Kwarta na!! naging Bato pa?? in a police state



CHINA and the United States are the Big Boys, Super-Bullies?

China has its irredentist pretensions (e.g., Tibet) and the US, its imperialistic designs (all over).

In 1986, the US tried to impose its will here, by sending Philip Habib over in February, to convince one tough Prez-elect Cory to share power with Macoy. She said simply, in a calm, courteous and steely tone: “I won and I’ll take power.” A frustrated Habib flew home on February 22, 1986, after Mission Impossible failed. RAM, JPE and FVR went to Aguinaldo that afternoon, trapped, to be barbecued, but The People rescued them. I doubt that the players performed at the bidding of the US.

That day I had lunch with Charges d’Affaires Philip Kaplan of the US Embassy; what RAM was about to be compelled by circumstances to do, given what unexpectedly happened to Bobby Ongpin’s security that morning (arrested, all 19 of them, cuz of RAM ties), must have also surprised him.

To the last drop, Reagan supported Macoy who had lost the People, the Church and the Military, forcing Reagan, through Sen. Paul Laxalt, to tell his friend to step down on February 25, 1986, “Cut and cut cleanly, . . . the time has come.” (Laxalt is linked to the $12 million Macoy supposedly gave the Reagans.)

When we went to Washington in September 1986, Ronnie Reagan was a tactful super-gracious host but Nancy Reagan was nowhere to be found. Loyal to the end to the Marcoses, shehad not wished to offend.

The only foreign intervention I find acceptable any old time is Divine, but Prez Digong seems to want to go to bed now with the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear. His success I continue to hope and pray for, as his triumph–or failure–is everyone’s. It’s been six months and he should accept that it has not been a perfect semester, in an uncertain, less than perfect world. Now, it is not only the criminals who scare the bejesus out of us, but the cops.
He needs more time? OK. But, traffic he should now focus on. EJKing jaywalkers or scofflaw drivers wouldn’t do.

Last Saturday, from Palanan to Dasmarinas Village, a breeze. I spent a few minutes there to greet my Pasig townsman–ACCRA’s Aveling Cruz, No. 1 in the 1961 bar exams, at 20–Happy Birthday. When I entered San Beda in 1955 for pre-law, I thought I was the youngest at 15 (only five years in grade school, so a K-9 product). It turned out Ave was 14, and the following year, Raul S. Roco, also 14. I was Best Man in their weddings (only one each), if my memory is true. Wink, wink.

Then I left the crowded shindig last Saturday. This time via dolorosa (which the Rant!Rant!Rant! Prez may not share, given the unprecedented time he spends out of town/Metro Manila, or out of the country, or occasionally, even out of this world, arguably). Where I actually went is really none of your business. You don’t ask a widower where he goes after dark on Saturday night. OK, ballroom dancexercising, not bedroom romping.

Digong has admitted he’s a killer but you need proof of the fact that a crime has been committed, here, some body or cadaver, ideally. Corpus delicti. Else, admission of a crime is no more a proof of it than denial is of innocence. What is plain is that Digong is a certified Lady Killer. And there is ample proof of corpus delectable.

Manong JPE may be the most well-known Serial Lady Killer hereabouts, along with Erap, Jojobama, Macoy, MLQ, et al. Being Tsikboy seems to be a requirement for high office here, as in the US (Jefferson, FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton). For some reason I am reminded of Manong Joe de Venecia, one of the guests at Aveling’s wingding.
I am also reminded of the aborted appointment of Roy Padilla as labor minister in 1986. Cory: “Roy, I’m sorry, I cannot proceed with your appointment.” Roy: “Why Ma’am?” Cory: “Cuz I understand you have 57 children.” Roy: “Ma’am, 43 lang po.” Apocryphal? But the Padillas (who include Robin, who asked me one midnight to help his Muslim driver about to be arrested) are seen as kamandags, in awe. Justice Solidum, a teacher at San Beda that Digong reportedly often cites, told us: “In our culture, you fool around and you are a hero.” Except to the cuckold. I saw the snippet as comic relief, but Digong seems to have taken it seriously.

Meantime, Digong and Jun Yasay have cagily prevented China from raping us by giving our timely consent. (A la fair Laetitia and Fireblood – Fielding.) Kung saan nadapa duon tumihaya? Parroting the Chinese line, they treat the arbitral judgment in our favor as a scrap of paper. And SCRAP, the Secretary of Correction, Retraction, Apology and PI! is busier than ever.

Whatever happened to Digong’s vow to jetski to the disputed area? Good if he has junked it. Sad to read someday: “President drowns.” But, given his friendship with Xi, to whom he’ll never say “PI! mo!!”, let’s avoid confrontation, but why not start a serious conversation? He and Jun Yasay seem so deathly frightened as not even to start conversing with China, so terrorized are they, in that the Super-Bully would not be amused.

Digs was in Vietnam recently. It has 95 million people. We have 105 million rabbits, reduced by EJKs. (Six a day hanged, is Digong’s Wet Dream.) The Pinoy team should have arranged with its Vietnam counterpart to donate or export to us some puso or guts. “Duterte wants 6 executions daily!” Paano po kung Sabado,Linggo o piesta opisyal? Good Friday special? President Pacquiao in 2022 may double the number. Would this be an effective population reduction program? But, only of the poor. No high government official or wealthy elitist.

We in the small human rights community should not be begrudged for our commitment to the unserved or underserved sectors or individuals in our society. The police generals are not the only sons of God. Bato getting P400,000 as chilling killing bonus, he said last Monday. Legal? Ethical? Proper? Now we should fear all the more not only the criminals but the police. Killing is profitable but Daldalero Bato now denies the illegal and scandalous bonus. Grinning like a Cheshire cat?

I try to teach that the power of the purse is with Congress. Now, Digs gives humongous bonuses to police generals, sabida ni Bato. And who thinks that the idea was his own? Ha, ha. Yes, we start looking more and more like a police state. What can the House, the Senate and the Commission on Audit do about it? Digong needs a coup-free reign.

But, what about the military, who deal with armed rebels, not unarmed indigents, and regularly lose men and women to unfriendly fire? We have to have some standardization norms, lest we exacerbate demoralization and accelerate decay.

We first have to be just before being generous to Duterte-fearing killers. But, public opinion may have worked. Hence, the denial. Shameful if an upright COA later order the return of the humongous blood money.

Of course, no bonuses remotely like what baseball pros get in the major leagues. Rizal Memorial is one of the two remaining ballparks in the world where Babe Ruth played. The other one is Fenway Park in Boston. The old Yankee Stadium was another, where I was in 2008, before it was torn down but a new one was built just across the street.

Can the Rizal Memorial Complex be saved somehow that we may have a sense of history? The classic San Beda-Ateneo rivalry had celebrated classics in its oven-hot basketball coliseum. For the winners this year in the NCAA and the UAAP, an early Christmas. Now come the PNP Grinches stealing Christmas from everyone but themselves.

Nice to have free tertiary education. As a K-9 product (five years in grade school), with good teachers–of the type who affect eternity and facilities–I hope we don’t see Diploma Mill Writ Large. And why should the wealthy kids in their fancy wheels get a free ride?

Maleficent Obsession with freebies. The SolGen is notorious for asking extensions of time to file papers. Now SolGen Joe Calida offers free help to those who will persecute Leila de Lima. Nietzsche said forgetting purposes is the most common form of innocence (Nietszche used a much stronger word). He should just wait for an appeal where the state of the evidence may compel him to file a brief to acquit. Joe, of all people, should believe in the presumption of innocence and impartiality.

As of now, we know when he errs; his lips move.

Anyway, Maligayang Pasko everyone! Even if acclaimed singer-songwriter James Taylor is not coming to sing “You’ve got a friend,” in protest over EJKs. A rehabbed druggie, he’s proof that one should be cured, not EJKed.

Were it possible for Joker Arroyo, Teddy Boy Locsin and me–closest to Cory in 1985-86—to get together today, we’d all hope and pray for Digong to succeed and advise him to review his brutal stand on human rights. There’s hope in James Taylors—and everyone else.


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    • POVERTY can only be solved when CORRUPTION in the GOVERNMENT no longer exist .

      The drug problems in the Country proliferated due to the presence of CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS as well as the existence of LAND GRABBERS and OLIGARCHS who keep on taking advantage of the Poor People working under them … some people take drugs (shabu) to somehow ease their sufferings inflicted (knowingly or otherwise) by the “GREEDY RICH” !!!

  1. It’s so easy to use James Taylor’s successful drug-rehab. as an example of a sparing-the-bullet philosophy which,along with the justice system current at the time in the U.S., as a counter-point to the methodology of Duterte’s anti-drug war.
    Here,there is still no trust(and nor should there be) in the totally corrupt justice system,except,of course,that;if you have money,you can trust that you will be cleared of any wrong,even if you killed your Mama.
    I do not like the killing of people,especially the innocent..but,in the Pilipinas, I can see the sense in apprehending a suspect who chooses to run,using a well-placed bullet.
    Fight or is a normal response to a fear of injury or death.To choose “flight” is not an option here.Everyone who can listen,read or write has to know that running with drugs will result in certain death.
    The justice,hospital,rehab.and prison systems have no chance of coping with an extra 6000+ customers in 6 months.Blind-Freddy knows already that the Pilipinas style of justice may mean a decade behind bars,awaiting the trial in court.
    For police to ‘shoot-to-injure-only’ means that the already over-loaded,under-staffed,and often ‘third-world’ hospitals would immediately collapse with the extra-load to treat and rehab.the ‘guilty.’ Not to mention the extra-load on the few tax-payers in this country.
    A war-on-drugs has not worked in other countries,and may not here either,but’s worth a try,as it slowly may expose to the public the REAL rogues who supply the drugs and feed the horrific corruption.The problem will be;how to get any evidence to stick to the bastards!

    • Neil McNally:

      The police do not have the power to judge and pass out sentences as well as it should be. Our justice system requires that cases see the light of day, under careful scrutiny and the well tested due process where evidences are propounded and rebutted. Even if so, there is no justification to take anyone’s life even if found guilty. This point you can argue. But you can never justify killings by police and armed vigilantes because of overcrowded prisons, weak justice system and other imperfections. I pray you or your friends and relatives are not mistaken by police or vigilantes because their competence to judge is nowhere to be found