Kyro builders . . . Most favored contractor in NIA


SEVERAL legitimate contractors have complained about “irregularities” in the awarding of government projects, particularly those of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

Looks like the “old hands” are making a killing, manipulating government biddings with juicy contracts being handed platter to favored firms on silver platter.

We’ve seen this “collusion” ploy at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Agriculture (DA), which until now are infested by racketeers.

Worse than ever, in fact.

NIA, an attached agency of the DA, has served as an “irrigation of kickbacks” for some officials in cahoots with specially favored contractors, who seem to have lucky charm in winning just every contract up for bid.

One such favored firm that is allegedly having a heyday is Kyro Builders Inc. owned and managed by one Philip M. Natividad.

In recent years, Kyro reportedly has practically monopolized NIA projects in Central Luzon, particularly Nueva Ecija province where it holds offices.

But the construction company has noticeably been hauling juicy contracts on NIA projects for other regions.

On Tuesday, Kyro won the P400 million contract for a canalization project in Caraga Region.

And then on Wednesday, the very next day, Kyro won the P219 million contract for irrigation waterways in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija
Back in January, Kyro Builders Inc. won another dam project worth P400 million in Iloilo.

This is but one example of how congressionally appropriated funds end up, beyond the reach of the public eye.

We wish NIA administrator Florencio Padernal, as well as Mr. Natividad, to give their side on this issue. Other contractors complain about Kyro being awarded the most NIA projects while others were being “unfairly” disqualified. Thus, the end result…Kyro ends up as the lone bidder and can then dictate price and submit the offer he wants before the inutile and corrupt NIA Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).

* * *

Noy runs his mouth to self-destruction

Exactly just as I said earlier, Police Director Getulio Napenas may yet turn “state witness” against President Noynoy.

The erstwhile commander of the Special Action Force (SAF), who blindly followed orders from Noynoy and suspended police chief Alan Purisima, has decided to fight back.

Napeñas just couldn’t take it anymore, being bad-mouthed by a lying president who won’t take the blame for what clearly is his grievous fault.

Now Noynoy has only himself to blame for pushing Napenas back up the wall.

After staging a “prayer meeting” on Monday, Noynoy just couldn’t help running his filthy mouth and targeted Napenas again.

After praying with so-called evangelists, he blamed Napeñas again for the horrifying Mamasapano debacle. Noynoy blurted, “Binola n’ya ako.”

That’s tantamount to saying that the warrior general lied to sell Oplan Exodus to the Commander-in-Chief, in which of 44 of his own men were butchered by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Apparently, Noynoy is now counting on the multi-agency probes to clear him of his glaring culpability for sending the SAF to a death trap and abandoning them.

That much is crystal clear in the mind of the public.

Noynoy and Purisima cooked it all up just days before the coming of Pope Francis on January 15.

The papal visit proved to be a “spiritual super typhoon” that swept the country.

We bonded as a nation in welcoming and showering the Holy Father with outpouring affection and genuine hospitality wherever he set foot.

We were still “high” spiritually, captivated and uplifted by his inspiration and message of Jesus Christ’s love, even days the Pope had flown back to Rome.

And then, Noynoy and Purisima literally sent Napeñas and his men to hell.

The shocking SAF tragedy shattered the images that the whole world saw of multitudes of Filipinos gathering to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.

They were replaced with the horrifying images of ghastly carnage.

And, the inutile Commander-in-Chief wants Napeñas to be blamed for the consequences of his own evil scheme.

With Napeñas now fighting for truth and justice for SAF44, Noynoy might have sought his own immediate downfall!


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