KTO launches feedback promo


KTO-feedback20151021International meeting professionals are being offered the chance to win a trip to Korea and other prizes through the Korea Tourism Organization’s new Mega Survey of Korea’s Top Attractions online event.

Designed to give the KTO valuable insights into global perceptions of Korea’s attractiveness as an events destination, the survey invites participants to select preferred Korean travel destinations and activities, as well as rank Asia’s premier MICE countries.

To participate, entrants should visit the official event page at koreaconvention.org/eng/event/servey.kc and fill out a short survey, asking them to select in order of preference two Korean cities and the activities they would like to enjoy there. A total of eleven Korean cities are available to choose from, while examples of activities include sightseeing, cultural experiences, and tours of popular local attractions.

Entrants are also asked to rank in order of preference their favorite Asian countries for business events and choose from among the prizes offered.

These include one round trip ticket to Korea with 5-star hotel voucher in Incheon for three days and two nights; 5-star hotel voucher in Seoul for three days and two nights; and $20 Amazon.com Gift C ards.

The event runs until December 4. A total of 53 winners will be announced on December 11 that the official Korea MICE Bureau homepage (www.koreaconvention.org).Winners will be determined by random draw and only one entry per person will be accepted.

For more information, contact mice@knto.or.kr.


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