• Kris Aquino’s ‘reentry’ to TV set Sunday



    PLUS: Erwin Tulfo’s latest dare on Jim Paredes

    If plans don’t miscarry, Kris Aquino’s Trip Ni Kris—her “point of reentry” to TV—pilots this Sunday, taking the SNBO [Sunday Night Box Office] late night time slot on GMA.

    A two-hour special, TNT—a blocktimer—has the Queen of All Media doing non-showbiz stuff for a change – travel and cooking, so we heard. As everybody knows, both are her main interests which she does often and does best.

    To prove our point, allow us to share one late afternoon many years back when we realized that Kris could give culinary experts out there a run for their money.

    Lolit Solis, then business manager of Kris, tagged us along to Alexandria (a condominium cluster in Ortigas) where the latter occupied an entire floor. Arriving almost dinnertime, Kris ushered us to the dining table, proudly announcing, “Dinner’s ready!” She then opened the lid of a Pyrex dish containing what she said was her specialty: olive-garnished beef mechado. It was among the three dishes she had prepared for her guests.

    The ‘Queen of All Media’ returns to TV doing ‘non-showbiz stuff’ like traveling and cooking

    Before we knew it, we had almost emptied the bowl hardly sampling the two other mouth-watering putahes. Yes, we loved Kris’ version of the saucy mechado, so much so that we thought it wouldn’t be difficult for her to find and settle down with a man who possessed a palate for good food.

    After all, isn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomach?

    Sadly, the years that followed in Kris’ personal life have proven us wrong.

    IS hard-hitting news anchor Erwin Tulfo the type who’ll start a fight?

    Of late, Erwin has been the target of Jim Paredes in his “Suspend Tulfo” appeal as he wants him booted out of Radyo Singko (via his morning program Punto Asintado).

    Citing Jim’s much-ballyhooed display of arrogance at the EDSA rally in February, Erwin simply took his caution to the airwaves, addressed to Jim, fearing for his safety.

    Jim, however, took it differently asserting that Erwin was in fact inciting some quarters to cause harm upon him.

    Known for his tough, dauntless stance, Erwin challenged Jim to set a date and time where they could see each other face to face. “Kung matapang ka, magkita tayo,” a somewhat belligerent Erwin announced on his program on Monday.

    Erwin Tulfo

    If it sounded familiar, Erwin had delivered the same line for Cesar Montano years ago. It was Erwin who called the latter’s defiant challenge, but when the day of the scheduled face-off came Cesar was nowhere in sight amid various TV crews awaiting coverage.

    Who’d imagine that years later, Cesar and Erwin’s sons would turn out to be the closest of buddies. And isn’t Cesar presently working under Erwin’s sister Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo?

    But of course, a “sweet ending” would seem unlikely for both Erwin and Jim.

    GUESS WHO? Of all the local awards—recognitions given out by various colleges and universities included—there’s one which this TV host-actress (TVHA) has been dying to clinch all these years.

    In recent past, the TVHA stumbled upon a voting member (VM) of this award-giving body. With a heavily promoted film in the race then, she believed she stood a good fighting chance in the Best Actress category.

    There was initially of course a warm exchange of hi’s and hello’s. When no one seemed in sight, the TVHA gingerly took her cheque book out of her bag and told the VM, “Eto, bigay ko sa ‘yo,” as she slid it into the latter’s pocket.

    Jim Paredes

    Without looking at the cheque, the VM was frank enough to tell the TVHA that she didn’t have to do that, explaining to her that he wouldn’t dare tarnish the image of their award-giving body. However, the TVHA said it was no form of bribery.

    So as not to cause her embarrassment, the VM left the cheque folded in half inside his pocket. It wasn’t until he reached home when he realized he was holding a dated pay to cash for P30,000. He simply let it go stale.

    “Call it remembrance,” the VM told Vignettes.


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