• Kris says sorry for Instagram post


    After enraging netizens, Kris Aquino on Saturday apologized for her “sunburn post” on Instagram, admitting that her attempt at self-deprecating humor failed.

    “I humbly apologize for failed attempt at self-deprecating humor Thursday night that came across as being spoiled and insensitive. I’M SORRY,” the president’s sister said.

    The Thursday night post where she took a photo of her sunburnt shoulders became viral, garnering more than 3,560 comments, most of which were critical of her.

    “In the future I will leave the joking to Vice Ganda, PROMISE,” Aquino added, referring to comedian and host Vice Ganda.

    She captioned her Saturday post, which as of press time generated more than 11,000 likes and around 728 comments, with “Have a wonderful, stress free, love filled weekend ahead of you. #LoveLoveLove”

    Aquino—one of the few Instagram personalities who weave through comments and boldly answer whenever they feel the need to do so—reacted to @zoiesmummy’s comment that said: “Nice and humble of you to post and say sorry (sincere or not, napagsabihan or not) it’s just that Pinoys are too sensitive and selective most of the time…”

    “@zoiesmummy SINCERE YES, NAPAGSABIHAN NO. At 44 years old, I have gained enough wisdom to explain and apologize. And now life moves forward,” Aquino wrote.

    But before her public apology, Aquino gave her over two million Instagram followers a new photo to dissect and analyze.

    Screen-grabbing The Malaysian Insider’s article entitled NoyNoy Aquino and the great Philippines turnaround, Kris Aquino started her caption with praises for a “fair, positive & uplifting interview & article” and urged her followers to read it in hope of seeing “the president and his achievements through the eyes of our foreign neighbors.”

    She went on to address her bashers.

    “Good news for all those who can’t stand me yet keep reading up on me, and forwarding/commenting/are affected sa posts ko—taas ulit ang BP ko 140/90, so maybe you won’t have to put up with me for much longer? But when I was conversing with Former President Ramos & asked about his good health & long life the other night (a strong and robust 87, he said ‘matibay ang masamang damo’)—so OMG baka I’ll be around for 40 more years?

    “Pero if you really want to get rid of me, pray that Datin Rosmah of Malaysia or Madame Lee of Singapore will be successful in matching me with one of their countrymen; both said they’d be looking…#PrayNyoNaParaHappyTayongLahat #SanaMapamigayNyoNaKo #SanaMayBonggangTumanggap,” she added.

    Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

    On a final note, Aquino defended herself and reminded the public that she has always been a survivor.

    “From infancy, I survived seven years and seven months of martial law na nakakulong ang Dad namin, I survived having him assassinated, I survived all the coup attempts when literally outside my bedroom window nagbabarilan, I survived falling from a 12-foot high stage, I survived being disowned by my family for a wrong choice of the heart, I was blessed with forgiveness & reconciliation with my family, I survived losing our Mom to cancer, I survived losing a big part of my savings & my sons’ during my annulment, I survive as a single parent raising a child in the autism spectrum as well as an 8-year-old who is even more opinionated than me, and I survived all the venom thrown at me on social media throughout the campaign and PNoy’s presidency,” she said.

    “But I remain one of our country’s top taxpayers, I still endorse & represent so many top brands & institutions, I’ve donated and built homes, schools, and Churches, and I’ve given numerous educational assistance to students & seminarians. In other words, I’M GREAT AT SURVIVING, been doing it my whole life,” she ended.


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    1. Take it easy Kris,not everyone is thinking negatively of u.There are many more who are willing to hug u and forgo their breakfasts so to speak.Cheers.

    2. She is not spoiled, she is just immature. Imagine having 2 children from 2 different men, acknowledging you are sick with STD, taking a mayor happily married that got separated because of her. Do you call that spoiled? Maybe the right word is spoiled rotten.

    3. that came across as being spoiled and insensitive.

      It’s hard to come across as anything else when you are in fact spoiled and insensitive.
      Saying sorry won’t change the next spoiled, insensitive and stupid thing to come out her mouth.

      maybe you won’t have to put up with me for much longer?

      Probably be a good idea to get out of town before NoyNoy’s term as president is up.