Kris decides to quit showbiz – again

 Kris Aquino  file photo

Kris Aquino file photo

This is not a first.

For the third time, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino announced she has decided to leave show business. This time, the controvesial and outspoken celebrity cited health reasons.

ABS-CBN—her home network for almost 20 years—supported her decision by releasing the following statement: “We respect and support Kris Aquino’s decision to take a break from show business, prioritize her health and spend quality time with her kids,” Kane Errol Choa, head of ABS-CBN Corporate Communications wrote.

On Tuesday, Kris surprised her 2 million followers on Instagram with the following post: “Our relationship as a family started October 28, 1996 and it will soon end this March 23, 2016. A total of 10,354 days working for ABS-CBN, my life’s most fulfilling professional journey because of your love, acceptance and loyalty.”

Explaining herself further, the 45-year-old host-actress wrote: “Just like all of you, I love my family. My most valuable life destiny is to be Mama to Kuya Josh and Bimby; and to be a loving, selfless sister to Ate Pinky, Noy, and Viel: a bunso who doesn’t give them constant worry because of my health and safety.”

Kris said that as soon as her resignation takes effect, she will “move to a new home, eat healthy, sleep early, exercise regularly, and live quietly” and become a role model to her two sons.

The President’s sister also sadly added, “I’m not putting a time frame, but with my type of work, it’s realistic to accept by leaving ABS-CBN I’ll be replaced and soon forgotten.”

All the same, Choa’s ending statement implied the opposite: “ABS-CBN and Kris have agreed to discuss future plans after she takes her much-needed break.”

In 2007, Kris bid a temporary farewell to showbiz while pregnant with her second son Bimby, by ex-husband James Yap. Her eldest, Josh is the son of actor Philip Salvador.

Again in 2010 when her only brother Noynoy won the elections, Kris also left showbiz talkshow “The Buzz” to supposedly avoid causing his presidency any controversy whenever she airs her opinions. It was a shortlived break as she eventually took on the late night 15-minuter program, Aquino and Abunda Tonight.



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  1. Again, this is just Kris’easy way out excuse as she is no longer competitive with the young ones. I love to watch Kris TV only to torture myself watching her rudeness in interviews ( she would throw a question and even before her guest could answer, she shifts to another topic ) totally ignoring the trend of the conversation, I hate how she conducts her talk show with very cheap- ala-classy (daw) way of talking, digging to very personal information from guests which are non-related to the topic. I hope she stays out of the screen lights for good….