• Kris Aquino stood up by President Duterte

    Kris Aquino

    Kris Aquino

    DAVAO CITY: After much anticipation from her fans—and fanfare from her end via Instagram—disappointment filled the air at the SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang on Friday when Kris Aquino’s one-on-one interview with President Rodrigo Duterte was cancelled at the last minute.

    Originally scheduled at 4:30 p.m. as part of the Go Negosyo Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Summit, it wasn’t until over an hour later when an announcement was made that the President had sent word he could not attend the event because of migrane.

    Aquino, who arrived very early at the venue, soon after went up the stage accompanied by her best friend Boy Abunda, and acknowledged the “town hall interview” was not pushing through.

    With her voice initially uneasy —cracking slightly at times—she candidly admitted her disappointment and took
    the humorous route.

    “Minsan ang mga first date, hindi natutuloy [Sometimes first dates don’t push through],” she said, eliciting laughter from the audience and several other government officials on stage including Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri and Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, among others.

    “President Duterte pinaghandaan kita, nag-diyeta ako ng dalawang linggo.

    26 na lang po ang bewang ko ngayon. Sisiguraduhin kong maging 25 para sa next time na pagkikita natin [President Duterte I prepared for you. I went on diet for two weeks. I’ve slimmed down my waistline to 26. I’ll make sure it goes down to 25 next time,” she said.

    Aquino also shared how she asked for her brother former president Benigno Aquino 3rd’s advice on what she should do after being stood up. The former president, she said, told her to keep her commitment to host the program.

    Addressing Duterte, she said: "Please give me a chance. I hope one day, mamahalin mo rin ako [I hope, one day you will love me].”

    After interviewing the participating entrepreneurs on stage—where she took every chance she could in emphasizing that their success took place during her brother’s term—Aquino granted a short interview and said that she still appreciated how President Duterte’s camp made sure to properly apologize to her over the cancellation.

    She said: “Kris was here, Duterte was not, but I’m really appreciative that Bong Go came to explain [w[why he failed to show up]and maybe there will be other opportunities.”

    Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said that Duterte wasn’t feeling well after a two-day trip to Thailand and Malaysia.

    “He has a killer schedule. I was with him ever since the series of state visits,” Lopez explained.

    Aquino has not had a television show since taking a hiatus in March due to health reasons, and following her move from ABS-CBN to APT Entertainment in September.


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    1. Bakit noon hindi niya ginawa ang mga ganitong bagay nung nasa puwesto pa ang kuya niyang bopol …kung maka tao ang gusto niya…bakit noon hindi niya na interview ang kapatid niya tungkol sa mga magsasaka…. ” Go Negosyo? for the growth of economy? for what? may hidden agenda si Kris … advocacy para sa Pilipinas? or para maka upo sa puwesto at siya ang gamitin para sa kanya mapunta ang credits at hindi mawala ang simpatiya ng mga tao sa mga Aquino…na puwede naman gawin ng kahit sino…what a lame move…so pathetic
      “She also shared that she talked to her brother on the phone after learning that Duterte won’t make it to the event. She said her brother told her not to back out of the event.
      “Nagtanong ako sa kuya ko kung dapat kong ituloy. Tumawag po ako at sinabi ko, Noy, I’m alone. Sabi ko sa kanya, what do I do? Sabi nya, ‘You made a commitment. Nandyan ka para sa GoNegosyo, nandyan ka kasi you believe in the Philippine economy, and nandyan ka because you want everybody to be included in the growth of our economy,'”

    2. I think regardless who invited the President and the occasion, if invited the President should himself apologize for not coming. FULL STOP. That’s the meaning of being professional. I think Kris is being demonized but she is kind person in real life and for God sake she is one of the highest tax payer. .

    3. That was a very wise decision for Pres Duterte ,not to attend Kris and Boy Abunda’s interview. She and thier cohorts could not be trusted. Mr. President , ” Huwag kayong pabobola” sa mga ganyang pagkatao.”

    4. It is very clear that Kris has a credibity problem”. Having 2 children with 2 different persons. It that right ? I was so happy when her show was cancelled. Female audiences were imitating her illicit relationship with married men like Philipp Salvador and mayor Marquez and lately the mayor of quezon City.

    5. What is this? Is she offering her body to the president? If she was joking, is that the way a decent woman should address the president of the republic? She should not be shocked if she is treated like a common whore.

    6. anong kaugnayan nang waist line niya sa kanyang interview kay President Duterte. she should focus on issues facing the nation. matanda na siya ano kahit 25 lang ang waist line niya. kung sa isda bilasa na yan. ang ganda naman niya retoke ni belo. focus on other issues at h indi lagi mong pinopromote sarili mo lang.

    7. If I were Digong, I have reason to doubt the sincerity of Kris…it’s pretty obvious what her intentions are.

      • The show is in Davao – where DU30 lives and it’s Go Negosyo for Filipinos and not for Kris.
        Good you are not Digong because you seem not a team player. Perhaps a reprobate! .

    8. THANK GOD! I also thank the universe that our President Duterte was not stupid to attend Kirs’ self-serving show. Please, please all the forces in the universe, let it not be in the future that this brat’s wish to interview President Duterte happen.

    9. Magpagaling ka pa Kris, baka hindi ka pa magaling. Please, take a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break.

      • There’s nothing wrong if kris is going to interview Duterte. Some people you better think positive instead of negative all the time. Have peace in your mind for once.