Laboring to undo their foolishness


The news we get from the Aquino people is that Cabinet members and their different departments and offices are in the throes of “getting things done” or at least “getting things started” before this performance-handicapped administration is over three months from now.

This is because their leader, BS Aquino, has realized that history will see very few achievements of his six-year term.

When this President started, he allowed himself to be ruled by the grossly mistaken and ignorant notion that most of the ongoing projects of his predecessor were graft-ridden. So he ruthlessly cancelled many projects that were about to be launched. And he suspended the work on projects already ongoing. Among these was the P18.7 billion Laguna Lake Rehabilitation and Development Project, which was contracted to a 150-year-old Belgian dredging company, one the world’s best and accomplished in its field. As a result of this cancellation, Belgium filed a suit against the Philippine government and diplomatic ties with that old-friend-country soured up.

DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson in 2010 cancelled 19 approved negotiated projects worth P934.1 million, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Because of the cancellation local government officials complained that their areas suffered from severe flooding and millions of pesos in crop damage.

Other major projects were cancelled or suspended in 2010. The billions that Congress had properly appropriated for these projects of the Macapagal-Arroyo presidency were then turned into DAP funds and allocated for projects that in President Aquino’s mind were priority activities.

Because of the cancellation and suspension in 2010 of projects that had been launched earlier by the Gloria Arroyo administration, there was a lull in spending–from the time shortly after President Aquino assumed the presidency until after he and Sec. Abad made their DAP operational. That lull in spending is what made the GDP growth rate sink from 7.63 percent in 2010 to 3.64 percent in 2011.

Later, with money available from the cancelled projects re-assembled into the DAP funds, government spending for big projects was again in full swing just as during Macapagal-Arroyo’s time, so that in 2012 the GDP growth rate rose back to the high levels set by President Arroyo—6.82 percent in 2012 and 7.16 percent in 2013.

What does this truthful narrative of our GDP growth tell us?

It tells us that President Aquino and Sec. Abad’s claim of being heroes who cured our sick and dying economy by giving it the DAP “medicine” or stimulus is an egregious lie.

For the truth is that they were the ones who starved our robust, strong and healthy economy (7.63% GDP growth rate in 2010 thanks to the Macapagal-Arroyo administration’s work) and made it sick and weak (3.64 % GDP growth rate in 2011).

The Aquino administration, in effect and in truth, caused the Philippine economy to be very sick in 2011, then restored our sick economy to better health–and beat their breasts in triumph for being the rescuers.

He and Mr. Abad are false heroes, Huwad na Bayani (as in the title of the famous play by Virgie Moreno).

President Aquino is like a man who pushed his wife and children off the deck to drown. But when he saw that people were screaming for someone to save the drowning, he does something to pull his victims up to safety.

Then he tells the reporters what a great hero he has been.


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  1. Bhabes Ortiz on

    The penoy admin is more talk but less work!
    They are good in credit grabbing and baseless accusations!

  2. renato s. irlanda on

    the laguna dredging contract cancellation really takes the cake!
    we are all passing the blame on garbage, plastics,and everything else on the garbage when the over silted laguna bay was the main cause of the floods. it cannot take any more water because of the silt which the dredging contract was supposed to remove was cancelled by this stupid Abnoy.
    cant wait for the day he’ll languish in munti or better yet at the Mandaluyong Looney House

  3. Bare Mountain on

    And the projects that missed his vindictive anti-GMA axe, as well as the GMA projects he suspended and then restarted, he now takes credit for. In the meantime Malacanang’s paid trolls raid the comment boards of various news organs and paste the same dreck of Mar Roxas’ CV, a list of Aquino’s accomplishments that are either GMA’s or are currently delayed, and graphics and press releases issued by the Malacanang press office. I doubt those clowns even read, much less understand what they are pasting.

  4. The administration should really strive to undo their foolishness. The Philippines has now become the playground of drug syndicates and international hackers because of lack of law enforcement. The tall promise of a presidential candidate that he could wipe out criminality in three months is being considered by the people, although the 30-year martial law could not do it. Are the law enforcers only good at using water cannons?

  5. Chemical brothers on

    Pnoy and his cohorts in Malacanang will be prosecuted for all blood sucking Vampire corruption in our government. It will happen soon….

  6. To the person who wrote the editorial that the present government specially the president has no achievements on the past 6 years. Maybe sir you are trying to be dumb and trying not to see or you are really dumb and blind.

    • Sir Emilio, Ano po ba ang nagaga ng presidente natin na pwede mong ipagmamalaki at ipagsigaw sa buong Pilipinas?

    • Come on…is exposing the foolishness of Pnoy administration will already make a person dumb and blind? he is not telling us that the president has no achievement at all but because of his vindictiveness to the Arroyo government he has wasted a lot of good priority projects that would benefit our country.