Kris Aquino’s human rights violations



I WISH I could be kinder to Kris Aquino.

She has grown on me like a callus on my foot, something that I can tolerate not because I like it, but because I am not particularly concerned about the aesthetics of my feet.

But Kris Aquino is one figure that deserves a critical piece, if only to serve as a lesson that not all things that laugh like her bring joy.

I am going to bet that had she not been the daughter of a President, she would not have been where she is now. Her debut on entertainment stage was actually a foreboding of a black comedy, when she fell from the stage of a GMA-7 program.

And everything just flowed like a beautiful nightmare, if I may borrow a phrase from one of Beyonce’s songs. She is beautiful perhaps, but still a nightmare.

It is really puzzling why someone who cannot act, sing or dance became an iconic presence in our TV-addicted lives.

But boy, can she talk.

She can talk and turn her hosting into a monologue and her guests into props. And then you realize that she has created a niche in her own universe. She invaded and implanted herself in the consciousness of many people who were looking for some novelty in a world of canned entertainment.

In a way, she is the Digong Duterte of showbiz, in the sense that he broke all conventions. Digong Duterte is an iconoclast, a trendsetter in the world of politics. He defies the expected, and gets out of the box of what is understood to be acceptable conduct in politics and diplomacy.

And you can very well say that of Kris too.

Kris is an iconoclast, a trendsetter in the world of entertainment. She defies the expected, and gets out of the box of what is understood to be acceptable conduct of somebody with her pedigree–-daughter of a hero, daughter and sister of Presidents. In the universe of things, she may be the only entertainer in our history to have such an esteemed genetic brand.

Digong is being accused of human rights violations for his alleged extra-judicial killings.

And Kris Aquino is guilty of human rights violations too.

Let me tell you how.

One can argue that Kris is guilty of violating Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which states that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Kris may be providing entertainment to many. But she could also be seen as a punishment inflicted by her former mother network ABS-CBN on people who don’t like her. I know of people who simply cannot stand her, and would liken any moment of watching her antics as akin to torture, and could even be considered as a form of cruelty.

Kris is also guilty of violating Article 9 of the UDHR. “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile,” it says.

To be forced to watch Kris Aquino on TV is akin to being under arrest or detention, even as to be forced to leave just to flee and avoid her is akin to being forced into exile. I have personally experienced this when I have to endure watching her on the bus TV during my daily commute, where she comments on issues about which she has little knowledge, out-talks her celebrity guests, and turns everything happening in the world as hers to own, interpret, divine, bash and trash.

You escape in the privacy of your own space by tuning in to another channel only to be greeted by a commercial being aired there where she endorses instant noodles or something. You see her in billboards. You see her in magazines.

She is so ubiquitous to a point that she has become rudely intrusive, that avoiding her is a difficult struggle. You have to wonder what is in this woman that she can stalk you even in the privacy of your own mobile phone.

And now, she is trying to sustain her intrusion into our lives after the political exit of her brother, and her own exit from ABS-CBN. She tried to interview the President. Unfortunately, or fortunately perhaps, a migraine attack prevented him from showing up.

Kris Aquino violated our human rights. She may not have extra-judicially murdered a drug addict, but she definitely killed art.

She is guilty of murdering the art of acting when she forced many people to go on believing that what she did in her movies was actually acting. She has extra-judicially killed the art of hosting when people believed that this is what she was doing in her talk shows.

Now, if you still don’t realize that this piece is a parody, then you must have been one of Kris Aquino’s human rights victims. You have totally lost it. You should sue her


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  1. Ms . Aquino has been living in an existence that is not in touch with the real world. Unfortunately, she surrounds herself only with people who are enablers. No naysayers. Which makes her think she is well liked and adored by many. Also she thinks that financial success is the gauge for personal fulfillment. She doesn’t care if her personal brand refects brattiness, rudeness, cheesiness, shallowness, materialism… basta kumikita. She loves to brag the millions she pays in taxes which she thinks that alone gives her plenty of self entitlements.

    Cannot complain about her love for children. However, she is rearing James Jr to grow up like her. Not intouch with the real worksheet or real people. She makes her kids to part her part of her brand or worse, props for her life that she run like a reality show. She isn’t not surrounded by children but her hangers on

  2. Jaime Dela Cruz on

    An almost brilliant piece if not for the “daughter of a hero”. Are you saying Ninoy is not her father?

  3. Kris became popular because she was a victim of the murder of her dad. She grew up popular and privileged She grew up connected. You have forgotten that she was one time disowned by her mom because of her indiscretions.
    She is a source of opinion one may want if getting the facts is difficult. She entertains and teaches, cooking, gossip and is like a tele-novela by herself. She has ups and downs and gave up her privacy, unlike her sisters because she simply wants to have fun.
    Diggong is simply a forever drunk person. He is a dreamer who thought that real life is just get the power and do what Fernando Poe Jr did in his movies, a goal and attack ending up with the defeat of bad men. Duterte needs to be impeached because he has no respect for human rights. He is surrounded by mediocre-brained people who works minimally and will not be able to achieve anything for his 6 years terms. There were so many more qualified people in the Phil but he did not widened nor spread his search. He should honestly move his office to Mindanao. But yes, Kris and Duterte both entertains their co-Filipinos.

  4. I will be honest “I like Kris Aquino” when she was toddler, Kris became famous not because of talent (which is zero) but because of her father and mother. Kris popularity was on top because of her brother.

  5. I agree totally to the “hosting” monoloque and her guests as props I am so shocked that she is given so many accolades and “best host”, where????? all she talks about is herself, Bimby and Josgh she always insults Darla for example, when she sleeps on the bed, is Darla with a contagious disease?? Darla is so kind have heard her interview with Vice Gandas, intelligent and down to wearth,but she looks down on him, and then he is the most best firendI think she is so plastic and fake although she made her own money

    • True. Kris’s guests sit there listening to her monologue. They forget, they were asked the question but rudely interrupted by her and they never got their message across. She is also All-knowing

  6. Don’t judge and you be not judge. Some people talkin so much. Study thyself first as well. Are you guys no mistake?

  7. Wow! l been a fan of yours for a few months now Sir Ton (yan nalang tawag ko sayo kasi guro ka) and how l wish l could sometimes comment in your facebook page. I am proud not to bother my self to sue Kris Aquino. lol I despise her the first day she enter the kingdom of show business. Talagang wala sya karapatan. PERIOD Pero tama ka sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Natutuwa ako. Dami kong comment sa social media nung nabalita na me interview daw ang ating PRRD, sus sabi ko itulog mo nalang ang ipupunta mo dear PRRD hahaha! kakatuwa nung hindi sya sinipot.Kala ng apo ko naloloka na ako sa kakatawa hahaha!, nakitawa din sya, kapal ng muka ng Kris nayan,,dadating din daw ang araw na mamahalin sya ni PRRD. Ang saya ko sa gabing ito :)
    Ang galing mo, iba iba kayo ng klaseng manunulat nila TP, Krizette, Sass, Mocha atbp. Mabuhay kayong lahat! At sana tuloy tuloy na ang pagusad ng ating bansa at makahanay ng malalaking bansa. God bless the Philippines and the filipino people!!!

  8. What an entertaining piece but, sadly, true. And is it also true that students of Broadcasting are now taught Kris-isms to avoid. One thing though – daughter of a hero?

    • Ha Ha. Me too. I was about to comment the same thing. I was being offered Ariel in the supermarket but I told the promodiser I don’t patronize any product endorsed by Kris. And I told the promodiser – you may want to let the company know that. I switch channels whenever her face appears, either in a program or a commercial break. Nakakairita. Who would believe that she eats Chowking or washes clothes? False advertising!

  9. Thank you, professor contreras for this piece. really, i feel being tortured every time i see kris aquino in my tv screen. i thought i am the only one in this world who do not like this piece of human. she is a brat. her father and mother demonized anything about marcos and imelda. only to be imitated later by kris aquino by donning some fabulous gowns in a daily game show, wearing sooo expensive jewelry and many others. her flamboyance is beyond compare. she espouses charity but never looks at the pauper in haciendan luisita, her very backyard. she is the worst dressed among the stars.

  10. michael schneider on

    I cannot improve on the excellent comments of Jade Tabiolo and others.

    In Australian tv there are plenty more like Kris. Maybe the advertising dollars are now spread across too many tv and radio stations, meaning each station has very limited budgets to hire real talent.
    However there will always be plenty of low intellects that happily relate to Kris and her type. I wonder if her bro is any smarter than she. Strange how the PNP suddenly jump into big time action when DU30 arrived. Could not Benigno and Mar have been aware of the same corruption.
    Also what happened to the pre election promise of DU30 to jail Binay sr ?

  11. A parody of what?
    The last paragraph was a waiver of a well-written satire.

    The tortured and the detained are the sorry victims.

    The fans, the gullible blinds, are the victims too.

    The blinds outnumber the tortured 1 is to 1 million.

    Seeing this, the advertisers conspired to turn victims into consumers.

  12. Remember those Kris-mas time horror movies, that was part of her satanic worship offering in return for fame and fortune. But a devils bargain gave her success in the public eye but misery in her private life. Karma Kris.

    • Sobrang masakit magsalita ng taong ito. Kung ayaw mo e all you have to do is turn your tv to another channel. No one is forcing you least of all Kris Aquino. Kind person iyang si Kris. Never hurt anyone in her life. Kung minsan when you are up everyone has nothing but kind words when you are down everyone steps on you. Kris will survive this. Unkindness will find a way to get back to you somehow.

  13. Prof, this is the best piece ever!!!! But please don’t compare her to D30. Its so insulting to our President. As much as possible this new admin should not have anything to do with her. In fact the best thing abt this new admin is we got rid of her. What a relief!!! I hope they get her out of those commercials too. Maybe the contract hasn’t expired.I really wish she would migrate.

    • If we can only compel certain undesirable beings to simply evaporate, what a “wonderful world” this would truly be =D

  14. Inisnob daw siya ng Presidente ng Pilipinas, akala kasi niya ay reyna pa rin siya.

    Underdog daw siya, hindi naman kasi ang askal na aso na babae ang tawag ay “bitch”.

    Mabuit nga at nabawasan na ang mga endorsement niya nakaksuka na.

  15. Kris Aquino is a brainless blabber mouth. She is a painful reminder of the dismal state of Philippine entertainment.

  16. I am not a Kris follower and never will be. What this nation is missing is separating a persons persona with being a celebrity. I believe that I will only watch a celebrity like Duterte and Kris depending on a morality issue, sorry to say. If a person lie and cheat, he or she is not worth watching. I stop watching Kris TV long time ago. I also stop warching Duterte . I can watch a person saying bad words and having affairs with multiple partners. Then again that is me. I am not a so called good person but I tried to live a life that is pleasing . This lady has 2 sons from 2 men . In my book, it is called adultery. Philip Salvador is a married man with numerous children. This mayor of Paranaque Marquez is married to Alma Moreno with numerous children. . President Duterte has a live in partner and numerous partners” what happened to us who follows the escapades of this immoral celebrities ? Do not watch them” that ïs your right and your freedom”

    • Who are you to judge? Is there any one righteous? Shame to those who lookp down on people and never sees his or her own!

  17. I’ve waited all my life to read a piece like this …sir Anton I’m one of your BIG fan in FB ??Ur Posts-are GOLD ?Isa po Ako Sa may allergy kapag si kris Na ang nasa TV -at ang post Nato ay isang patunay na Hindi Ako nag iisa ??

  18. Fourtwenty Daytrader on

    NO. Without makeup, she is not even close to being beautiful.
    YES, she is a nightmare!

    • Glutha-treated. Also, though, not fat and ugly, she has zero sex appeal. Her voice is a turn off, her manner of speech is teenyboopyish. Baby talks to her children is not healthy. Poor kids

  19. Hahaha!

    I was compelled to get TFC/GMA for my mother to hopefully mitigate expected depression/culture shock when she first came her to CA. Mother would get irritated at me when i’d rationalize why pinoy teleseryes and kris’ shows were so nakakinsulto/nakakabobo. I introduced mother to both pinoy and foreign bloggers, alternative news media, and other informative websites. Suffice to say that i am happy she’s re-thinked her views of Daang Matuwid Administration vis-a-vis Current Administration. I paid early termination fee for discontinuing our cable subscription (everyone wanting to TIPID can actually survive with just internet subscription) but it was worth it not hearing Kris’ laugh.

  20. Lagi ko pong binabasa ang column niyo. Palagi po kayong on point sa mga analysis at mga kritik niyo. Wala na po akong masabi, limited po ang vocabulary ko. Enjoy lang ako talga sa lahat ng mga panulat niyo. Marami pong salamat.