Kris Aquino’s APT transfer hangs in the balance



Mother-son’s substance abuse; celebrity in absentia battling the Big C
Kris Aquino is back in harness, this even if she has yet to resurface via her next much-vaunted project on TV.

Making her presence strongly felt, Kris made herself accessible to the press at an endorsement event, digging up old, trite issues she could have brushed aside in favor of more current, juicier ones, like her transfer to APT Entertainment and their plans for her.

But now—she’s not allowed to talk about that subject, apparently. So are we to surmise that Kris—who admitted sorely missing her co-workers in ABS-CBN—is chickening out of the deal? More so after the network’s former President and CEO Charo Santos-Concio, on a separate occasion, was quoted to have said that the network will welcome her back should she decide to return?

Or is Mr. Tony Tuviera backing out? (APT’s odd silence leaves a room for doubt, huh!).

Meanwhile, Kris couldn’t help but make a re-issue out of her former husband James Yap’s siring another child with Michela Cazzola. Deliberately taking a trip abroad with son Bimby on the day Michela was scheduled to deliver her baby, Kris took offense at James’ failure to inform their child about having a baby brother.

For all Kris knew, James—in all his rejected bonding invitations to Bimby between August and September this year—was poised to bare all. In the absence of James, however, could Kris have not pulled the act in a manner that the nine-year-old bright, smart kid would understand?

Still at that endorsement event, Vignettes barely rhyme or reason for Kris opening old wounds as to her failed marriage to James. Supposedly letting sleeping dogs lie, Kris didn’t seem to have bounced back after their separation some five years ago.

Admittedly consumed by fear of “being alone” back then, Kris told the press, “I thought it was the end of the road for me as far as loving is concerned.”

Of course, the public knows to whom Kris was being linked to after James, proof that she was traversing the proverbial long and winding road.

Beaming with smile, she then clarified her rekindled friendship with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, “Wala itong habulan, ha? (There’s no chase).”

Why, who was then running after whom?

* * *

GUESS WHO? Drug dependency chooses no age. A former matinee idol resented her aging mom getting hooked on drugs, as he couldn’t neither take how she brings home male friends for pot sessions.

Scattered pairs of men’s shoes are a familiar sight to the actor every time he’d go in his mom’s bedroom.

Once and for all, the actor hatched a clever idea to stop his mother from doing drugs: he chose to try it himself, and proved to be even worse than his mom who eventually gave up on the vice.

* * *

If this celebrity couple chooses to remain silent these days, it’s because the woman—older than her partner—is going through tough times.

Early this year, she was diagnosed of breast cancer which came as a big surprise to close friends who’ve known her to practice clean, healthy living. To prevent the disease from spreading, she’s reportedly flying in and out of the country for her chemotherapy.

Her precarious condition though wouldn’t stop her from missing out on certain important family occasions. Just recently, she showed up at her closest kin’s wedding however wearing a hairpiece.

Clueless motorists and commuters alike who happen to pass by a major thoroughfare in Metro Manila with her imposing billboard won’t probably believe that she’s waging a battle against the Big C.

Vignettes sincerely hopes for her speedy recovery.


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  1. Kris is a perfect example of a spoiled brat. She cannot move on ? How about her relationship with Philip Salvador, which she has a son or a bunch of other hunks that she dated. Vshe has to look at a mirror and see that she has aged a lot. Martrona ka na, Hindi ka na hahabulin ng boys.