• Kris Aquino transitions from media’s ‘queen’ to food business ‘empress’

    Kris Aqunio joins the food biz

    Kris Aqunio joins the food biz

    Touted as the “Queen of all Media,” and all controversies aside, Kris Aquino continues to thrive flourished in the entertainment industry as she juggling multiple projects in hosting, acting, and endorsements. On top of all these, she always insists that she is first a mother to her two sons Josh and Bimby.

    Often quoted to say she works hard for the future of her children, Kris also knows that a showbiz career is not forever.

    At the launch of her latest endorsement with Filipino owned fast food chain Chowking, the ever open celebrity revealed that in one of her recent conversations with perennial co-host and good friend Boy Abunda (who survived what he publicly admitted was a life-threatening liver infection in August), they agreed they have to prepare for that eventuality.

    “Our investment is our body, and if we don’t show up for work, we won’t get paid. So dapat talaga may negosyo na tayo,” Kris shared of the private exchange.

    And so with the stress and demands of her career, the single mother is now bent on preparing for her children’s future in a way that does not solely depend on her showbiz projects.

    Midas touch
    Known for her gift of gab and her ability to turn everything she touches into gold, Kris has set off a whole new endeavor business. Besides being an endorser for the Chinese fast food chain, the President’s sister also ventured into a Chowking franchise.

    Scheduled to open on November 28, the store is located on the ground floor of Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. The details were revealed at Kris’ endorsement launch by no less than the brand’s franchisees’ association president Robby Sison who counted the celebrity’s restaurant as Chowking’s 411th outlet.

    “If Chowking is the ‘king,’ it is Kris Aquino who is now crowned as the ‘empress’ of business in this new partnership,” Sison enthused.

    Caring ‘king’
    Ever eager to share her personal thoughts and experiences, Kris said that she was thoroughly impressed when she shot the fast food’s two-part commercial, featuring the brand’s Chinese-style Fried Chicken and signature Chunky Asado Siopao.

    “When I went to shoot the commercial in February, I was impressed with the ‘hands-on’ care of Chowking management. In all the commercials that I’ve done, sila lang ang nag-effort na mag-prepare ng candy buffet for me. I felt that they were really happy to have me,” Kris shared.

    “When I was consuming the chicken, I really had to ask if the food stylist was the one who prepared it or if it was original recipe they served in their outlets. In the 72 times that I ate the chicken, I never had to use the spit bucket because their chicken is so good.”

    As a businesswoman, she went on to reveal that she hopes to open several other branches of the chain up north, starting off in her family’s province in Tarlac.

    Moreover, in recognizing that a huge part of her success is due to the support of the Filipino people, she believes that she can give back to them in a small way through franchising, which will create jobs, provide quality food, and on a bigger scale, reinvest in a Filipino company.


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