-Lost situation. If Mar Roxas lost the election the election, its a big lost for her. If her husband wins, she already lost the respect of the people. If I were her adviser, I’ll tell her to keep her mouth shut and try as much as possible to be invisible to the people. Be humble, Korina. You are trying too hard to be a first lady, but you are doing it the wrong way.

  3. Truth Seeker on

    Tumigil ka nga sa gimmick mo, Korina! Gaya gaya ka kay Kris, na sinabing iiwan ang showbiz after a month, bumalik naman…pwede ba? Tama, ganyan ang mga magaling na manager di iniitindi ang mga critic kaya hindi natututo! Mga gunggong! Tanga!

  4. apolonio reyes on

    Tama si FL (to be) Korina S. Roxas na hindi sya naniniwala sa “TEDLON EFFECT” na kundi naman tutoo ay di kakapit. Magsama pa pa kayo ni “KABATED” at ” BRING IT ON”.
    Sa akin kung sila Binay, Poe at Roxas ang tatakbo ay PANALO SI MAR ROXAS.

  5. Korina can be Mar’s media spokesperson

    She can face the cameras and say her famous line

    “you don’t know what you are talking about”

    Rinse and repeat for the next 6 years

  6. Roldan Guerrero on

    Poor Korina…your ambition to become first lady is gone with the winds just like your husband. Dont you think its a shame becoming a first lady with your status of having flinged to different men? You are not an asset but liability to Mar. You are one of the reasons why he is drowning.