Kris on Coco: ‘He’s a brilliant actor’

Kris Aquino reprises her role as Joy in ‘Feng Shui 2’ with director Chito Roño (left) and co-actor Coco Martin

Kris Aquino reprises her role as Joy in ‘Feng Shui 2’ with director Chito Roño (left) and co-actor Coco Martin

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino is all about positive vibes these days. For despite the rough year she had in matters of the heart, her career is ever on the up.

She is sure to end 2014 with a bang, what with her Metro Manila Film Festival entry Feng Shui 2 touted to be strong contender for the No. 1 spot.

Moreover, Kris is not only happy to reprise her role in the sequel of the 2004 MMFF blockbuster—the only horror film to breach the P100 million-mark in the festival’s history—but she is also excited that Star Cinema allowed her to be one of the movie’s major investors.

In short, the film is sure to be a winner for the actress-host all around come December 25, and she revealed she has her co-actor Coco Martin to thank for making it happen.

“We all know that Feng Shui is a tough act to follow, and even direk Chito [Roño] never really wanted to do a sequel,” Kris related at the movie’s grand press conference on Wednesday at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater in Quezon City.

“But Feng Shui 2 all came about because of Coco’s thanksgiving press conference for Juan Dela Cruz [the actor’s prime time series on ABS-CBN in 2013], where he said he wanted to do horror project next, and that his all time favorite horror movie was Feng Shui.

“When I heard he said that, I immediately called [Coco’s manager] Biboy [Aborleda], and I said, ‘Seryoso ba talaga si Coco kasi ang ganda ng timing for a sequel because 10 years after ito ng first Feng Shui.’ When Biboy said yes, I finally called direk Chito who also got excited. So really, all this would not have happened if not for what Coco said at that press con,” she continued.

Besides being the catalyst for the sequel, Kris is also grateful for the experience of working with the critically acclaimed actor, who has earned the respect and admiration of most of the industry because of his enormous talent and passion for acting.

“He’s the best,” Kris declared. “In fact when we wrapped up the shoot, I texted him, ‘Coco, thank you for sharing your brilliance with me.’ He really has greatness seeping out of his pores. And he is ego-less because ganoon siya kahusay na artista.”

Feng Shui 2 sees Joy (Kris’ character) a decade after she destroyed an ancient bagua (the octagonal Feng Shui symbol), which had brought both luck and terror to her life.

She discovers that the bagua now belongs to a young man named Lester (Coco’s character), and is forced to team up with him in a race against time to foil the unimaginable horrors it brings.

Everything comes in twos with the return of Feng Shui to the big screen with two big stars in Kris and Coco; double the fright with the return of the now iconic Filipino horror figure “Lotus Feet;” and double the luck and misfortune from the evil bagua.


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