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    PH artist now a regular in ‘Singer 2018’

    Filipinos were excited again on Friday night as they waited for the results of Chinese reality contest “Singer 2018,” where our very own KZ Tandingan appeared for the second time. The week before, she won the No. 1 slot on her debut as challenger, easing out world superstar Jessie J from the top spot, with her outstanding rendition of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep,” complete with Filipino rap.

    The Davao-born singer, who gained popularity as the first winner of “The X Factor Philippines” in 2012, flew back home last week amid the euphoria of her impressive stint in the professional singing competition against mostly Chinese stars.??

    While Episode 7 had already taped, meaning Tandingan already knew the results, she could not talk about her placement.

    The singing spitfire also explained that she was able to come home as taping is suspended over the week-long Chinese New Year celebrations. She is scheduled to fly back to China at the end of the month.

    On Friday night, she sang a medley of Mandarin songs [translated collectively as "The Pain You Never Knew,” it featured "All The Things You Never Knew,” "What Else Do You Want From Me” and "Still Aching”], bringing tears to the eyes of many audience members as caught by panning cameras.???

    KZ Tandingan says that her Mandarin medley
    is the ‘hardest performance’ of her career

    Tandingan referred to the medley as “the hardest performance of her career” in a pre-show interview.

    “I want to show my respect to the Chinese audience, Chinese culture and Chinese music,” she said. “I actually heard this [medley][medley]ent and I instantly fell in love with the melody. When I found out what [it]mean[it] [fell in[fell in love in more]

    In learning to deliver the Chinese lyrics, the Filipina related how she asked members of the production team how to enunciate the words

    “I asked them, ‘How do you position your tongue and your teeth so you can pronounce that word?’ I hope if I don’t get it perfectly, I can [get]clo[get] the almost perfect pronunciation,” she added before hitting the stage.

    At the end of her performance, Tandingan said, “I never thought I could do it and learn it in a span of two weeks!”

    She was called as the fourth singer of the night, following Wang Feng, Jessie J (who did “Purple Rain”) and Hua Chenyu. The remaining contestants were James Li, Juno Su, Angela Chang and Tien Chong.

    The results are as follows: Last week’s No. 3, Chinese superstar Hua Chenyu topped Episode 7, with the British superstar Jessie J maintaining her No. 2 spot. Angela Chang was at No. 3, Feng at No. 4, Li at No. 5, Tandingan at No. 6, and Su at 7 eliminated her from the competition.

    According to contest rules, to stay in the running as a regular contender, a challenger must have an average ranking in the Top 4. As such, with her No. 1 ranking last week, Tandingan is presently at No. 3 over all. She needs to maintain her position to get into the live finale on April 13.

    Still out of the loop as to how much money she could win, the new singing pride of the Philippines said her experience alone in China’s most popular show is prize enough.

    “What’s most important is to be able to reach out to the Chinese market, because it’s not easy to penetrate. I also think that’s one reason why Jessie J accepted the invitation [to comp[to compete]

    The show had a reported audience total of 150 million when it debuted on January 12, shooting up to 200 million viewers on its second episode on January 19.

    “For me to be able to represent OPM [Origina[Original Pilipino Music]untry that’s not always penetrated by international artists, it’s already a prize that money cannot buy,” Tandingan said.

    Singer 2018 air every Friday n

    ight on China’s Hunan TV, with episodes posted on YouTube almost immediately after the performances.


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