KZ Tandingan leaves ‘Singer 2018’ with pride


After debuting as challenger on the fifth episode and finishing at No. 1 on China’s “Singer 2018,” Filipino singer KZ Tandingan was sent home from the show during the double elimination night on Friday.

She performed Lorde’s “Royals” in the said episode and ranked last at No. 8. As earlier announced, two contestants were to be eliminated in the ninth round after British singer Jessie J was unable to perform on the eight episode due to illness. The other contestant eliminated was James Li who ranked last at No. 7 on the eighth episode.

Tandingan impressed audiences all over the globe with her cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” on her first appearance on the show, which pushed her idol Jessie J down to No, 2 in the ranking. She then placed No. 6 with her cover of a Mandarin medley ballad, then No. 4 with “Say Something” on the seventh episode and No. 6 when she rocked with Sheryl Crow’s “Real Gone” from the animated movie “Cars” on the eighth episode.


As she was feted with honor and accolade for her exit, the Filipino singer thanked everyone, especially the audience for giving her the chance to be on the show and share her talents, and the fact that she’s the first singer from the Philippines to make it in mainstream Chinese entertainment.

“I will never forget this experience. My tears are a mix of happy and sad tears because I’m going to miss all of you. I hope to see you guys again. I love you,” she said, addressing her fellow singers and everyone involved in the production.

Tandingan also shared her thoughts after the airing of the episode on Twitter.

“I close my eyes because faith is seeing for me. I did everything I could, but the results are out of control, I’m going home tomorrow [Saturday] with a happy heart. This won’t be the last time the world will hear a Filipino sing her heart out. Thank you Lord! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” she wrote.

KZ Tandingan and Jessie J as posted by the British superstar on Instagram

In her interviews, Tandingan said that her idol, fellow contestant Jessie J made a great impact on her especially before her debut performance.

“Her encouraging words made me more confident because she said those just before I hit the stage,” the Filipino singer recalled. The British superstar encouraged her more by telling her to just enjoy the performance and the show not minding the rankings. The two girls naturally gravitated to each other as they’re the only ones speaking in English the whole time.

On Friday, Filipino fans and supporters of Tandingan and Jessie J could not contain their happiness when the British superstar posted on Instagram a photo of them together.

According to advance information that The Manila Times gathered, the newest singing pride of the Philippines may make a comeback to the show when all those eliminated will slug it out again to gain a spot in the semi-finals.

In a selfie posted on Instagram after the airing of the episide, the British superstar expressed her gratitude of being in the show (which Tandingan had been saying all along about her inclusion in the production).

“Having the time of my life doing the show ‘Singer’ in China with these amazing people. Life is about experience. Doing things that break away from the norm and the expected in this industry. Bridging a gap between two different cultures. Opening the door for other international artists to be on this show. That’s what I’m proud of. Challenging myself every week. ‘Singer’ is the biggest singing TV show in the world. With a viewership of up to 250 million a week. It’s been life-changing for me in so many ways. Thank you again for embracing me with all your heart,” Jessi J said in her post.


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