Labor groups want Bello replaced


MULTI-sectoral groups are poised to hold mass actions in Mendiola to denounce the new contracting order and to call for the replacement of Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd.

They have yet to pick a date for the protest rallies.

Sanlakas Secretary General Aaron Pedroso said the protest will be “a call” for President Rodrigo Duterte to deliver his campaign promise to end contractualization.

Religious and militant groups, as well as human rights advocates, will join the Mendiola protest rally.

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) Political Affairs Officer Rasti Delizo urged all groups across the country to hold similar protests to prod the President to keep his campaign promise and to sack Bello.

At a news conference in Quezon City, various groups asked Duterte to trash Department Order 174.

“DO 174 continues the established policy on contractualization… that it must be regulated rather than prohibited,” Super Federation president Luke Espiritu said.

Espiritu said the new order regulates and does not prohibit contractualization.

“What appears, therefore, as a progressive advance from less to stricter regulation by the State simply reflects the actual material development of service providers from initially operating as alter-egos of the principal of becoming capitalists themselves,” he noted. Pedroso branded the new order as “crap” for it does not reflect what Duterte has vowed to do when he was campaigning for president.

“[DOLE’s] order is crappy. It does not end contractualization at all, it does not go with what [Duterte] promised,” Pedroso said.

He said lawmakers should have focused on ending contractualization instead of pushing for the revival of death penalty.

“Ending contractualization should be the top priority of the President with the Senate and the House following it, because when he [Duterte] was still campaigning, he promised that he will end contractualization,” Pedroso said.

“He already talked with the laborers but it’s like a two-way approach because his secretary [Bello] is doing another thing. He already met with some [labor]groups and our goal here is to widen the main goal, which is to end contractualization,” he added.

Pedroso, Espiritu and other groups called on the President to replace Bello by someone who “will be able to meet and execute the President’s promises.”

“If he [Bello] cannot do his job right by doing President Duterte’s promise to wipe out contractualization, then he should be replaced by a more deserving person,” Pedroso said.

The Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) slammed the Duterte administration for being biased to the capitalists.

“The Duterte regime is a regime of pro-capitalists and pro-imperialists. This totally did not resolve what the people are calling out for, which is to end [contractualization],” Delizo stressed.



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