Kris Bernal at 28


Confident to live life on her ‘own terms’
GMA Artist Center star Kris Bernal celebrated her 28th birthday on Wednesday with a brand-new confidence, even as she continues to battle body shaming on social media.

Kris Bernal

Proud to grace the cover of men’s magazine “FHM” on her birthday month, the petite actress said letting go of her inhibitions for the pictorial is not just a career move but a celebration of her sexuality and womanhood.

Judged by her detractors to have too skinny a frame to be the cover girl of a men’s magazine, Bernal told The Manila Times that the publication had asked her long before to grace their pages, but she refused to do so.

“I considered a lot of things back then. There was my family and there was my work, so I really thought about it. But now that I’m 28, hindi ka na pag-iisipang masyado ka pang bata. Kaya ngayon feeling ko, right age and perfect time na talaga.”

Bernal is aware she had always been under a lot of scrutiny, and confessed it caused her to worry about her body in the beginning. But now, a year older and wiser, she has learned to love her own body, and has even decided to embrace body positivity as an advocacy

“Life is meant to be amazing. It’s not meant to be tolerated or controlled by the standards of this world. My life is an expression of who I truly am. I am unfolding myself–plan my own path, listen to the depths of my heart, create my own rules, and do most things on my terms!” she meaningfully posted on social media.

The FHM cover that drew bashing on social media

As for her career, Bernal is excited for the showing of her new afternoon drama series on GMA Network titled, “Impostora.” Playing two characters, she will breathe life to Nimfa, a kind-hearted woman who is being judged for her appearance; and Rosette, a brand new Nimfa who will surface after getting facial reconstruction surgery. Her leading man for the soap is Rafael Rosell, and she promises viewers a riveting storyline once it begins.


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