KTM brand growing in PH


D4---KTM-220151020Austrian sport-motorcycle brand KTM boasts of bikes with extreme design and thrilling performance and has established its international presence in the motorcycle world for decades. In the Philippines, KTM is exclusively imported since 2013 by Granstar Motors and Industrial Corporation.

KTM has become a household name for bikers and enthusiasts, with its world-wide presence and participation in motorcycle races. Very busy in the racing scene, KTM has participated in numerous events all over the globe.

Its executive vice president and chief operation officer Charles Benson So, who has been with the company for three years, couldn’t be any happier: he has successfully merged his professional career and his passion for motorcycles.

“The reasons that I stayed in this company is because of my passion for motorcycles and my good camaraderie with my boss, Mr. Fabian Go,” So said. This passion he speaks of comes from 20 years of riding experience, as he has been riding motorcycles since he was 12.

“My favorite race is the Moto 3,” So shared, “but we heard that KTM is planning to join the Moto GP in 2016, and we are looking forward to that world championship.” Locally, the latest event KTM joined is the recently held Philippine Pirelli Cup 2015. “During the race, you can see the performance of our KTM RC 390, as they dominated the category bone stock.”

This outstanding performance on the track is definitely the reason KTM motorcycles are so appealing. But performance aside, the design of the motorcycles speaks volumes as well. “First and foremost, the color orange alone speaks extreme and stands out when you are on the race track, the mountain trails, or the road.”

Motorcycle racing has gained traction in the Philippines over the years. For Benson, who himself used to race in 2003 up to 2008, one of the few reasons why Filipinos love racing as a sport is because of what “racing” means to him. “It’s pure adrenaline, passion and now a career.” And KTM, with its staying power, has its slogan to thank for being its biggest selling point: Ready to race.

“Ready to race” could either be a company-wide mantra or a personal energy boost, but for Benson, it means something else: “Out of the box race motorcycle!” Benson owns the KTM 1190 Adventure model, which he picked as his favorite KTM motorcycle. The KTM 1190 Adventure, nicknamed “the world’s safest motorcycle,” is a powerful beast in the travel segment.

KTM has new products coming to the Philippines this year and So encourages motorcycle riders and enthusiasts to keep an eye out. Information is available at their website, www.granstarcorp.com.


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