• KSA participation in summit ‘special honor for Muslims’


    RIYADH: Citizens and diplomats said here that the Kingdom’s participation in the G20 summit, which opened Sunday in China, represents a special honor for the Muslim world.

    The Kingdom was invited to take part in recognition of its contribution to the global economy.

    The Saudi delegation to the summit is led by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    Speaking to Arab News, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Manzur Ul Haq said: “Saudi Arabia is an important country for the region, for the Muslim world and for Pakistan.

    “We have great expectations from the Vision 2030 and look forward to its success.

    “I am sure under the visionary and able Saudi leadership, the vision is destined to transform the country’s economy to the benefit of the people, including the large community of foreigners in the Kingdom, and this will also help boost the world economy in general.

    “Vision 2030 offers vast opportunities for promoting global trade and investment. Therefore, cooperation among the world economies is important.

    “In my view, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the architect of Vision 2030, will ably deliberate with the G20 leaders to formulate policies and planning for a better future of our world today.”

    Bangladesh Ambassador Golam Moshi said the deputy crown prince deserves all credit for opening a new chapter in the annals of the Kingdom by introducing Vision 2030.

    “The program is an eye opener for other developing countries, which could emulate the examples laid out by the Kingdom in diversifying its economy for the greater good of the nation.

    “Bangladesh, as a Muslim country, is really proud of the important role played by the Kingdom at G20, which would benefit not only the Muslim countries but other countries as well.”

    Musad Al-Zayani, a senior Saudi journalist based in Dubai, said the Kingdom is going in the right direction for sustainable development.

    “Although there is fluctuation in oil prices, we know well that the progressive actions taken by the Kingdom to overcome these challenges will eventually bear fruit for the country,” he said, adding that shifting toward non-oil sector is the right move at the right time.

    Naif Al-Rasheed, who works for an Arabic daily in Riyadh, said: “We are really proud of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is determined to take the country to new heights.”

    Describing Saudi Arabia as a major player in world economy, Al-Rasheed said the new cooperation agreements signed with Japan and China will trigger economic growth in the Kingdom, irrespective of the fluctuations in oil prices.



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