• Kris Aquino talks about possible deal with ‘a network’ and political plans


    Erstwhile Queen of All Media continue to pursue digital platform with iFlix
    A year has passed since Kris Aquino took the major decision of leaving her home network of 20 years in ABS-CBN. During that time, she pursued digital projects with a social media team, had a one-shot travelogue aired on GMA Network in April, and went on about landing a Hollywood role she refuses to discuss in interviews.

    Finally though, as Typhoon Gorio dumped rains and blasted winds across the metro on July 27, the country’s erstwhile Queen of All Media took the spotlight at on-demand subscription video brand iFlix’s event, and was launched as its newest ambassador.

    There, she talked about another wave of possiblities in her career and public life, which, when it comes to how Aquino’s luck seems to be going these days, requires a wait and see attitude from those who still keep an eye on the daughter and sister of two former presidents.

    Is it GMA?
    “Tomorrow is when I get the offer sheet from the other network, so let’s pray for that,” Aquino blurted out at her iFlix welcome, again skipping a major detail in her statement, that of the network’s name.

    “I am not saying no to being on free TV because that’s where I started, but I am also very open to be on the newer platforms. I think that’s the great thing too with our country that we embrace all platforms.”

    So did Aquino mean GMA Network? This was the hunch after talent manager Lolit Solis, who was her former co-host on “Star Talk,” posted bits of the conversations that took place at Rep. Alfred Vargas’ wedding just the weekend before. Both in attendance as principal sponsors, another ninang present was in the person of GMA Network Vice President for Entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable.

    Solis’ post said, “Natawa ako kay Tetay [her nickname for Aquino]nang sabihin nyang gawa daw kami ng talkshow…”

    No hard feelings
    As for how things are between her and ABS-CBN, the 46-year-old host maintained she remains on good terms with everyone.

    “Everybody I’ve worked with, we still text, we still communicate. It’s not like umalis ka dun tapos magdi-disappear ka na from the face of the earth. Mga dati kong kaibigan have remained my friends. I don’t think you just erase everything just like that—I think that’s so weird. Walang bad blood with anyone I’ve worked with in the past.”

    Aquino also explained an issue that it was never her intention to unfollow “Magandang Buhay” hosts Karla Estrada and Jolina Magdangal on Instagram. The said morning show had replaced Aquino’s “Kris TV” as soon as she left the network, and quickly went up the ratings.

    “You know, I don’t know if I should say this but, there are three of us who handle my Instagram account. There are some things they’re fixing, but I will ask them what happened.”

    Aquino then went on to apologize for what happened, saying, “I actually didn’t know na na-unfollow. And I’m sorry if it’s an issue. I will tell them [her staff]to follow them again.”

    She quickly clarified, however, that while she has “administrators” who upload posts like her, she is the only one who writes the captions.

    “There are three of us who have access to that account only because there are times that certain things need to be posted while I’m abroad.”

    How about gov’t?
    As for her other option, to run for government now that her brother President Benigno Aquino 3rd is Citizen Noynoy again, the youngest of Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s brood insisted politics is not on the table.

    She directly addressed and doused rumors she is planning to run against Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte for Quezon City’s top post in 2019.

    “[Going into] leadership means you are already [capable]to put food on the table. Meron akong pangalan, may legacy ako, pero kailangan meron din akong nagawa on my own. And on my own, that would be my food businesses, but by 2019, baka hindi ko pa nare-reach yung goal na yun.

    “But beyond that, pag na-hit ko yung target na yan, that’s when I can enter politics because that’s when I can prove to the people that I’ve been a success in my business. And with that I can make a city work.

    “I admit I can’t handle being in Congress or in the Senate so I need to be in an executive position. I need to have a physical responsibility so I should know how to handle people’s money.

    Aquino has two roles for on demand video portal iFlix—as a talent for an upcoming original movie and key advisor for local content

    “But I will open too many wounds in Quezon City … romantic wounds… huwag na tayong mag­lokohan. Secondly, we go so far back, my mom’s best friend is Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte’s mom and ang haba ng pinagsamahan nila.

    “It’s not in my time and I am still young enough. I need to prove myself first as a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Safe to say na ayaw ko makabangga si Joy because she deserves the position kasi nag-antay siya,” Aquino lengthily explained.

    Upcoming movie
    Expectedly, the only topic Aquino was able to talk about with certainty is her new partnership with iFlix. Leveraging off her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, Aquino will serve as key advisor for the company besides being a talent.

    She has been given an important role in jointly developing projects for iflix Original Productions, as the brand continues to commission and develop local original content both independently and in collaboration with local producers and studios.

    In addition, Aquino will also star in a film produced by iFlix. It will be remembered that her last movies were both Metro Manila Film Festival entries, “The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin” in a guest role, and as lead in “Feng Shui 2.”

    “Iflix is making me a movie for me and they’re are negotiating with a director I really love. He is known to work beyond the number of days that are allotted in the contract that I signed. They really have me for 15 days, but I said if they need me for 45 days for the movie, then they can have me. I think it’s going to be worth it because that’s the other thing about iFlix. They are really investing in quality products and pushing the boundaries,” Aquino said again, without giving any further details.


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