• Lack of conscience


    UNA is wrong on its “lazy” tag. PNoy works hard to transfer more wealth to the wealthy.

    Mr. Aquino is a president with a selective mind-set and orientation. And the accusation leveled at him by the UNA – that he has been a lazy, indecisive president – is only partly true. When it comes to transferring more wealth to the wealthy (at the backs of the exploited class, of course), Mr. Aquino has been driven, inspired and totally engaged.

    When it comes to aggressively pushing for upward wealth transfers, no president in our contemporary history can rival the relentlessness and determination of Mr. Aquino.

    I will ask the UNA leadership to do some fact-checking to check on the president responsible for the following:

    One family having an estimated wealth of over $14 billion and part of the Top 100 wealthy worldwide.

    The surge in the number of Filipino dollar billionaires rich enough to buy small insignificant countries.

    The Top 11 wealthiest Filipino families owning more than what the 11 million families who have rated themselves as poor collectively own.

    The unprecedented and large scale grant of concessions and contracts, from power to infrastructure to utilities, to the top oligarchs and their foreign partners.

    Using the government incentives program to double or treble the profit-making efficiencies of the oligarchs.

    Designing lax regulatory rules to make it easier for Big Business to exploit the national patrimony.

    Institutionalizing the PPP for upward wealth transfers done with impunity.

    There is only one president who has done all these things — Mr. Aquino. Do you think, I will ask the UNA this, that a “ lazy” president could have accomplished that much and in a short span of five years?

    Early in his term, Mr. Aquino divided the country into two parts, the world of the “creators” or the people who create wealth and generate jumbo incomes and the despicable world of “moochers” and “ takers.” We can only admire him for the Randian straightforwardness, the brutal honesty rather, of his priority – promoting and nurturing the wealth-creating class.

    Mr. Aquino’s five years in office have been, indeed, devoted to creating wealth and attracting investments, regardless. Meaning, it does not matter what wealth type is involved. So the wealthy got more wealthy across the board, from the rent-seeking class to those engaged in the actual manufacturing of goods and the delivery of actual services.

    A recent statement from the NEDA is a great revelation. It said that the Aquino government now wants to repeal or amend laws that are old, irrelevant and out of date. Now this is the revealing part. The “old” laws targeted are those that impede the ease of doing business, the profit-seeking of the favored enterprises, the flow of investments into the country and those that contravene the efficiency of the markets.

    In short, the last year of the Aquino administration will be spent focused on the same old, same old, the reverse-Robin Hood policies of more upward wealth transfers.

    On the sad day the bodies of the 44 massacred SAF troopers were brought to Manila for the proper wake, Mr. Aquino opted out of the tragic homecoming to inaugurate a vehicle assembly plant in Laguna. That optic of a president optimistically talking about business and jobs in an overall environment of national sorrow was the great revelation on who is Mr. Aquino and what are his leadership priorities. Mr. Aquino had no time for the vulnerable, wasted lives, hopeless lives. Or even lives that were given to the protection of the country.

    If an issue is not about business, that is not his business.

    There is this general feeling that Mr. Aquino is not really taking his own sweet time – wavering and meandering – on policies and issues that would give little comfort to the afflicted. He is not really lazy and indecisive on issues that would lift the marginal sectors as the UNA and Mr. Binay have accused him of.

    He is just not concerned about the sectors without wealth and capital. All sectors below the “creators” are just useless, can-be-ignored parts of the social and economic fabric. It took him months to sign a token Magna Carta for the Poor on the baseless fears it would hurt his cherished budget.

    He glows in inaugurating office towers. He loves hobnobbing with the captains of industry, the Davos crowd, the Makati Business Club types.

    The poor, the weak and the meek do not concern him at all. There is a feeling that it is not, as the UNA has claimed, about laziness. It must be lack of conscience.



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    1. Filomer Lin on

      Selling the countries highways as PPP’s especially in the whole Luzon is already the proof that each Filipino in Luzon is being burdened by paying so much to drive in a highway because of toll fees but in the Visayas and Mindanao there are no toll roads yet, we drive the highway for free just like it was ever since and it should be kept that way. The Cebu International Airport was sold for P 14 b and the gain is reverted to the national treasury but not to be spent for the development of Cebu City and upgrading its facilities into a world class city. It has not even been promised a second runway that it needs for more tourist arrivals. This may be small instances but add them up together and the point of the writer can be easily understood that the proof is there.

    2. What you are saying is that the Pee’s policy and exercise of government has caused transfer of wealth upward to the elite, that he has corrupted the system that the result was inevitably to favor his class. I would like to agree with you but I would be more comfortable to do so if you presented some proof. Or did you just wake up on that side of your bed? Because if true, the Pee has to be the most corrupt president we have ever had. Skimming the pork barrel and corrupting all branches of the government and politicians would just be loose change if what you are saying is true. This is beyond most Filipino’s understanding of being corrupt which is pocketing money for public favor. Pee has mesmerised us into believing he does not steal. His corruption goes beyond stealing as we know it. But please start looking for some proof. Even if that is all you do for the rest of your journalistic career.

    3. In short this president is not the real president of the nation. He is only the president of those elite few who controlled the resources of the Philippines. He works double in time so as to get as much from the country for the few friends of his.

    4. Mr. Binay is also the culprits of our nation. Pinayaman din siya ng nanay nitong si Abnoy , at lahat silang mga kalaban ni marcos ay pinayaman at nagpayaman sa kaban ng bayan. whatever their parties they belongs. I saw a lot of names, kunwari oppose kay abnoy, pero dati silang kapanalig ng mga dilawan. Ito ay sindikato na takot silang manalo si BBM dahil si BBM lang ang may pusong makatao, makabayan at may pagmamahal sa bayan.. He is fair.Tell me mga kababayan, ano ang naidagdag nila sa mga proyekto ni marcos after EDSA 1..NOTHING>?.. wala silang naidagdag dahil busy ang mga kaalyado ni Aquino government na ilipat ang kayamanan ng Pilipinas sa kanilang mga kaibigan na mga businessman na kamaganak, kaklase. Wala n akong nakikitang mapagkakatiwalan na partido na halos ang alam ay magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan.. sHAME ON YOU mga nagpayaman sa pagnanakaw sa kaban ng Pilipinas. Mamatay kayo hindi ninyo madadala ang kayamanan ninyo sa inyong hukay. Tama ka mr. writer…

    5. what can we expect from a self centered guy who is inconsiderated, self consumed, self centered, an illusionary of grandeur? A man who has BPD, our president of course. He does not feel remorse nor pity, symptoms of bpd. he does not feel for the lowly, he wants to be respected and with that comes wealth and power, another bpd symptom. bpds have no emotions, they only think about themselves, and themselves, and himself.

    6. Teddy Sevilla on

      The Binay family is one of those you refer to as having enriched themselves under the Aquino reign, right? The reason why Binay himself would choke if he even partially mentions anti-corruption as a target of his if ever he becomes president. A lot of irony there.

      This is also the reason why Binay could never reveal the tremendous shenanigans that occured under Aquino. He was part of it. One commentor here urges Binay to reveal all he knows. He will never do that. Sorry po.

      Jail Aquino under a Binay presidency? Dream on! That is a MAD proposition – Mutually Assured Destruction.

    7. Purisima(finance) Soliman Abad Abaya Drilon Belmonte Pirisima(Pnp) Coloma….. The king’s men have propped up the king and do what our PNOY wishes ….. As a result we have a lager gap between the rich and poor , millions unemployed, alarming poverty ,deteriorating infrastructurere , burdensome taxes and loss of territory… We give money to those who seek to do de our territory and rhetoric to those who grab our islands , we castigate the Marcoses ….. Are we better off?

    8. Coming from a newspaper owned by the romualdezes, a writing like this is to be expected.

    9. “Philippine Econ Policy in Aquino’s Eye”

      In America, it was called “Reagan-nomics”. In Philippines, Aquino’s economic policy is called “Aquino-moronics”! Aquino is not an economist, not a political scientist, not a sociologist, but an “idiotist accidental President”. Aquino is NOT even a leader coz he has no brain or idea where he can LEAD the country but to nowhere! However Aquino is a subservient follower as he obeys only the corrupt advice of his friends and political allies like bribing via PDAP and DAP members of Congress to pursue his personal vindictive agenda like impeachment of Corona, prosecute political opponents (Arroyo, ENRILE, Estrada, Rebilla) but saved his allies (Purisima on Mamasapano tragedy, Abad, ALCALA, Drilon, other LP members). Aquino’s Public PrivatePartnership only supports the elite oligarchs, but neglects irresponsibly the poor and marginalized PILIPINOS, abandon the transport (airports, trains, land transport and traffic infrastructure) problems and the spiraling crimes , hunger and housing issues .
      In short, Aquino is a do-no-good President. Brainless, lazy, insensitive, vindictive, and most politically-motivated, stupid, poor manager yet egoistic brat to the highest level!
      I am sure whoever Aquino endorses for the Presidency will have a hard time to win coz Aquino is a heavy baggage to carry!

    10. genesisbughaw on


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      part of which reads;

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      John Holden was appointed by Obama as the Science Czar. This is the kind of thinking that permeates so much of corporate funded academia. They have an agenda and that is why they pay millions in ‘Grants’ and ‘Donations’ to think tanks and Universities. They do it because they can ‘poison the well’ so to speak of ‘educated’ opinion in these matters…
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      Corporatocracy (pronunciation: /ˌkɔrpərəˈtɒkrəsi/) is a term used to suggest an economic and political system is controlled by corporations or corporate interests.

      Sir, ang birthday wish nga po ni Chief Justice Sereno ay isang Presidente na sumusunod sa atin Konstitusyon

    11. Thank you for exposing this whole truth and nothing but the whole Truth of BS Aquino.
      It is obvious that He and His supporters will sabotage this election for fear of loosing control. I support a United Opposition to make a Change and remove the Strangle hold being done by this current government.
      Every time I walk around Manila, I observe and look at the surroundings and see faces
      of despair,poverty,hopelessness ,emptiness . They are not living anymore but just surviving !
      Mr. Ronquillo and others like you must never stop writing and exposing the malignant
      problem of this society.

    12. Filomer Lin on

      The writer is absolutely correct and the announcements of UNA are just for election noise. UNA as they claim to be the “the true opposition” with all its learned leaders is barking at the wrong issues. They may not be opposing the adminisitration but even hiding from the general public the real accomplishments and the legacy of this Aquino presidency.

    13. Inakupooooooo! Nahuli rin ni Mr. Marlen ang noon pang sinasabi at iniisip ko! There are those rich corporations in the Philippines that you can easily count by your fingers that ONLY being wooed by this administration to land contracts in the government; iilan lang yan, nakakahiya ang mga pinaggagagawa nitong administrasyon na ito. Manang-mana sa ina at kapatid na si Kris…materialistic! Sobrang mga mukhang pera at kapal muks na talaga! Tama ka Marlen, ang mga mayayaman pinayaman pa ni Abnoy, habang ang mahihirap bukod sa nadagdagan na, lalo pang naghirap! Tsk tsk tsk, kawawang mga Filipino!

    14. I think this is the most vivid discription of Pnoy character….Binay stop puting subdued statement…go for it…( the truth about Pinoy)..if you want to be the next President..of the country…do not hold back…it is your family which has been turnish so bad by this President that even his family would understand how you will put him into the political frying pan.
      Even Senator Poe (whom I like) and Senator Chiz cannot toe the line of Pinoy “daan
      baluktot” because of the many scandal that this administration brought to this country. A nation still in trauma will never forget the 44 fallen heros, poverty on our lap, dismembermet of the nation, peace and order an big time corruption, and countles more….

    15. Felimon A. Soria on

      May be we should find somebody the likes of Sec. Mar Roxas, Gen. Lacson, Mayor Duterte, Former Defense Sec. Teodoro, Pres. of Red Cross Dick Gordon who are very decent people and quite distinguished in their careers to lead us.

      • Mar Roxas ? He was the guy that didn’t even have a food and water station set up 5 days after typhoon Yolanda wiped out tacloban, typical response from the government incompetent and pathetic.

    16. P.Akialamiro on

      Right on the head, Mr. R; amen. What can a good columnist do now, it’s about election time again?

    17. Roldan Guerrero on

      He grew up old and bald but remained a perennial bachelor. He did not experience being a family head. More so that he is born with a silver spoon. These things makes him STUPID and a STUPID is never concerned about the lives of the unfortunate. But then, why is he more concerned in giving away a part of the Republic to the TERRORISTS? even sacrificing 44SAF Men for his adventure?