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The enchanting sang’res grace ‘Beauty and the Beast’ preem
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It was a happy evening for the cast of Encantadia as they attended the premiere night of the Disney live action movie Beauty and the Beast. Besides enjoying a night out, it was mostly because Kylie Padilla, who had to bid farewell to the show because of her pregnancy, was able to join them. It’s been a month since sang’re Amihan left the enchanted set, and the rest of the girls really miss her.

It was actually Encantadia Director Mark Reyes who facilitated the reunion. “The minute Disney Philippines announced that they will have a premiere like this [for Beauty and the Beast], they wanted to invite mga totoong prinsesa sa Manila. So they wanted Encantadia’s sang’res to be part of the premiere,” he told Showbuzz.

The premiere night was also a good opportunity for bonding for the cast. Glaiza De Castro, who rushed to the premiere from another commitment to make it on time, also told this column that they had long planned to go movie date but could never work out their schedules. “Thanks to Direk Mark. He was the one who arranged everything. Ang galing nga niya, kinumpleto niya ang mga sang’re.”

Besides Kylie and Glaiza, the other two sang’res were, of course, Gabby Garcia and Sanya Lopez. Other Encantadia cast members who came to the premiere were Rocco Nacino, Ruru Madrid, Mykee Quintos and Kate Valdez, along with the show’s executive producer Winnie Hollis-Reyes.

The girls of ‘Encantadia’ (from left) Kate Valdez, Kylie Padilla, Sanya Lopez, Mykee Quintos and Gabby Garcia

Of course, the star of the evening for the Encantadia group was Kylie. Everyone was so excited to. “We’re very happy to have Kylie back with us in an event like this,” Gaby beamed. “We’ve missed her. It really means a lot for us to be complete because we’ve already become a family.”

For Sanya, Kylie’s presence was a big surprise. She was unable to contain her excitement when she saw Kylie. “‘Ky!’ That was how I shouted her name. Kinilig ako when I saw her. I wanted to embrace her agad. I really, really missed her.”

True to her playful self, the first thing that Mykee did upon seeing Kylie was to hold her tummy. “Hinawakan ko talaga agad ang tiyan niya. I wanted to feel the baby bump. Totoo nga ang sabi ni Direk, it’s still small. One thing I can say, napakagandang buntis ni Kylie,” she quipped.

Glaiza also looked for Kylie first thing. “We have not seen her for a month and I know there’s a lot of catching-up to do. Humabol talaga ko dito sa premiere night. I didn’t want to let this evening pass na hindi kami nagkikita-kita,” she said.

Kylie was all smiles and clearly touched when she heard all her co-stars saying just how much they’ve missed her. She would touch the little bump on her five-month-old tummy every now and then, and say, “Sumisipa.”

“Nakakatawa nga. Everyone touched my tummy. Talagang sila yung excited. But I really miss being with them. They are really fun to be with. I hope we’ll get to have more times like this where we can be together.”

* * *

“He’s perfect!” exclaimed one blogger upon seeing Pietro Boselli, dubbed the “World’s Sexiest Math Teacher” upon seeing the man in the flesh at the press conference tendered for the British-Italian model and school instructor by Bench. The hunk was in town to endorse the proudly Filipino brand, which had a series of fashion shows over the week.

Dressed casually with in a gray round neck shirt, with the word Manila printed across the front chest, and a pair of black jogger’s, Pietro stole the show as he flashed his dreamy smile on stage. Some female members of the press, in fact, tried managed to let out muffled shrieks.

‘World’s Sexiest Math Teacher’ Pietro Boselli and Ben Chan

Gorgeous is an understatement to describe Pietro’s looks. He is oozing with sex appeal, but also looks so nice and pleasant. His body bulges with well-toned muscles in the right places, and his smile doesn’t leave his lips. Effortlessly charming, he is the kind of boy any girl would be proud to bring home to mama.

Judging from how he answered questions, Pietro is a natural, and not the type who will try hard to impress. He made the press feel he was enjoying everything, and he doesn’t fake it. When he said he has fallen in love with the Philippines, one could feel he really meant it.

“I already feel like this is my home. It’s the Pearl of The Orient as many people say. I’ve been to Asia only twice before—only China and India. It’s good to be in the Pearl of the Orient, it feels prestigious. I really want to stay longer here and explore. I want to see more of the country. I would like to see more of Manila, to begin with, and some of the islands. I’d like to see the beach, I’d like to see the nature, the different culture of the country,” Pietro related.

He also said that one of the reasons why he fell in love with the Philippines is because of the people. From the very moment he set foot in the country, he started experiencing the incomparable hospitality of Filipinos that makes any guest feel important.

“Filipinos are so warm. Everywhere I go, all the people I meet are so welcoming, I feel like I’ve been staying here for 20 years! They have a way of making you feel comfortable as if they’ve known you for a very long time,”

After obtaining his Ph.D on Biomedical engineering in 2017, the brains and brawn decided to spend more time traveling. As such, it was the right time when the endorsement offer from Bench came. Because he is not under any agency or manager for his modeling career, it didn’t take long before his deal with the Filipino clothing brand was sealed.

“I am so thankful to Bench for bringing me to the Philippines. I really enjoy it here as much as I enjoy wearing Bench because it really fits my style. I am also very comfortable with Bench Body. I love it. I mean, obviously, I work hard on my body. I love showing it, so, you know, Bench Body fits me pretty well,” he averred.

* * *

Rumors persist about Barbie Forteza and Ivan Dorschner getting extra-ordinarily close. Even on the set of their GMA rom-com series Meant to Be, the two Kapuso stars are always spotted talking to each other. They have private jokes that only they understand.

Barbie and Ivan, however, deny that there’s something special going on between them. “Yes, I admit I am very close to Ivan but I’m also close to Ken (Chan), Jak (Roberto) and Addy (Raj). If I’m seen always talking to Ivan, it shouldn’t be given any meaning. I am very comfortable with him just as I am also comfortable with the other guys. Walang malisya do’n,” the young star explained.

Barbie Forteza and Ivan Dorschner

“We enjoy each other’s company. We talk a lot because we share a lot of interests. We’re comfortable with each other,” added Ivan.

As it turns out, Barbie and Ivan will be seen together more often because they’re due to promote Excess, the chain of salons owned by Freddie Moreno, son of the late Kuya Germs. The pair just signed a contract to be the salon’s main endorsers, and because there are 32 branches in different parts of the country, they’ll be traveling together a lot.

* * *

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…Heart Evangelista will soon hosting be hosting a reality show for GMA but Showbuzz is not yet at liberty to reveal the exciting details of the show.


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